Jeff Cavaliere’s Official Height, Weight, Body Fat (REVEALED!)

Jeff Cavaliere’s Official Height, Weight, Body Fat (REVEALED!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today we’re finally going to clear the air.
What are my stats? What’s my height? What’s my weight? You should see the guesses out
there. Some people have me at 5’6”, some guys have got me at 226lbs. I can tell you this: I’m neither of those.
But more importantly, whether or not you know my stats is not important to me. What is important
is that there’s a value in this. There’s a big teaching point that we can
make, that I think will become extremely valuable for you. Especially as you set your own goals.
So, we’re going to knock this out. By the way, we already did this in the “Gummy Bear
Challenge” video. I showed my stats back then, despite the fact
that all these numbers were out there. By the way, do you remember losing that challenge,
Jesse? JESSE: Yeah, I do. Thanks for bringing it
up. JEFF: Remember the- JESSE: The beard. JEFF: Yeah. JESSE: It’s gone. JEFF: Yeah. It’s gone. It’s gone. So,
the shoes are off, guys. By the way, ATHLEANX socks – not available for purchase yet on
the website. We’re going to get our height. By the way, Jesse; is this safe for me to
get under this? JESSE: Uh…I think so. JEFF: You literally taped a tape measure up
on the wall. JESSE: Well, ti’s the best I could do. JEFF: Okay. All right. So take this straight
edge and get out of here before this thing falls on me. Head back up. Is that good? JESSE: Okay. Yep. And move. Okay, you are
at 5’10- ½”. Look at you. JEFF: I’ll take the half, thank you very
much. Now, guys, you’ve got to get bodyweight. This fluctuates a bit for me. JESSE: Lowest, it looks like you’re on 175. JEFF: Okay. So, 175. We’ll take off 2lbs
for the clothes. So, 173’ish. Now, some of you have already made a big mistake and
I’ve caught you. I caught you. You’re saying “Wait, 5’10- ½”, 173?
That’s me! I’m 5’10- ½”, 173! But I don’t look like Jeff!” Well, that’s
because if you just rely on height and weight you’ve obviously missed the biggest, most
important criteria here. That is, when it comes to qualifying any height
or weight you need to know the bodyfat because it’s going to allow you to paint a much
clearer picture. Somebody could be 5’10”, 175lbs and be
30% body fat and look completely different than someone at 10% bodyfat. And we know that.
So, we’re going to do the bodyfat. I have the Skyndex here, set for my age. Don’t
make fun, Jesse. JESSE: [laughs] You’re old! JEFF: So, what we do is, we go up here on
the chest. I’ll do my own pinching. I used to do this for every member of the team on
the Mets. Okay, then you get the abdomen here. Pull away. Then we get the thigh. Jesse, keep
your eyes up. JESSE: Oh. Well, then how am I supposed to
film this? JEFF: Okay. It comes in at 5.8%. So, I’ve
stayed pretty much 5.8% all year round. You guys are probably going to make the second
mistake. The second mistake is: “Wait a second. How in the world could I be 5.8%? How does he walk around with 5.8% bodyfat
year-round? That’s ridiculous! Who does that?” Guys, I can tell you this: it’s
not without sacrifice. It’s not without consistency. It’s not without commitment. But it’s also not without a prioritization
on that. This is important to me. Being lean is one of the main things that’s important
to me. It’s part of our brand name: ATHLEANX. However, also being athletic and moving a
certain way. And of course, being strong. I could tell
you this, guys, I know this, if anybody knows this. If you do three things, I don’t care
what body type you’re sitting in right now, you’re going to look better. If you put on more muscle, if you get leaner,
and you get stronger; you’re going to look better. Period. There’s not a person out
there that couldn’t benefit from that. But what this also underscores is the value of
leanness. When you are lean, whatever amount of muscle
mass you carry looks bigger. It looks better. That’s probably where the 220lb guess came
from, because I can’t imagine anyone that stood next to me would think that. At the same time, guys, I think you become
a bit more athletic when you carry less excess bodyfat. Weight slowing you down is not helping
you become more athletic. So, I think prioritizing those things, letting
my leanness help and assist my athleticism has been one of my main goals. But it doesn’t
mean that I don’t want to be strong at the same time. For the reason I just mentioned. There’s a value to all three of those. As
a matter of fact, you guys know that I like the weighted chin-up. I’m working toward
my three-plate weighted chin-up and doing more, and more reps here. Jesse came by and he’s like “Wait a second,
I actually filmed you” – he wanted me to show you this clip of him doing a one-plate
weighted chin-up. I’m proud of what he’s doing here. But he was discouraged because all of a sudden,
he was comparing himself to me. I think that’s where the danger comes in here, guys. You
don’t need to compare yourself to others. Especially when it comes to body stats because
of the fact that you need to understand that it’s not just body stats that should inspire
you. There is so much more that can come from looking beyond just body stats. Let me explain
a little bit. When I was a kid the physique role models
I had – very well know, by this point – Sylvester Stallone. That’s the guy that I wanted to
be. I wanted to look like he did in Rambo. Some might say, “Jeff, you’ve actually
become [to look] a bit like Sylvester Stallone in Rambo.” That’s cool for me, but I always wanted
to still maintain athleticism at the same time. Which has been a key focus of mine.
But if I had also wanted to aspire to be Arnold Schwarzenegger – who is another huge icon
of that time – I could have been making a big mistake. Why? Because Arnold is 6’3”, 240lbs. Present
day: The Rock. He’s 6’3”, 250lbs-260lbs. I watched wrestling all the time. Hulk Hogan.
Rick Rude. Guys that stand here, next to me, in my own gym – recently, Seamus came in
here with Cesaro. Jinder Mahal has been here. Drew McIntyre.
With Florin Munteanu with Creed. Guys that I train, guys that come through here; these
are big guys. I don’t get self-conscious standing next to those guys. Do you know why? Because I’ve come to grips
with the fact that I’m not going to be them, physically, in terms of their stature. That’s
not in the cards for me. If you look at the skeleton here, guys, those guys’ skeletons,
I assure you, do not look like this underneath their bodies. This guy looks a bit more like me. The fact
is, we have certain clavicles that are a certain length, that can carry a certain amount of
pec musculature here. If your clavicle comes out to here, if you have much wider shoulders
because you’re a much bigger guy; you have a much bigger skeleton inside you. You have to fill that skeleton with more muscle
mass. Therefore, that muscle mass carries more water, which is going to allow you weigh
more, too. These are things that aren’t necessarily in the cards for me. But that’s
when you only measure stats. The same way when we make the mistake of isolating
that for our inspiration, we’ve just cut ourselves short. If I wanted to look like
a guy like Thor Bjornsson, who’s deadlifted 1000lbs; I wouldn’t ever have the opportunity
to say “Man, I’ve got some work to do.” Now, I realize that I’m not going to prioritize
strength as the only thing I work toward, so I’m never going to have 1000lbs deadlift.
But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a stronger deadlift. Drawing some inspiration from him
is a great thing. Let’s go back to The Rock for a second. Who, in this world, cannot benefit from aspiring
to match his work ethic? I don’t care what you want to say. “Oh, well The Rock uses
stuff.” Forget that. That’s all nonsense. That’s all BS because it’s irrelevant
when it comes to his work ethic. There’s nobody right now that works harder
at what he does and works harder in the weight room than him. So, if you don’t think you
could benefit from that, I think you’re doing yourself a disservice. The same thing
with all the rest of those that come through here. If you understood the travel schedule they
have. But their desire and commitment to stay in their training regimens despite being in
a different city every night or carrying their nutrition with them to make sure they have
proper food from city to city, knowing they don’t know what food is available to them;
that’s dedication. You could benefit from any of that. If you
go back to me, “Well, Jeff, you couldn’t be that lean.” Guys, again, I’ve prioritized
it. So, what I make are sacrifices. I have that much noted one carrot cake, one cheat
meal a year. I don’t drink. When I go out with my friends I don’t drink. That makes it much easier to stay lean. I’ve
also been doing this consistently now for years, and years, and years. I’ve made it
my life’s focus. Not to just be lean, but to be overall well-rounded. So, if you define you, if you make sure what
you feel is important, you aspire to; that’s what matters most. Don’t limit it to just
body stats because body stats could be greatly deceiving. Guys, I hope you’ve found this
helpful. Above all, truthfully, maybe we can finally
clear the air on what I actually weigh, and what my height is. The fact is, guys, I want
you guys to be the best you can be. If you’re looking for programs that we have,
that allow you to become the best you can be – from total body training programs,
we’ve got a brand new one, Total Beast, available over at To any of our any other programs focused directly
on athleticism, we have programs that match your goals. You just have to find what those
goals are for you. They’re all available over there. In the meantime, if you’ve found
the video helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to core.
If you haven’t already done so, guys, please subscribe and turn on your notifications so
you never miss a video. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again
soon. See you.

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  2. Come on why didn't you say bout kane when you talked about wwe
    He was the most ripped and strongest person during his prime

  3. 5,8 % is unhealthy percentage, believe my mother is doctor, she receive many patient like you manlets, because they tend have lower IQ becuase they need to be bodybuilders but there are consquences on your behaviour, manlet

  4. Jeff I've been folowing 6 pack promsie and following your nutritional mantra and I have noticed some insane results after week 2! It motivaets me to wnt to keep going because of the results I have already gaind, thank you!

  5. Been 5' 10" 1/2 for years. When doing height and weight for the army they don't do halfs. It hurts when they round down😂

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  7. Whilst I respect his tenacity and understand that this is his job and he needs to be a proponent of the advice he is giving but living at 5% body fat is really not good for you in the long term. Not it up 5% occasionally Jeff. Maybe for a month or two a year at the very least. Im at around 16% and looking to cut that 6% down once I have regained some muscle mass but at 5% your body must be constantly screaming at you.

  8. I'm 5'6 and 118 pounds. I have been doing strength training for 8 months now. I was always 130 before I started to work out. But just in the past couple of months, I dropped down to 118. Should I increase my calorie intake so I don't become underweight? I would like to be lean but my goal is to put on weight in muscle and so far I have been losing weight in fat just as fast or faster then I'm putting on muscle weight.

  9. I've always believed that when I'm at the gym, my focus should be on balanced aesthetics. Why? Because there will always be someone at the gym with bigger arms, or chest, or legs, or calves. However almost no one lifts for balanced aesthetics. And most have the same flaws, because they tend not to build the muscles that need the most work to develop (legs, lats, chest). So it was so much easier for me to not be drawn into comparisons with others. Because at least in my gym, there wasn't a single balanced physique to be had. No one was trying to accomplish what I was. So the only person I really needed to compare myself to was me. Month to month. Year to year. Now I'm pretty much exactly where I want to be, and I still pay no mind to anyone else's physique where I lift.

  10. Watching this and really using my ears to listen to what jeff is saying I feel so blessed. Blessed cause i am tall (Not tall as in kevin durant tall) But just above average height. And im healthy. I can wake up in the morning and go for a walk. Some of these things i take for granted. I feel so selfish and need to stop pitying myself and be proud to be me.

  11. My friend has bigger wrist than me but hes like 4 inches shorter than me… is his body frame bigger all around or can let's say wider shoulders while he his bigger wrist and arms?

  12. It seems as though keeping a 5% body fat year round is only useful for someone who has already gained enough muscle mass and is just looking to maintain. Is this not true? Do you not need a caloric surplus to be gaining muscle mass?

  13. A word of caution for anybody trying to get there body fat super low. In our face we have pockets of fat and when u lower your bodyfat % to low u loose the fat in the face and In some cases tbat can make u look 10-15 years older overnight

  14. I am about 10 lbs heavier. 14 percent body fat I believe. Not as strong but my issue is I get hurt if I go to heavy. Bicep tendinitis. Shoulder issues. I follow a lot of your training which helped with some pains. I just can’t go real heavy anymore. I usually go heavy 5 days a month. Otherwise I go lighter and more reps. Heavy to often causes injuries.

    Down falls. I eat pizza. Ice cream. Drink beer. Etc. a few times a week. And still have a pretty lean physique. I would like to try and get to your level. But I have a few pleasures I just don’t want to give up.

    I sometimes want to give them up just to see if I can get that physique. But then go back to them after LOL. Anyway. I keep watching.

    I would
    Like to know how to fix all these damn pains I have. Especially the bicep tendinitis .

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  16. I’m 5’8 152 and 5.4% body fat but for some reason I don’t look as defined. Is that due to ginetics or was my body fat test done incorrectly?

  17. Jeff, I love your videos man because your mindset is great and it inspires others. Lately I've been trying to get leaner. I'm at probably 12-13% body fat and currently doing the shortcut to shred program by Jim stoppani for the second time. I got the athlean xero program and wanted to ask you some questions. Maybe you could private message me and I could email you. Tankyou for all the value you've added in my fitness journey.

  18. That's unreal I'm 5' 10.5" and 180lbs… but I'm 13% bf. I was leaving a county fair last week and the Army had a booth and a chin-up bar setup near the exit. A man about my age (60) was seeing how many chin-ups he could do. He had more muscle bulk than I do. He ended up doing 9 chin ups. I jumped on the bar and started while the army soldier was talking to him. My granddaughter was counting out loud. After I had done about 12 the man talking to the soldier said you better turn around I think he's going to beat your record. I ended up doing 21. One less than the soldier. I let go of the bar smiled at the soldier, shook his hand and I told him "looks like you still have the record ". Had a fricking awesome bicep pump as I walked to the truck.

  19. It is plausible that Jeff has 5.8% body fat. No one thinks he looks like that body fat level because the pics they're used to seeing of people at that body fat are of fitness models and bodybuilders, who are on gear. Roids increase your blood volume, thus making the veins pop out more. Natty vascularity doesn't show up on camera as well as juicehead vascularity, but I can assure you that if you saw Jeff in person, he would look pretty damn veiny.

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  21. Leanness is great, but in some sports it's not ideal, football players have to have some fat for strength as well as baseball and hockey players

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  23. There is no way you're 5'10.5''. The man beside you at the video shown in the link below was measured at 5ft 10 and 1/8th.
    Concerning bodyfat measurement, you shouldn't neglect the others parts of your body

  24. THUMBS UP!!!!
    then watch!

    THIS is probably THE BEST video i've seen him do because the message, as i see it and always say it, is: BE!!!YOU!!!!

    strive to be THE BEST version of YOU, NOT someone else, that you can be, ALWAYS!!

  25. Guys who are 6"2 upwards have more weight to care that's why they die faster then guys like me who is 5"10 and a half 179 cm
    Who are average height

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