Is There A Maximum Protein Intake Limit Per Meal?

Is There A Maximum Protein Intake Limit Per Meal?

Hey, this is Sean Nalewanyj, of
And today, I want to dissect a very common bodybuilding myth that is centered around
the idea of a maximum protein absorption limit per meal. Now, the people who promote this
guideline will say that the body can only absorb a set amount of protein in a single
sitting, usually in the range of about 30grams to 50grams, and then, anymore will simply
go to waste. In order to see why this is ultimately misguided, we just have to look at a few different
factors, okay? The first is that the process of protein digestion is far more complex than
most people could imagine. You know, we’re not talking about a simple matter of chewing
up some food, having it travel to the stomach, be mixed with some other substances, and then
absorbed in the small intestine. The actual process involves a long list of individual
enzymes such as protease, (peptidase) and trypsin. And other substances like HCL, bile,
gastrin and CCK that are also accretive from the mouth, the stomach and the small intestine.
In addition, there are numerous sites along the digestive tract where protein digestion
takes place. And it’s far more than a simple black-and-white issue. Because of the incredible
complexity of the digestion process, it would be very difficult to determine a maximum protein
limit per meal that can be fully assimilated versus what is wasted. Number two is that
protein digestion is a very slow process. Despite the fact that the most bodybuilders
will tell you that you need to consume a serving of protein every three hours throughout the
day, protein digestion and absorption happens much more gradually than that. It ranges from
the so called, “Slow digesting proteins” such as egg, which is somewhere in the range of
about 3grams per hour up to “Fast digesting proteins” such as whey, which is somewhere
in the range of about 8grams to 10grams per hour. So, given these digestion rates, having
a set maximum protein limit per meal really makes no sense. For example, if you consume
just 30grams of egg protein in one meal, it might take a full 10 hours before that protein
was fully absorbed by your body. So, does that mean if you ate 30grams of egg protein
in one sitting, that you wouldn’t be able to eat anymore protein for another 10 hours
or that if you ate 50grams of whey, you’d have to wait five to six hours before you
can eat again? I mean, you can see how this really doesn’t make any sense. And thirdly,
what about guys who have a daily protein intake of say, 250grams? Even seven full meals at
30grams of protein each would only equate to 210grams at the end of the day. So using
the 30grams of protein per meal guideline, those with higher protein intakes wouldn’t
be able to reach their daily amounts without eating eight meals, nine meals or more. So,
what’s the bottom line here? You know, I simply recommend ignoring these maximum protein limit
guidelines all together. They’re not based on anything, but round speculation, and there’s
currently no concrete evidence that suggests that the body waste’s protein beyond a certain
amount per sitting. You know, if you really think about it from an evolutionary perspective,
this wouldn’t make sense anyway. You know, our hunter-gatherer ancestors rarely had a
readily available source of food, and long periods of starvation followed by a very short
periods of gorging would have been very common. And I think it’s a pretty reasonable conclusion
that if their bodies were only capable of absorbing 30grams or 50grams of protein in
a single sitting, and then they just simply tossed out the rest, we probably wouldn’t
have even survive as a species. So, if one of your daily meals adds up to 70grams of
protein, don’t worry about it. If it adds up to 100 or more, don’t worry about it. Larger
meals will simply take a longer period of time to be fully digested and absorbed. And
any practical sized meal that you could eat is not going to go to waste. So, thanks for
watching this video lesson. If you want to get your hands on a fully customized bodybuilding
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  1. Keep up the good work mate. You should to a debate with jimmy smith i would watch the shit out of that

  2. Dude, you da man! Your on the cuttin edge of sports nutritional science!
    Can you do a vid on DAA/ It worked like HELL for me, but I would really appreciate your take!

  3. mayoclinic health/high-protein-diets. I tend to shrink away from infomercials. protein intake is complicated, so even this video response can't give the simple answer. Follow the link for some more info.Since All the protein you eat can't be utilized, how much is too much? Protein can be expensive.

  4. I subscribed. You're awesome and I love your no bs method to things. I have a quick question. Doesn't the protein get stored as fat if not used? Thank you.

  5. Sean Nal, seriously you are the most underrated best out there. Your tips on training and nutrition really took my growth to a higher level. Just want to thank you and keep making quality content. 🙂

  6. What is your opinion on the "protein ceiling effect" (or "muscle full effect") as termed by some research, which refers to the protein dosage (~20g) needed for optimum muscle protein synthesis?

  7. Man I have been fighting against these and more myths everyone in the gym believes based on nonsense they read on the net, thanks

  8. I hate ppl who say your body will only use 20g of protein per meal, it’s mainly supplement sellers that promote this bc they want u to buy they’re protein shakes and stuff. It’s way easier to just take a scoop of powder every 2-3 hours and get in 20g of protein like that than it is to have to make 5-6 full meals per day. No one has time for that lol

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