«Kan man spise seg frisk fra diabetes type 1?» VLOG ep.1

«Kan man spise seg frisk fra diabetes type 1?» VLOG ep.1

Hello, my name is Kent. 28 years old. I live in Hønefoss (Norway). I work as a personal trainer and nutrition adviser. And in the last couple of years classified myself as a holistic health coach. A wholesome approach to health basically. I have now decided to start vlogging. Because I wan´t to document the journey I have ahead As many of you know.. I´ve had the diagnosis diabetes type 1 since I was 17 years old. For a long time I´ve wanted to start this project, or more of a lifestyle. To basically go off insulin And become independent from “medicine” I measure my blood sugar very often with this.. And I take insulin in synthetic form Everytime before I eat So that has been an extra factor and something to always take in consideration through many years now. So.. I´m curious now to see if I can get rid of this And I have faith that I can to it I can explain in short the theory behind this meanwhile I measure my blood sugar It was a Harvard University study that concluded Fruit sugar is the only type of “sugar” that can enter the cells of the body without the help of insulin So the hypothesis is If you eat fruit, and a 100% fruit long enough eventually the body will no longer require added insulin and you can at some point decrease the dosages and at last go off insulin completely Because the body has regenerative attributes a healing property If you for example cut your arm the body will heal it If you break a leg it will rebuild it The body will always renew itself and the cells within The blood sugar is now 7.8, and I haven´t eaten yet And as you will see, I´ve fixed myself a smoothie that will break my fast, “break-fast” It is no set answer to how much insulin you need to take So you will have to try and fail experience what you need depending on how many carbs etc. your meals have So.. What I´m about to show the time ahead is.. the continuation of this journey I´ve done multiple detoxes before where I´ve only eaten fruit and it can take as little as three days to two weeks before I´m down to minimal insulin doses, where I eventually can quit taking it I hope all you viewers will follow me along and… join this journey because.. I believe I can help many people in my situation and to show that diabetes type 1 is not a life sentence and.. I will elaborate more later. This was just a quick introduction I want to explain a bit more about fruit and why I have faith in fruits Earlier I talked about the knowledge I have acquired through different litterature people I´ve talked with and what I believe to be true with logic thinking looking at our anatomy, and the human biology. So.. In my opinion we are pretty similar to the apes and we have a DNA resemblance of 98% to a chimpance and they are mainly frugivores (fruit eaters). So the reason I believe in fruits is because the human body apparently is designed to eat fruits. So if we just eat what we´re meant to the body will work optimally and your health will be a 100%. Fruit has a cleansing.. and.. healing effect. It pulls out toxins and waste matter out of the body it flushes it out at the same time as it gives you alot of energy and nutrition. We can absorb alot of nutrition from fruits. I´m gonna do alot more than just eat fruits. It will be alot of physical training; Cardio workouts like walking and running Strength training will help Basically use the body. Use the whole body as it´s meant to! I will share some of clips of that as well. Shall we begin with some mango or some smoothie..?? Henriette: Smoothie (let me just find the ones that are expiring first) We drink alot of smoothies to put it mildly.. So that is why I have this heavy duty high tech blender.. This is btw my friend Viggo´s favorite kitchen equipment. He loves this machine (ain´t that right @viggosundvold?) So for your pleasure since you love it so much.. I´m going to give you a preview of the sound you like so much live in a couple of seconds I use this one from “Coop” (local grocery store) because you get alot of fruit for a cheap price. It´s cheaper to buy this 600g bag.. rather than buying 300g of mango separately. So again, you get alot of fruit for a low cost, especially when you eat alot.. I take two of those So the recipe is pretty basic, and I make it every day: Two bags (250g of frozen fruit) and 4 dl of orange juice. Okey… It does really fit everything so you have to use some force, (Now will be a good time to cover your ears, except you Viggo!) Two things that are great for your health: Grounding and of course.. Sunshine! Vitamin D I always start my workouts with some active decompression, to stretch the spine, and make more between the discs. Very good for back relief. Moving on to some dumbbell stuff Get some rotation going on, shoulders, arms etc. So in this workout Christian and I did 1 muscle up + 1 straight bar dip for a 15 min EMOM and.. We ended up with 15 total MU and 30 total dips. Then we did some pullups and.. other exercises afterwards. This is an exercise for the thoracic back, postural muscles, rear delts. It´s very good because you get alot of rotation with it. Continuing to Seesaw press I try to implement rotation in almost every exercise I do It makes it much more functional and you train more of the core. You also get alot of shoulders and triceps on this one. I like to always finish my workouts with some explosive stuff. Today I ended up with some medball side throws. Very good for the abs! And that concludes today´s vlog. Drank another smoothie after training, and I will also eat a mango. And maybe.. if I bother some.. apples! Time will show. And then, the mandatory stuff at the end.. I appreciate all shares, likes and comments 🙂 If you have any questions.. write them below or.. contact me on instagram ↑ Thanks alot for watching! See you next time!

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  1. Blir spennende å følge med på reisen din Kent. Spesielt mtp at dette var første episode! Her bør det bli noe subs utover høsten synes jeg! 💪🙏

  2. Jeg abonnerer så definitivt. Dette blir spennende å følge. Tøft! Spørsmål har du noen tanker rundt faste da mener jeg både våt faste og tørr faste .. har det noen effekt med tanke på diabetes tror du? Eller kan det gjøre vondt verre?

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