Whey is all the rage lately for body builders,
and just regular folks who want to add more protein to their diets, but is whey as awesome
as it is made out to be? For men and women who stay physically active,
it might seem incomprehensible that whey protein isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread. By the way – how many bodybuilders does it
take to change a lightbulb? Nine. One to screw in the bulb and the other eight
hold up the mirrors. But seriously, aside from bulking up the aesthetic
body, whey does some insidious things to the inside of us, and if we were to put our vanity
aside and ask if whey was really good for our health the answer is a resounding – NOT
SO MUCH! Why? – Whey messes with your gut flora. Those billions of microbes who have taken
up residence in your intestines aren’t so happy when they are doused with whey protein
shakes. Many people experience gas, bloating, and
digestion issues after drinking whey protein. This is usually a hint that your gut bacteria
are not happy campers. – Who cares if your biceps are bulging if
your face is covered in acne. Whey protein may increase the translocation
of liposaccharide from the gut, which can lead to chronic inflammation and aggravation
of acne vulgaris. – Whey is a highly processed milk protein
which is not a naturally healthy food for our digestive systems, and can cause insulin
spikes. We have evolved to eat foods with a low to
moderate insulin response from foods like fruits and vegetables. These have a carbohydrate density of around
23%. Whey is considered a insulintrophic food because
it can make our insulin levels soar – leading to diabetes and obesity among other diseases. The next time you want to bulk up or just
replace protein, try plant-based, real foods instead. Your gut, skin and blood sugar levels will
thank you, and so might Mr. Universe. If you liked this video, please share it with
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15 Replies to “Is Whey Protein REALLY Safe? How It AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH!”

  1. Hi health chronicle team. I love ur ur channel. I wanna ask u a question. I occasionally play badminton. One day I played so inense that I developed a cramp in my right shoulder. It's been more than a month and it still pains when I lift my arm. How can I cure this? Does protein help in removing such muscle cramps?

  2. misleading information….it is very safe…i m consuming for the 2 yrs…no issues…just be sure that u r consuming a genuine and good quality product

  3. im curious is this the same for all protein powers even vegan ones such as ?

  4. Couple things: One, the study you cite is about 6 years old; two, the study only includes 6 subjects and 2 data points (meals); and lastly, the study honestly points out that the source of carbs in the meals is the milk the powder is mixed with.

  5. I’m no expert, but I’m sure the sugars mixed with these shakes can’t be healthy for us. Sugar messes up your candida levels and deteriorate teeth.

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