Intermediate Power Yoga ♥ Tone, Strengthen, & Challenge Yourself | Urubamba

Intermediate Power Yoga ♥ Tone, Strengthen, & Challenge Yourself | Urubamba

100 Replies to “Intermediate Power Yoga ♥ Tone, Strengthen, & Challenge Yourself | Urubamba”

  1. HI JULIANA, I don't know how I can send you a personal message, so I decided to write it on here, hopefully you can see it. I follow you and i always yoga to your videos, but I'm a little more advanced as I'm sure as you are too, so I always have a hard time looking for a new video of yours that challenges my body and yoga ability.. So I wanted to reach out to you and see if it would be possible if you could make some more advanced yoga videos for people like me looking to expand their practice and still do it with your videos. Thank you!

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  4. I love all of your videos! They are so beautiful, and bringing peace and quiet. Sometimes it seems to me like I talk to some friends of mine 🙂 You are amazing, guys! Thank you! Send you my gratitude and love!

  5. I love that your classes bring me into your location. I’m stuck at home with kids or indoor studios teaching all the time, so it’s a treat putting your videos on my big tv and pretending I’m there with you!

  6. All your videos are beautiful but this one is my new favorite. It's just the right amount of challenge to push me, lots of stretching and twisting. This is a perfect morning workout.

  7. By far my most favorite video, which is hard to say because I really love all of your video's! Thank you for your practice, you bring such an ease to my stressful day. Namaste

  8. I am NEVER disappointed in your yoga practices. Thanks so much for this – it was wonderful. ❤️

  9. Подписался с первого видео, очень круто сделали !!! Молодцы 👍

  10. Thank you for bringing life back to my body. I have been struggling to let my heart shine through in my practice and my life, today you helped me to recover my soul. Thank you with every feeling in my heart xo.

  11. Love the scenery! I wore long flowy pants in my practice and my toes were getting stuck too! lol! Had to do frog pose instead of the splits but loved the video. thanks again for getting my vibe right. Namaste

  12. Beautiful practice! My shoulders are so tight! Bringing my hands up from behind my back was almost impossible. I think my arms only moved about six inches from my back 😱I definitely need to work on that. No wonder my neck and shoulders always hurt.

  13. everytime i feel like i've got imbalance in my body, starting diet is much challenging for i took some of your class..It always makes me feel new again..great scene, great moves with clear direction and i love your taste in your backsound that's relaxing..great job Juliana and Mark <3

    np: can I request a hormone balancing class?would love to have it..thanks, love!

  14. Recently discovered your channel and love love love yoga workout ❤️helps me with stress relief and stretching my body

  15. Beautiful flow. I might not see many part of world in this lifetime but see and experiencing through boho beautiful eyes. God bless you.

  16. I needed a quick yoga session to loosen up while still giving a little bit if a strength challenge and i knew Boho beautiful was where to go this morning! I feel loose and refreshed. Thank you!

  17. I dont know why…. But this is my favorite of all your videos! I always feel so good after this one! Redoing your 30 day challenge, and so glad to come across it once again today!

  18. I think I found another favorite boho yoga video! Thank you so much for cultivating all this love through all your videos and doing what you do to help spread your light in the world!

  19. I LOVE this routine! Now please think of doing KUNDALINI yoga and for the PELVIC FLOOR! Us women especially need it! I welcome the feminine rise during this age of healing ancestral trauma! I see you soul sisters 😍 Keep working smart on yourself! ❤❤❤

  20. Your sequence, your voice, I don't know what made me the master effect. All the weight on my shoulders are away, I feel new. Just thank you. Namaste

  21. I love this workout. You guys inspire me so much, such a beautiful place and scenery. I'd love to travel the world.

  22. 57 year old male… weight lifter… Yoga beginner….. Not very flexible but trying hard… I love these peaceful yoga session with you… it's very enjoyable watching you doing these poses correctly…. Nice Job… One day i'll learn the verbiage ????

  23. You looked mad or irritated… I kept trying to relax but every time I looked at your face and didn't see the happy spirit it made me tense but I still loved the video… Oh and workout

  24. You two are amazing! The videos are amazing… great editing, BEAUTIFUL settings wonderfully highlighted and respected in your videos and your treatment of the environment and the local peoples and animals. The exercises are at a good level for waking up the body in a calm, gentle way…very enjoyable. Your messages are lovely and your voice is so calming. You both are beautiful and work in such harmony. Thank you for what you do and sharing your blessed talents! Enjoy life and keep spreading the love!

  25. Definitely my favourite flow ^^ good for the morning, noon and evening as well. Everything I wish to stretch comes along. Love it! ^^

  26. Thank you so much for getting me back into a practice I wasn't sure I could again. Your gentle flow, true yogi spirit, and calm voice, (I'm a voice actor!) have put me back to where I was with my yoga 10 years ago. Namaste.

  27. Grateful for all that I do for my body and mind with kindness. Thankful for all that you share. Sending renewing energy to you full of love and gentleness.

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