Is Too Much Protein Bad For You?

Is Too Much Protein Bad For You?

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  1. Dr. Michael Mosley in his book: The Fast Diet says that high protein diets raise IGF-1 which has been known to lead to cancer could you comment on that . . . ?

  2. I'm a carnivore. Why is it that humans can't figure out what their species is suppose to eat??? Is it possible that 'humans' are actually more than one species and require different diets? Come on, do you really think that Chinese and Germans and Africans are the same?

  3. Seriously disappointing video from someone calling himself an authority in the matter of nutrition.

  4. hello,
    to loose fat should you take into account the %fat? I mean, if you have 30 or 60% fat, how does it impact how much proteins you should eat ?

    thank you for your good work.

  5. Informative but incomplete. Recently the biggest concern with overconsumption of protein has been it's potentially carcinogenic effects and it wasn't addressed at all. Was expecting more from Authority Nutrition.

  6. You should have also pointed out that processed meat and dairy are not valid sources of protein.
    Such foods are indeed really bad for our health, rather than animal protein as a whole.
    You can tell from the comments of this video that it still causes a lot of confusion, as well as endless, useless discussions.

  7. The Major problem with this video is 80% of the American people are deficient in magnesium so theirs no way people are getting enough calcium as magnesium, vitamin K2, D3, and Omega 3 are needed to absorb calcium and handle the protein and gluconeogenesis protein turning into sugar is very real and mtor levels rising that causes damage check out Dr Mercola's article on that

  8. I believe you need to correct the video; there are 11 non-essential amino acids, not 12. Check your nutrition textbook.

  9. Dead animal meat (protien) is poisonous…
    old literature on the topic of foodstuffs explains it simply
    protien has many names like plastic, ammonia, nitrogen.

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