Keith Clinic – Stretching Exercise #3 – SCM Stretch

Keith Clinic – Stretching Exercise #3 – SCM Stretch

Hello, I’m Dr. Chad Robertson with the Keith Clinic and we’re talking about stretches for the neck and shoulder. I’m here with Kaitlyn and we’re going to demonstrate the stretch for the sternocleidomastoid
which is a fancy term for the SCM muscle. which runs from the collarbone right up
through the front and incerts on the skull behind the ear. It’s a very
commonly overworked muscles because we tend to slouch our heads forward and look with our chins is pointed out If we’re on a computer those muscles tend to get very
tight and create a lot of neck pain and has a lot of innervation; there are a lot of
nerves to that muscle so there’s a lot of things that people feel that muscle’s tight. So to streatch that muscle, what we want to do is Katy, I’m going to have you slide your strap to the side just a little bit She’s going to take her left arm and place it on
the collarbone by placing it on the collarbone, she’s going to create a nice anchor for the stretch because the muscle attaches to the collarbone. So she’s going to
place a little bit of firm pressure on her collarbone downward towards her
waist. And then what she’s going to do is with her neck she’s gonna turn away from the
side that she wishes to stretch. She’s gonna bring her head backwards into extension and the last part of the stretch is going to jut her jaw forward by
pushing her jaw forward she’s gonna create a little bit more tension on that muscle. She’s going to hold this stretch to the point of discomfort but never pain for about 30
seconds. And here at the Keith Clinic we like to do both sides, three times If you do this stretch a couple times a day you might notice a lot less tension in the front of your neck.

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  1. Yeah, this is wrong. SCM does contralateral rotation so you should be turning toward the side being stretched. Turning away shortens the muscle, turning toward elongates and stretches the muscle.

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