JET-PRO Soft Stretch Heat Transfer Paper Instructions

JET-PRO Soft Stretch Heat Transfer Paper Instructions

Hi this is Jamie. And I’m Maradith and we
are Coastal Business. Today we are going to work with our JET-PRO Soft Stretch
transfer paper – right after this! And we’re back. So today we’re going to work with our JET-PRO Soft Stretch transfer paper by Neenah, and we are going to use
our Epson printer, and let’s get started. When printing, you do want to make sure
that you are using pigment-based ink, and you are going to want to reverse your
image. Here is our image, and now we are going to trim around. We do offer this
paper online in sheet packs as well as a roll form. You can find that at We also recommend silicone – make sure you do take your
teflon off of your press. Almost done here. So you do have several options when
cutting: you can send this through your cutter to do a contour cut, you can trim
around the edges with scissors just like Maradith has done, or you can use an
exacto knife to try to get as close as possible to your image before
transferring. And we’re at 350 for 30 seconds. And when using heat transfer
paper for inkjet, most papers are heavy as for this one – it is a heavy pressure
that you do want to use, so usually about an eight to nine bar. It is also going to be a hot peel, and
then we are going to repress with silicone for 20 seconds. And that really
is for the ink to kind of settle inside the fabric fibers for durability. Here we go. So that is our JET-PRO Soft
Stretch. As always, thank you for watching our video tutorial, and we’ll see you
next time. See you later!

6 Replies to “JET-PRO Soft Stretch Heat Transfer Paper Instructions”

  1. I have a espon inkjet printer and I uses the jet pro soft stretch paper, but a white space or visible background shows on the t-shirt, even when I cut it close. I hate seeing it. What can I do to avoid see it? I want just where the ink is be printed.

  2. Good to stretch it while it’s hot? and do softer cottons need less heat? I did a next level and it didn’t turn out so hot

  3. Another crafter used mod podge to seal after the press – do you recommend that? Also, what is the wash/wearability on the transfer paper? Is this good for light and dark fabric?

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