Kids Meet a Guy with Muscular Dystrophy | Cut

Kids Meet a Guy with Muscular Dystrophy | Cut

– Would you wanna be in a
wheelchair all the time? – No.
– Yes. – Yes? – Then my feet would never get tired. – Never get tired. (cheerful music) Hi. – [Crystal] Hi. – My name is Amine. – It’s nice to meet you, Amine. I’m Crystal.
– Nice to meet you. – Georgia. – Georgia, nice to meet you. – Desmond. – Desmond, Amine, you can go stronger. (laughing) You guys know why you’re here? (mumbling) – Yeah, you can look at me. Is there anything you guys wanna ask me? – You ask him questions. – Why are you in a wheelchair? You look like a pretty strong dude. – Strong, I have muscular dystrophy. It causes my muscles
to get weak over time. – Okay.
– Oh no. – That sounds really, really, really bad. – Can you walk? – No, I can’t walk. – How do you go to the bathroom? – Number one or number two? (laughing) – Man, I was thinkin’ that
when I first came in here. – Stand up, pull my pants down. (laughing) Do my business. – Have you ever fallen? – Yes, actually I did once. I fell kind of between the
toilet and the bathroom. – Ouch.
– Ooh. – Yeah. – How do you get dressed? – Like, do you guys
get help from your mom? – Yeah.
– No. – No? – I don’t. – That is a total lie. – I have an assistant who comes every morning around six a.m. Helps me with my socks,
my pants, my shirt. – So, they come to your
house before you wake up. You don’t have your door locked? – They have a key. – What are the perks of
being in a wheelchair? – You get really good parking. – Yeah, there’s wheelchair parking. – I get to go through the TSA– – Oh really?
– Faster. – When we’re going everywhere, we have to wait in a giant security line. – It’s really annoying. – Can you swim? – I don’t know how to swim. – Could you still play tag? – No. – I’m not really good at
tag, but I can still play. What are you lookin’ at? My hands? What do you think of my hands? – They’re really long. – Are the muscles in your
fingers deteriorating as well? – Yeah, it’s because the muscles here are deteriorating faster
than the muscles here. – [Kids] Oh! – So these muscles are actually strong, so I can do that, but
I can’t lift my wrist. – Oh no. – Yeah. – How do you drink bottle? – You mean because of my hands? – [Man In White] Do you
wanna hand it to him and then he can show you? – Thank you. Open it up. – How do you move around? – Wheelchair. – Oh. – She knows. – Can you go fast? – Seven and 1/2 miles
per hour at top speed. – Okay. – But it’s not the safest thing. You guys wanna see? – Yeah. – You guys’ toes protected? – Yeah. – Yeah. I can spin around. – Whee! I want to try. – You wanna try? – Yeah. – Can she? – [Man In Gray] One, two, three. – [Amine] Careful, don’t run
over your brother’s toes. – I do. – All right, all right, easy, easy. – We thought he was gonna fall. – [Desmond] Oh jeez! – What do you do for a living? – I am a dating coach. Are you dating anyone? – Nope. – You advise couples maybe? – I advise singles. – Oh!
– Oh really? – Yeah. – So they can find love? – So they can find love, yeah. – Have you been in love? – I have been in love
with a woman I dated. – You went on a date before? – Uh huh. Do you know what dating is? – Yes.
– Yes, you tell him. – No, you! – I am not sayin’ a word. – Any cuties in first
grade that you wanna date? (laughs) – Our dad says that we can’t date until we’re in high school. – How old are you guys? – [Girl] We’re 11. – Do you guys wanna date now? – [Both] No! – Guess how many dates I’ve been on. – Four. – Four? – One. – One? – Two. – Two? You guys have a lot of faith in me. I’ve been on more than 40 dates. (laughing) – Whoa! Have any of them lasted a long time? – About five. – Has anybody gotten really mad
when you broke up with them? – Yes, one girl. – Give us all the juicy details. – We went on one date,
we kissed a little bit, and things got a little physical. I told her the next day
that I had a great time, but I wasn’t really
interested in continuing. She wrote me back that I
should be ashamed of myself. – That’s so mean. – Yeah. – No. – You’re, uh, hm. (laughing) – Do you wish you can walk? – Sometimes I do. – Does it ever get worse? – Yeah, to walk, to move around,
to work, all those things. – What if you lift
weights, can you stop it? – It slows the process a little bit, but they still tend to– – Do that. – Waste away, yeah. – Should we feel bad for you? – No, I still get to enjoy life. There’s a lotta things I
can do with a little bit of adjustment that make
me pretty happy too. – Really? – Yeah, and a lot of things that might be more challenging for me
to do, I think I get to enjoy them more because it’s
more of a journey to get there. – That’s really good. – Yeah. (cheerful music)

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  1. Funny thing about muscular Dystrophy it effects every muscle in your body including the heart. But the only muscle that has no effect is your sphincter

  2. i love how people with diseases are so happy in life, they enjoy life the best that they can ,i wish some people realize how worthy life is

  3. I love 4:16–4:25 because the boys reaction was a polite way of saying “Bitch 😒" 😁 It's so cute!

  4. My parents are in a biker thing for Harley Davidson and we go on bike rides for MDA which is where we ride to raise money for people that have muscular dystrophy

  5. I'd be driving around in a wheelchair god damn the life is shit lets do:


  6. i know someone with Muscular Dystrophy and it makes me really sad to see him growing less and less strong and hes getting sadder just because he cant be a normal person 🙁

  7. Hey hit me up i am 16 living with MD and would love to be on cut and if not me my 21 year old brother if u dont believe me hit me up

  8. "all right, all right. Easy, easy"
    Weelchair speeds up
    "Oh jeez!!!"

    Love how they are so respectful and he is so patient aswell

  9. Not trying to sound rude, but he reminds me of the Reverse Flash, because of the sound of his voice and his body build

  10. OMG… my favorite one…..I wish this video could have been longer. I have Muscular Dystrophy and there are 40 neurological MDs. I believe this gentleman has SMA …. the same as myself and my brother. My brother passed at 42,never walked. I can still walk “very”short distances. These young children are so very lucky to meet so many wonderful individuals and experience many wonderful things!

  11. They’re so polite🥺 and man Muscular dystrophy is one of the worst diseases/ conditions in my opinion it just makes me really sad because it’s just so slow progressing and just slowly destroys your body☹️

  12. 1:43 I just realized those were those twin boy and girl… puberty hit them like damn they’re so tall and their voices are different and everything

  13. This is a bit hard to watch, my aunt was sick with muscular dystrophy for a really long time. She passed last year. She lived a long time with the sickness, and I'm thankful for that but it's still hard to see this

  14. The twins are same ages as me. They look so giant. They're so tall! I thought they were 15-17. But there only 11. Now they're 13. Like wtf! So tall!

  15. OK I know that girl was just a little girl and wasn’t trying to say anything but the fact that she said she wanted to be in every wheelchair so that if you wouldn’t get Stewart just imagine being in a wheelchair all the time and wishing your feet could get sore

  16. The guy is so nice and polite, but guys he will suffocate because his respiratory muscles will break down… 😳😣

  17. I don't have muscular dystrophy but I donate monthly to help find the cure for it. I assume we will find it before 2025 considering there is already a treatment for a similar disease. The only way to help cure it is to donate. Donate my generous brothers and sisters!

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