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  1. A trick to remembering Cranial Nerves
    CN I – Olfacoty
    CN II – Optic
    CN III – Oculomotor
    CN IV – Trochlear
    CN V – Trigeminal
    CN VI – Abducens
    CN VII – Facial
    CN VIII – Vestibulocochlear
    CN IX – Glossopharyngeal
    CN X – Vagus
    CN XI – Accessory
    CN XII – Hypoglossal
    Take the first letter of every cranial nerve and you have 'Ooo Ooo Ooo To Touch And Feel Very Green Vegetables AH!'

  2. Wow. Cursive and roman numerals in chalk for almost an hour. That's how you know this woman has experience.

    Plus, all that there anatomy stuff 🙂

    My professor hasn't written as many words during our entire anatomy class as she has on a single board. His hectic lectures were also as coherent as… Let's just say that at one point my 5 consequential lecture notes were about epiglottis, testes, heart, kidney and nasal cavity (in that order).
    I wish I found these lectures before having been flunked 4 times – even though I know all the things mentioned, and I'm not even a med student but a biology major.

  4. Don't get me wrong, but this is spoon-feeding in our country or university, at least. Is this how teachers/professors in the US teach? My professors don't really elaborate everything to us, like the good lady in the video. I mean, they just speak a little and let us read/research the topics and voila! HARDCORE EXAMS which you can't totally finish within an hour. With vast scope in the subjects, you can't be so sure what comes out or not.

  5. Thank you Dr. Diamond. Your lectures are very well presented and I believe helpful to many people in many different ways. I have borrowed some of your wisdom for my own classroom. On another note, with all due respect, I would humbly submit that there is a better explanation for the location of cranial nerve I than what may lie in trying to untangle some sort of evolutionary mystery of sorts. 🙂 God bless you and thanks again.

  6. Best anatomy lecturer ever! LOL at 09:21 'not that quickly' haha she teaches and cracks jokes! Wish she would come to Ireland

  7. Thank you!!! Awesome lecture. I'm glad I missed class and needed to find a lecture to watch. 🙂 Such a cute and intelligent lady and a great teacher!

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