12 Replies to “Integrative Biology 131 – Lecture 11: Muscular System”

  1. all three of these lectures helped my study group understand what our college teacher fells was only worth 20 minutes

  2. then, you must have seen some pretty stellar lectures I guess. IMO, I think she is a pretty good lecturer because she repeats what she teaches so it stays in your head without actually studying.

  3. hi, u said u teach anatomy , can you share other websites of anatomy teaching similar than dr Diamond one, thanks in advance , i'm teachinh my self anatomy too

  4. My Heroine! When I get her age I want to share a volume of knowledge like her. Am taking A&P it all power point….I'm going to tell my professor to watch her and LeArN how to teach! Thank you

  5. @tightKnit
    Not necessarily,in latin it was pronounced gastroKneemeeus,whereas in english both pronunciations are accepted

  6. She is by far the best anatomy professor ever! She deserves many accolades for the legacy she leaves <3 Thank you Dr. Diamond!

  7. biceps femoris's insertion is not proximal medial tibia..it;s lateral condyle of tibia and head of fibula..correct me if I am wrong!!I think she missed thta part

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