100 Replies to “Is Stretch Armstrong – BULLETPROOF?”

  1. I had been wondering about this for several years. I thought he could stop bullets. I remember when I was a kid, I had a Stretch Armstrong and I would beat the shit out of him. He's durable. If you squeeze him, he's gooey and soft, but if you strike him with a punch, he suddenly turns into a brick wall. I would then swing him over my head and hit the concrete floor. It would seem like you struck the floor with something hard. He's no chump, I'll tell you that much.

  2. meanwhile in the army
    "where's your bulletproof armour?"
    "what do you mean? it's on me"
    "but those are just some toys glued on you!"
    "it's premium edition"

  3. I had a stretch Armstrong when I was a kid in the70s didn't play with it like this ! My mom didn't give me the gun that went with it😕

  4. More questions than answers? Corn Syrup and Corn Starch compressed? Possible to produce same results mixing the two small bags/balloons? believe you did an earlier vid on corn starch and water.

  5. Okay: The best armor concept could be Kevlar covered in roughly 12 mm of dense corn syrup, covered in a super elastic skin.

  6. You know they sold these in the 90s, right?…

    Why waste the antiques when you could have picked the newer ones up at a Goodwill for a dollar?

  7. WOW, Stretch Armstrong could literally save your life if you had him under your shirt next to to your heart. That would be weird. Personally I would suggest making an actual vest with that corn syrup or whatever in it.

  8. I wonder if you could make an effective bullet resistant vest by tying a bunch of Stretch Armstrongs together and strapping them to your chest.

  9. Value of Stretch Armstrong: Instruction Book,Stretch mat, all bandaids and super rare plastic Baggy that holds bandaids,Neck Tag, Styrofoam coffin and Lid. Box with all sides and top flap intacked,not taped on. Value $1,800.00 to $2,500, A Stretch Armstrong in need of repairs may sell between $400.00 and $550.00.

  10. Every time you get a ticket for no tag, insurance, speeding or the IRS bill it is Strong Arm Robbery according to The US Constitution !!!

  11. they should put a layer of what ever that armstrong guys made of over bulletproof vest, no way pistol ammo will get threw that and it’ll probably reduce a lot of impact n help out with not breaking ribs when people are shot with bulletproof vest

  12. To all the haters out there disliking this and similar videos and we all know why… I am really not looking forward to the day you wish we were there to save you negaters of the 2nd ammendment, takers of our freedom, deniers of actual "common sense" as defined in any dictionary you haven't protested to have altered because it offended you for some senseless reason, and especially the horrible downer you are to Earth for being so full of hate and negativity.
    When you haters come face to face with someone about to take your life or the life of the one's you love who could simply be a teenager with psychological problems (possibly your own as a lot of parents are failing miserably parenting with "that mentality") or much more likely it will be the Artificial intelligence robot "human population eradication enforcers" putting one in your head and two in your chest being set into motion by the freedom robbing a-hole (probably a radical) you and fellow idealists vote into office eventually…
    Look at Europe. Listen to what the majority of the "native" population is saying. (Native = 4ish+ generations in same location.)

    If I had one wish it would be for every human on the face of this earth to follow common sense for the greatest good of the human race. The only race is the human race. The only place we have to live is earth.
    Common sense tells me, we need to Love each other and stop destroying our only Earth…

    If you can't love everyone that is provably loving in return then you go byebye… If you can't do your job of cleaning up and protecting our only Earth then you go byebye… common sense.
    There's no need for ai or any computer to figure this out.
    All religion's have their beliefs and I respect that, as everyone should. Unless there are beliefs and behaviors that are radical and focus on superiority and or forcing of their religion and even "race" on everyone worldwide instead of wishing well to others with different beliefs. The individual's if the case would be everyone's responsibility to eliminate. Even the smallest highly aggressive insects venom can be deadly if allowed to bite, if ignored and left to multiply can and will wipe out entire species including themselves eventually

    I love you.

    I want to at least if you'll let me.

  13. He may be bulletproof, but he ain't needleproof! I was at a party as a kid and a Stretch Armstrong was being fired needles from like a b.b. gun or something. It was rad.

  14. I had several stretch Armstrong's dam i just realized im getting old thanks guy! If you bring up super toe the football guy you smacked dwn on his head and kicked field goals ill be pissed lol!

  15. I had Armstrong and my brother had the monster, but his cracked the first night we got it, maybe played with it for all of 20 minutes. We had to throw it out since it was leaking the gel. The trash collector (back in our day a guy stood on the bumper and held on to a rail) dumped our cans, found it and tied it on the back of the truck. My brother cried and ran to the end of the block. I thought it sucked that it broke/failed so quickly.

  16. you guys should try making your own Stretch Armstrong type of material up in testing it inside of balloons or some other type of Stretch Armstrong holding container of sorts

  17. so now that Mr OG himself has seen the bullet stopping properties of Stretch Armstrong do you think he is going to put in the suggestion box at his Precinct that they should start making their bulletproof vest out of multiple Stretch Armstrongs linked together?

  18. I'm just going to mention that if you accidentally post a picture of a stretch armstrong doll to social media, and you accidentally say something like "Hey, look at this donald trump doll I found at a garage sale." it's basically hours of entertainment.

  19. The back of the stretch armstrong is great!!! Whose idea it was to make some russian criminal tattoos?!

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