16 Replies to “Jawline or masseter muscle relaxation for jawline slimming, teeth grinding, and clenching”

  1. I dont have a square jawline, in fact mine is rather narrow but the skin around it has gotten soft creating a slightly droopy look. Will this procedure help?

  2. Great video , If anyone else wants to treat your teeth grinding try Banfan Instant Grinding Stopper ( try searching google ) Ive heard some awesome things about it from my co-worker – excellent!

  3. whats the cost of these injections per unit and how many units would be used for the treatment normally?  pls reply….

  4. do I need botox in tempol as well as masseter muscles? my masseter muscle have enlarged due to stress my dentist said both are enlarged but I do not get headaches?do I need to get in tempol?

  5. I’ve had 2 bouts of Bell’s palsy & jaw clenching has left the affected side of my face/jaw enlarged. I’d love to have Botox in my masseter, but worry it could bring on another episode of paralysis. How likely is that given my susceptibility? Thank you.

  6. Would this give me a more v-shaped face? I’m very skinny but my face is rounder than I’d like it to be because my of my lower face, like my jaw and chin.

  7. Hi! I'm very glad to have come across this video. My right masseter muscle is way bigger than the right one. In photos my face looks asymmetrical, and seems like my right side of face has relatively larger muscle mass. When I press on my jaw line areas I can feel how bigger my right masseter muscle really is. It really makes me feel bad about myself losing my confidence. Is there any treatment for that? Can I have your email address. please?

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