James Joins Mark Wahlberg’s 4am Workout Club

James Joins Mark Wahlberg’s 4am Workout Club

100 Replies to “James Joins Mark Wahlberg’s 4am Workout Club”

  1. 2:30 am wake up schedule is pretty stupid. Means you would go to bed around 6:30 pm. So youโ€™d miss all of your family time after work. Dumb.

  2. heh my personal day dear breafast
    i wake 14-30
    gon on work in 15-00
    then i work unteill 09-00
    when i die ,i come to home and wake up
    and again and again over year

  3. I would love to an totaly commit to doing this every day with mark or not id just require the equipment an a work out buddy

  4. How it is possible to go to the bed 7:30? At that time, everybody just start to live, after work time. He doesn't have friends, relatives? When he call plumber or electric he tell them to come at 4 a.m.?

  5. This all wake up at 4 is bullshit. I'd have to go to bed at 8pm and that isn't happening in Phoenix. It's just too hot..

  6. it works for some people, early get up, early bed, I wake up around 4-5am, bed by 8pm, it works great for me, but some have to work the rest of that time

  7. I need a" jumping mat" like the one Mark and James use at 4:52 (perfect thickness), to work out at home without waking up neighbours downstairs. Does anyone know any brands that make this kind of stuff and how this mat is really called?

  8. The thing Mark NEVER mentions is that his trainer, Brian Nguyen, drives to his house to coach him through his 4am workout. A little pissed that he continues to act like he does it himself.

  9. You canโ€™t say you feel like youโ€™re in a boy band around Mark Wahlberg and NOT sing New kids on the block or Marky Mark and the funky bunch songs.

  10. DId anyone else notice that Mark's schedule only involves about 2 hours of actual work a day. and has another workout at 4:00pm?

  11. What's the point to waking up at 2,3 or 4 in the morning? and get to sleep at 7 ๐Ÿ˜€
    So he could wake up at 6,7 ,or 8 in the morning and go to sleep around 10 or midnight…

  12. The plan is brilliant because Body produces abnormal chemicals for 30%-40% of world population as they age between the hours of 2 am and 4 am. These impact sleep patterns . People with abnormal sugar patterns would know what I am talking about. Night workout plan ensures during those hour , you are awake and pumping iron , which hinders the release of these chemicals. The two work outs morning and evening ensure proper body balance

  13. You get up at 2:30 for a 4 a.m. workout and your lifting partner for the morning is a clown. I have a feeling Mark might not be all that amused.

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