IT Band Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

IT Band Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Oh hey, it’s Dr. Jo! We’re just doing an 80s
tribute here in the studio, and today we are going to talk about the IT band. Now the IT
band can get stiff and sore really easy, and a lot of times runners will get it, if you’re
training for a 5k or marathon. You’re IT band is on the outside of your leg, and it starts
up at your hip, and goes all the way down and it actually crosses over your knee. So
you can have hip pain, you can have knee pain, you can have anywhere in between, or all of
the above. So what we’ll do today is start off with some simple standing stretches for
the IT band, and let’s get started and do some stretches. Alright, first stretch that
I’m going to have you do is you’re just going to come up and find a wall. Maybe a little
more space than here, but this is what I’m gonna show you. Let’s say my IT band is on
my left side is the tight one. So what you’re gonna do, is you wanna be on that side, the
side that’s injured it going to be closest to the wall. You’re going to step right next
to it, and what you are going to do is take that injured side and put it behind the good
side. So it’s going to be in the back. What you want to do is try to keep that leg straight
as possible, and you want to try to keep the front leg as straight as possible. The you’re
going to push your hip towards the wall, almost like your trying to tag the wall with your
hip. You can turn your foot a little bit, that might give a little more stretch in the
IT band. So what you’re going to do it hold that stretch for 30 seconds, and you’re going
to do that 3 times. Make sure when you come back, you kind of shake it out. Let it loosen
up, and then go back behind the body, and you can even stretch it back a little, but
curl that foot over, bring that hip to the wall, and it will get you a stretch. So the
next couple of stretches we are going to do on the ground. So let’s go ahead and get down
on our backs. So what I am going to have you do now is lie down on your back, and this
is the time to get a belt or a dog leash, and what I’m going to have you do is just
put it on the bottom of your foot. You want to stretch your leg out, you don’t want to
bend the knee, keep it straight. The bring your leg up pretty high, and slowly drop that
leg across your body. You’ll be able to tell, you’ll be able to feel it. Same kind of thing,
you’ll hold that stretch for 30 seconds. The key with this one is, don’t let your whole
body go over, because that’s not going to be a good stretch. You wanna keep your hips
down, and let that leg drop over. You should feel that stretch all the way through the
outside of your leg. Good. The next one you can do, is roll over onto your side. Now the
injured leg is on top. So this is my injured side now. What you are going to do to make
sure that IT band goes over the bony part here, your going to lift your leg up and go
back, and then drop it down. So the best place to do this on the edge of your bed or the
edge of a couch or something so you can drop your leg down past the ground, and just let
it hang and relax your body, and that’s going to stretch the band out a little bit. And
the last stretch I’m going to have you do, is pull out your handy dandy noodle again.
Now we are going back to the left side. My left side is the one that’s injured. What
you are going to do, you’re going to be on your side. Start with the roll all the way
up on your hip where the IT band starts, and what you are going to do is slowly roll your
leg all the way down to your knee and back up, and that’s going to give it a really good
stretch. Lots of times people feel like this actually hurts just a little, but it’s going
to be a good stretch for that IT band. Alright, well there you have it. Those are you’re IT
band stretches. So if you like those stretches or if you love the 80s, and if you love my
hair, click like, and please comment on maybe your favorite 80s song. We love 80s music
around here. If you want to see more exercise videos and educational videos, please go to
my website And remember have fun, be safe, and I hope you totally get better

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  1. Today is "Celebrate Your Unique Talent" Day! What's my unique talent? Some would say DANCING because I have a very "unique" way of doing it 🙂 Just like I do in the video below! What's your unique talent? Leave it in the comments below…

  2. i am in a bit of a dilemma because a few weeks ago i injured my IT band and i am in a wheelchair full time…how i got a running injury? no sweet clue! but your tutorials i am unable to do…is there anything you can maybe post later for someone who cant stand?

  3. Thx Jo what do you thing how long is the rest and working exercise period for it band to get back normal  I have 1and half months for my half marathon and now this it band injury is my problem i rest 1 week for now ?
    the hair is ok and 80' music Is damn good choice 🙂

  4. hey dr jo i have pettelafumoral syndrome i have been to 6 physical therapy sessions , the doctor said that my quads and hams are alright but i got a tight it band , the have been using an elctro thing to relax it then expose my leg to a heat lamp and some stretches at the end but still no relief and my it band still tight as a guitar string and i still have 4 sessions on the insurance .. so please how can i relief this tightness cuz my physiotherapist is just not helping at all … PLEASE ANSWER ME with any advice u have .. thanks   

  5. I have an IT Band issue. Few weeks ago got a serious pain on side of knee while running. Went to my doctor and he has me exercising to strengthen the hip muscles. I am back to running again but that pain was no joke. I was limping home.

  6. Thanks so much for this vid and the pettellofemoral one, I just found out I have this syndrom which sucksss bc I do a lot of leg workouts and jumping so I hope these stretches help me get back to my old self again!! my dr was no help lol 

  7. Thanks for the stretches, my right side gets pretty sore when running.
    80s music? Hmmm, Journey, Def Leppard even Tears for fears. esp. Shout, shout  let it all out!

  8. Thanks Doctor! I will continue to use these stretches and in about 1 or 2 weeks ill let you know how I feel. So far, I felt a difference right when I started. So far so good! Thanks very informational. Oh and a 80s song I pick is Cyndi Lauper-Good enough for me

  9. I got you.. thanks I am going to try it later in the morning. Hope that help me alot.  which best brand for knee protect you know… pull up and protection.  I see those selling is alot money which they care is top notch $$ and less high quality for anyone need to wear support like copperfit or Corefit etc more and more business add new name and ridiciously price

  10. Jo, your video was very helpful to me, and I am in a great deal of pain. I am a disabled, Gulf War veteran, and I injured my back permanently in combat.  My knees are also injured among other disabilities.  My doctors at the VA just want to give more and more drugs, and I already feel so stoned all day each day. Anyway, I insisted on seeing a physical therapist who said it was my IT bands that were giving contributing to my back and knee problems.  The PT gave me some handouts/diagrams of exercises to do, but I promptly lost them.  Do you know of a reliable place that I can download some more, so I can actually look at them while stretching.  Upper back (where I have to fractured vertebrae) are also needed as are neck exercises. You can find my contact information at .

    Oh, my all time favorite 80s song (and there are many) is Candle in the Wind by Elton John.  It's a bitter sweet identification I have with the song, because I had an aunt Norma Jean who was brutally murdered when I was a boy, and I never had a chance to get to know her.  Also, I was a huge fan of Princess Di, and the song has become her anthem, and she also died tragically.  I still have Betty Jean (Mom) and Norma Jean (Mother-in-law), and after all of the above I named my beautiful now 16 year old daughter Rebekah Jean.  Next to some Gospel songs, Candle in the Wind is the most poetic song I have ever heard.

    Anyway, if you could recommend a good source for stretching, I'll sure have a look. Thanks.  You're a doll!  Rick at (under reconstruction).

  11. You're so sweet to help people like this!  That's what's really, really important is helping one another, so you must be a totally awesome person.

  12. meant to ask also  id say It band tight right leg feels shorter quads tight more on one leg u mentioned in your reply to work on hip and hamstrings

  13. Best stretches, I've found on youtube. I can't get the first one right tho. I can't tell where my weight should be. On front leg or back leg. It feels like my hip pops when I do this. I'm only 45. Should that happen?? I have weak hips because of flat feet.

  14. I've been in a lot of pain for 4 months now. I tried these stretches today & am hoping for the best. If anything else, they felt really good 🙂

  15. I have a problem with the IT band tract on my left side from landing on my left buttock in a bicycle accident.It is as if it is bunched up. It will bind then suddenly move over the trochanter. I have been stretching it in many different directions. The TFL and gluteus medius muscle seems to be all knotted up. I have tried to break up the ischema with a tennis ball and my fingers. Any ideas how to get it to glide over smoothly? I get a stabbing pain if I try to do lunges.The doctor says I need to do abductor exercises. I think that is WRONG because that will constrict the muscle more. Do I need to get someone to really dig deep into the muscle tissue (ART)?

  16. are you supposed to do the IT band stretch on both legs or only on the injured leg? Just curious.

  17. I'm very grateful for this video i tore a ligament and was advised to do these exercises i will give you feedback on my progress, i am a weightlifter, bodybuilder. Cheers from Trinidad and Tobago

  18. Thank you for the clarity and specifics about the mechanics of the exercises. I've seen so many videos on this right now, and yours was the best because I knew what to do and look for if and when I was doing them properly; and by the way, I thought at the end there it was "Need You Tonight" 😉

  19. Well I'm a couple of years late to the party, but this is a very helpful video. Also, that scrunchie-tail is everything.
    Favorite song – "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston.

  20. Hi Jo Ave being like this for 42 days already and I can't walk normally with full range of motion and my knee cap feel weird if I put weigh on it and I don't know what to do I'm doing some stretches but still feel bad can you help me please please???

  21. Dr. Jo, you are the best. Thank you so much for all the time you take to do these videos for us. They're so helpful, and they've also really helped me focus on isolating the exact muscles I need to be working on. A lot of times this info is presented in a way that doesn't let you know exactly how you should be holding your body to get the right outcome, but your videos are so good at that. I find it so interesting how just moving my foot/leg/knee one inch or two past the correct alignment for the exercise results in me targeting the wrong muscle. Anyway, once again, thank you so much!

  22. Thank you for this video. I was in the Coast Guard boot camp. I got discharged due to Iliotibial Band Syndrome. They said i could come back when i heal in 06 months. Problem was i had no idea how to stretch and fix it. I am gonna use this video so i can come back stronger.

  23. My IT band hurts so I'm going to try the stretches you showed in this video. I've always liked Language is a Virus by Laurie Anderson (strange 80's song)

  24. Foam rolling the IT band itself doesn't really work, right? It's always under a functional load and can't be shaped much; personally, I've spent the past week rolling my tensor fasciae latae (TFL), vastus lateralis (VL), and glutes on a baseball and also lacrosse-balls taped together, and it's helped tremendously — I can walk again 🙂 Also, I've been stretching the hamstrings, working on ankle mobility, and stretching out the deep parts of my hip flexor, along with trying to minimize my amount of time sitting and sleeping on my injured side or butt. Just my experience with recovery 🙂

  25. I no longer have the pain when exercising, yet it comes back when i stop , lets say a few hours later. What do you think it may help? It seems that i have the injurie in the border of not existing yet it comes back post-workout.

  26. Thanks Dr. Jo. You are an angel. Here is my 80's, Bad Boys Blue – "You're A Woman".

  27. Thanks for the videos very helpful. The 80s never have to stop. Here are some 80s songs from foreign countries. That No one you know has probably ever heard. It is like finding a brand new 80s classic still in the box and never opened.

  28. You know you have it made when a pediatrician actually writes in his action plan "have teenager see and do the videos on the Ask Dr. Jo YouTube channel" (before he keeps hurting himself!)

  29. What about if both of the legs are injured? it is imposible to do those because you cannot lay on either side (or bend) :'(

  30. Thanks you Dr.Jo for the exercises .
    I am currently in ACL rehab -week 12 , had surgery to my left knee -hamstring graft.
    I am having issues with IT Band which give me sharp pain in my knee , is it common during acl rehab due to weak muscles around it.
    Does this go away after muscle strenght gradually improve with time and also by doing the stretches to flex IT band ?

  31. In using stretching exercises on a tight IT band is adding resistance counterproductive?

    Big Country "In a Big Country" 1983

  32. DoctorJo I recently just recovery from a tear in my MCL and after afew weeks returned to running the roads doing 5-8km everyday. However this time I think I have ITB as I've a pain at the side of my knee again. It's not extremely sore but I feel it when going up and down the stairs. I'm startybasic training for the military in 3 weeks do you have any suggestions? Please Reply Thanks Conor

  33. Tainted Love! thanks for the video. bilateral knee replacement on 3/21. right hip and IT band are killin me!!!!!

  34. feels great…. quick question… when you drop the leg behind… you say just let it go… do you then start again from beginning? I would imagine you don't swing it back up and forward… should do on both legs, if only one is the main problem?

  35. I needed you when I ran cross country all four years of high school lol. I didn't develop good stretching and warm up habits and now that I'm getting older (25) I can feel it catching up to me. Thank you so much for the help!

  36. Dr Joe, I started exercisin' in February. I'm dealin' with a bad back then menopause hit and I gained 80lbs. I'm taking no medication for either. So one day I was gettin' on my knee to do a yoga pose and I felt this rippin' pain in my outer left knee. At first I thought my yoga pants had just cut circulation but no. Now it's always numb and if I put any weight on it, kills me in pain. Could this be IT syndrome 🙁

  37. Hi Doctor Jo- ? My knee and calve tends to get warm and semi numb at night or even when I'm sitting too long. What can I do to help with this?? Thank you

  38. Hey thanks for all your help. I'm an eighties freak as well. A nice song to your sweetheart from the eighties is "if I could" by 1927. Of course it doesn't need to be to anyone. It's just a nice song and they're Aussies

  39. Hi Doctor. I have been having terrible pain in my knee since two weeks. I have been running since a few months and I experienced the pain very recently. I thought not to run for a while, give it rest and walk instead. But today I experienced terrible pain after I did a 5km walk yesterday.
    Should I not walk as well? Is there any specific thing that I should do to get rid of this pain to get back to my routine? How long would I take to recover? Apologies for all the questions but I'm really lost.

  40. Doc I was told that I have ITB syndrome from running and not stretching enough, I went to the medical care center on base but they didn't tell me specifically what streches I needed to do but this video is helping. I'm commenting this after a week of doing these stretches. The pain was on the outer side of my left knee, right in the middle of the right side.

  41. thanks to you doctor..I was not recovering from my it band..but these simple workouts made me get back on the racing track..

  42. Perfect Jo. Just what I needed. Was much an 80s girl, so anything George Michael 🙂 Keep up the good work. Cheerss Sue.

  43. I have patellofemoral syndrome, IT band issues, as well as spondylolisthesis. Will any of your exercises for patellofemoral syndrome and IT band have a negative impact on my spondylolisthesis?

  44. very simple to follow, thank you! Very few trainers show the poses but do not mention how to place the BAD LEG!

  45. By the way Doctor Jo, Do Patellofemoral Syndrome and IT Band Syndrome go together? My doctor says that I have Patellofemoral, but, in a way, they seem one in the same.

  46. Hey im a partial paraplegic withbheightened sensitivity andserious nerve damage. Band pain has becom e unbearable. Any suggestions? Limited mobility

  47. How about rolling your IT band with an oversized rolling pin to loosen it up. I do it from a standing position by rolling the pin with two hands down the side of my leg.

  48. Ok I love your info but I can't stand the 80s!! I loved Rocky 3 and eye of the tiger song from that movie and I love a Sony Walkman ( I still use one to run with) but that's it from the 80s!!! Thanks for your work and by the way I am 61!

  49. You would have made a great eighties girl Jo. How do I know. You have the fun spirit and I enjoy your IT stretches. Thanks

  50. Thank You , Great video! you did a great job explaining form….which they did not tell me im Therapy. 80s song is most definately Der Kommissar ….Don't turn around!

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