Knee Bursitis Stretches & Exercises (Pes Anserine, Suprapatellar, Prepatellar, Infrapatellar)

Knee Bursitis Stretches & Exercises (Pes Anserine, Suprapatellar, Prepatellar, Infrapatellar)

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the Internet, in our opinion of course. Knee bursitis stretches and exercises We’re also going to go over whether or not we think you have it, we’ll show you little ways to tell, a little way to diagnose at home Yeah, we’ll talk about the four main bursitis’ that you could have in your knee. There’s PES anserine That’s a big muscle. Suprapatellar, prepatellar, and infrapatellar. Really not that hard to show here We’re gonna show them on my knee here, so you got to put up with that Brad Let’s just see what happens. All right by the way before I go any further and now that I got my knee out If you are new to our Channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain free, and we upload everyday Also, if you get a chance, go over to Facebook and “like” us because Brad and I as children were not liked. It’s really quite sad and now we’re trying to turn around. It’s all coming back now It’s getting better. What goes round, no that’s not the right word All right, let’s show where the bursa is. Well first what is a bursa? That’s a big thing because you hear the term bursitis and people I think get over excited about it Some people actually say I got bursa in my knee, but it’s actually bursitis. You’ve got bursas all over your body, around your joints They’re fluid-filled sacs, so this might be somewhat of a representation of it And it’s between the bone and the soft tissues, so it helps to act as shock absorbers Or it helps the tendons glide over the bone it just makes everything work really well. if you think like a tendon going over a bone and the tendon is rubbing over the bone, after a long time it would wear out, like a rope getting frayed going over the edge of a piece of wood, where you put the bursa on there and You got some lubricant and then It goes lovely and it lasts for your whole lifetime, as long as it doesn’t get irritated And That actually brings it to one of the reasons Why it might hurt is because if you have overuse, like they call jumper’s knee and you jump jump jump And after a while the bursa gets irritated. I like the example you brought up before we were talking, someone whose putting flooring and carpet layering, that kind of thing, where they’re on their knees all the time, working on those Yeah, we’ll talk about that. Let’s show where they’re at first so we’ve got four of them so Supra means above, patella is the kneecap, supra is above. So you got one right here. I don’t think it’s that big And then you got one pre patella that’s right in front of the patella, so it’s right on the kneecap itself Hope this isn’t gonna be hard to get off. Don’t worry about it You can just pull your pant leg over. Then there’s infrapatellar, so that’s one right below the knee. Infra meaning below and Then you have PES anserine and that’s right in here Did you look up where that word comes from? Yes, it means goosefoot. Goosefoot? Yeah PES. So there’s three muscles that come together here Brad one two Three and they form like a goose foot. You are an artist Bob Sartorius, Samba tendonosis, and gracilis I’ve done my homework. So here’s the four bursas that can give you trouble and One possibility is trauma. So like if you were doing a sporting event, you landed hard on your knee You might go ahead and inflame that bursa itself I think I did that to my knee in wrestling once. That’s the other one is an occupational thing and that’s what you eluded to before. If you’re what they call a clergyman’s knee, a priest Probably a Catholic, they do a lot of kneeling, and then also I’ve heard it called housemaid’s knee, and yeah if you’re a wrestler, it certainly could happen that way I knew a therapist that got this because we did a lot of work with patients on mats and he’d be kneeling a lot if you lay tile or if you lay Carpet all those things make sense don’t they? When you’re down On your knees working on over and over yeah, and then like we said if you get an overuse injury We’re like you’re constantly using this tendon like with the jumpers knee you can inflame the the bursts all along with it I would think if you had to go up and down steps a lot. It may be a good indicator Now there’s also a chance a lesser chance that you have an infection in the knee now that would you generally would have to break through the skin somehow to get it into the bursa. Now you were mentioning Brad, how if you had a knee replacement And you were starting getting some redness like this you definitely need to see the doctor for that. when you get artificial parts or foreign parts introduced to your knee, They attract the infections. You don’t even have to cut through the skin it can like dental work You know you can get an infection and you replace them. Yeah, so if you’ve got redness around that knee and warmth and you have a replaced knee, even a few years ago and all been going good you better see a doctor to tell whether or not you have bursitis. To tell if you have bursitis, are you tender here or here here, or here? I mean especially here This is a common one because I’m off the knee joint im down below here. That’s quite often PES anserine bursitis So what do you do? You can do ice You put put ice pack on there you can use an anti-inflammatory. Ibuprofen something of that nature. if you Have an infection you obviously you do an antibiotic if it gets bad, and you know it’s really swollen up They might stick a needle in there and take some of that fluid out of there. If it’s really bad They sometimes do surgery and actually take the burst out. But we’re going to show you stretches today. Stretches and strengthening that helped the need generally with bursitis So let’s get started with that. Okay, then the first one is The calf believe it or not goes all the way up into the knee and so it’s always good to stretch that .I’m going to show one way to do it you can take a towel or Some people take a dog leash we got the yoga strap here Which will list down below in our products a section of Amazon, but you can go ahead I always like to put it right where the tag is here and You can hook through the loops here real nicely, and you can just pull toward you here, and there you got this good calf stretch. Getting a nice stretch like Bob said the calf muscle Goes all the way up actually crosses over the knee Okay, you want to show on your board there Brad? I personally really am a big fan of the incline board for stretching. Like this and you can relax and put all your weight on that leg Straighten the knee out and you get a nice stretch, and it’s very easy and easy to relax If there are a runner especially and you stretch every day like that. That’s a great one to have Even if you’re a walk or one way or another And make sure you get the right angle around 20/25 degrees I find that most people is the best angle. Alright then we’re gonna go right into a hamstring stretch Brad, so same thing we can do it with a towel or belt I’m gonna go ahead and bring it up what I like about this brad is I can I got the loops here I can actually push down and then relax push down and then relax And the knee being straight is critical if you bend the knee it takes the hamstring out of it You don’t get as effective as a stretch, and I do this one every morning did it this morning already Brad Alright next one is the quad stretch Brad now you can do this one without the band or with the band very Easy way to do is just lay on your side And you just grab onto the ankle like this and pull it back now if your way up like this You’re not getting a quad stretch You got to pull it way back like this. So if you look down and you can see your knee out in front of your Stomach it’s too far back. You can up pull it behind it and you’ll feel that stretch When you do that. Now you can do it with the band I mean you, can you can hook it up, and put it around your foot. It’s just a little more complicated then lay on your stomach, and you can pull like this. I like doing this one You got some pretty good leverage there, and you know it laid flat forces You to have good mechanics in your hip all right next one is hip adductors Brad, and this is especially important for for the PES anserine So basically, you’re going to sit like this You can use your elbows here Brad and push down like this and lean forward. ooh. I really feel that one I do it laying down flat on my back And I probably should do it this way because I can feel it is stretching more All right, I think that’s it for the stretches Brad now. We’re gonna go ahead and show strengthening We’ll do a straight leg to start off with Thanks, Bob Okay So this is working the quadriceps and this is Harder than it looks if you do it properly, so this leg is just supporting It’s best to have the opposite leg up in this position And I’m gonna come up to here and go back down, but not rest it I’m gonna go about two or three inches from the floor or the table and come back up And then if you want to get more aggressive you can start doing It’d be like a plyometric and you can definitely feel those clouds working again The knees gonna stay straight while you’re doing this if you do this for 20 to 30 reps You’re gonna need the rest I can guarantee you. All right So the bottom leg is gonna be bent this one’s gonna be straight, and we’re not gonna bring the leg out here It’s gonna be straight in line, and I’m gonna work toes pointed straight forward This is this is what most people like to do because your body normally takes the easy way out And that’s a lot easier than the hip adduction And you’re gonna feel that’s right up here Those hips are going to be working nicely and into that IT band strengthening that across the knee Well you can do a hip adduction too So we’re switching from leg to leg here now. We’re strengthening this leg we were strengthening this one, so we’re doing the outside now We’re doing that groin muscle the inside adducter. That’s the muscles that come into that PES anserine bursitis so We can strengthen those muscles Yeah, that’s that goose foot again. Is that a latin term? Usually it is with medical terminology. Call up one of your Latin friends and let me know. All right hip extension Well while you’re in this position why don’t you do clamshells. And this is going to work that hip where the posterior fibers of that hip adductor. And again 10 to 15 repetitions of all these is typically a good number. I’m feeling that work right now right there I think that’s actually enough Brad Yeah, when you take a break when you’re sleeping, especially if you have PES anserine bursitis and you’re sleeping on your side you want to take pressure off that Bursa by putting a pillow in between your legs. I personally like todouble up. Thanks. Everybody take care. You

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  1. The position you are discussing has several names. Here they are!

    Dancer: “First position, turned out seated”

    Yogi: “bound angle/badha konasana”

    Athlete: “sit on the floor bottoms of feet together” 🤣

    thanks so much you two! 💕 the vids!

  2. You guys rock! Thank you SO MUCH for what you both do.
    As a competitive runner I am always looking for prehab exercises (and rehab when needed!).
    You are definitely helping lives.

  3. Looks like I may have pes anserine. Tried the self tests in the meniscus symptoms video but fairly sure it's bursitis. Been really painful for about 7 weeks now. Been taping, ice, elevation and rest. tried cycling at gym as cannot walk without pain. Hurts like hell pressing on that part.
    Happened ever since I was seated in a cramped position in a plane for 7 hours as there was no injury I can recall. Blood tests neg on any DVT.

  4. Ive had a really bad prepatellar bursitis and the worst thing i could have done is to flex my knee to irritate it more. your exercises would make it worse. I like watching your videos as i learn some stuff but i will also be careful not to apply everything you preach. thanks for doing it though

  5. This just happened to me last night and I have to have my knee in a splint because the bursa might get inflamed- what are extra precautions I need to take to make sure I don’t have problems with my bursa. The doctor said “this cut went all the way down and exposed your bursa”. I still don’t understand it completely, but what’s your advice. I can’t upload pics but I fell down four steps onto concrete directly above my knee cap and flew about 5 feet and somehow ended up on my back. So I have 14 stitches and I’m in a splint.

  6. Fellas, why do you recommend a bent knee groin stretch? Gracilis crosses the knee, so shouldn't one do a straight knee groin stretch?

  7. I'm sure I have minor inflammation on the inside of my knee from training. How long does it usually take to recover before I can start running etc?

  8. It's so hard to explain knee bursitis to people who've never had it themselves. Everyone has bad advice, based on someone they know who had a meniscus tear or arthritis or some other injury, that is totally unrelated. Thank you for this video.

  9. Recently had sciatic pain after that I feels a knee bones hitting together sensation on right knee whenever I walked faster with any footwear with even a small heel , if walk in flat foot ware or bare foot no difficulty, can u plz tell why this was happen

  10. Hello. If you had a knee replacement, hould you take antibiotics every time you have dental work? I heard yes but was also told only take them the first two years after the replacement. Thanks

  11. I just got bursitis on my left, knee how long is the recovery? I workout so not sure this cause this can you help me my doctor wants to do x-ray and I work standing for 8 hours not sure if that cause it as well. This is my email [email protected] , also can I still preform what you guys are doing. This really sucks for me bc I'm very active person and it's frustrating can you guys help me

  12. Is this possible to be caused by a bad sprain? I have a confirmed MCL partial tear and meniscus tear. Other ligaments are intact. Over 4 weeks later I'm still very swollen just below the knee cap. I have had a history of patella tendonopathy. Weird thing is the swelling feels quite solid and not tender

  13. Thanks for the info gents. I took a blow to the inside of my left knee a few months back doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It's a form of wrestling with lots of use of the legs and clamping arms, legs and necks with knees is a big part of it. I have a floating lump in the area of the Pes Anserine bursa. Not entirely sure if the lump is the bursa per se or a new appendage cause by the trauma. I didn't take it very seriously but it hasn't cleared and keeps flaring up. It can be very tender but sometimes the lump is there with no pain. The jiu jitsu actually means my legs are very strong because we make all the movements you showed. I find I have to use massage balls to work all the hip and glute muscles or they become quite sore. I just started icing and it looks like I will need to take some time off. I couldn't go to jiu jitsu for a week and the lump was shrinking so a rest cure looks like what I have to do.

    I am thinking about cycling on the basis that is is light load and will stimulate blood flow around the knee. Just wondering if you have an opinion on that?
    Thanks again guys.

  14. After an ortho doc. diagnosed me with Pes Anserine Bursitis, I wasn't able to get in to PT for two weeks. I was in a lot of pain and it was very frustrating having to wait for some relief. I have arthritis and chronic pain from CRPS. At first I couldn't do the exercises because of the pain. Even anti-inflammatory meds. (ibuprofen, advil, and eventally I tried Meloxicam) weren't helping. The only things that helped me were ice and pain patches. I started doing your exercises, after icing really well first, and eventually they started to help. I think it's important to emphasize getting the pain calmed down before starting the stretches.Thank you so much!!

  15. Curious, could poor heel arch support or type of shoe cause the pes anserine bursitis? I have not had pain until getting a new pair of shoes and then walking /hiking 14 miles only to develop this pain. Also interesting enough, I also wearout my shoes soles on the outside edges always and I am a bit knee knocked is what I call it, twisted knees, when my feet are angled out especially the right knee my knees look straight, when right foot is turned straight forward, my right knee is turned in. I think this new shoe exacerbated this to where it eventually caused pain. I also notice I "lock" my knees alot when standing.I ice sometimes, wear a cloth knee "brace" and have started your exercises. Thank you for the video; I hope it helps so I can begin more rigorous activity again.

  16. Hi. Thank you so much. I learnt a lots of things from your video. I'm doing practice for Tata Mumbai Marathon. But suddenly in last 15-17 days I observed If I put a Palm or fingers on the side of the knee I feel a noise during leg folding. It's very painful when I do it after running 10-12 kilometre. Normally it's fine. When I start to run after reached 10-12 kilometre I can't run run. It's happening last few days, never happened in my life like this. Even I did 30-32 kilometre . What should I do ? Only left 9 days for marathon.

  17. Are there any supplements you recommend for bursitis ? Also will it heal on its own, is there an average amount of time it takes to heal?


  18. Dr Bob and Brad, I just had a steroid injection into two of bursa on the knee (the goose foot one). How long do you think I should wait before I begin back my physio? I don't feel the relief that my doctor spoke about yet. He said within hours I could see it. But not so much yet – walking, getting up from a chair and standing still hurts. Should I just rest and ice it as much as I can and then restart my physio? Also my doctor recommended swimming and paddling on a stationary bike? What do you think? Hope to hear everyone's comments and advice.

    I have been having bursitis for about 11 months. Just got the shots yesterday.

    God bless.

    From: Molly, 25, Malaysia

  19. I’m in the middle of watching & listening, but have a question(s). My right knee has been a problem for several years. I’ve had several steroid shots in the goose foot bursa. My last shot was almost 2 years ago, because the area of the injection hurt like no other for weeks/months….. I’ve had the series of three visco-supplementation shots, which were totally ineffective. In addition, my knee was x-rayed and I got the diagnosis of chondromalacia (sp?). Different varieties of knee braces (drugstore to orthopedic) are pretty much useless because they inevitably slip. Therefore I use KT Tape to help stabilize mt knee…I now own stock in the company due to the amount I’ve used. 😳 Yes, I am quite a bit overweight but far from immobile….my desire is to become much more mobile if I can get my bursitis pain & swelling under control (I’ll take it at a tolerable level, what it is now is borderline unbearable after sitting or laying down for more than a few minutes. The knee bursitis is coupled with the Achilles/ heel pain—-much of the time on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being OMG I need drugs!!), the pain can be 12 to 15!!! 😖😖😖 Watched you video on heel/Achilles pain. So I’ve been doing the massage while watching this. I’m going to rewatch, take notes & continue with everything you’ve outlined there as well as here. The massage did go from the oh that hurts to the sort of numb feeling you described. Are the knee & heel problems in anyway connected, related or a one causing the other situation? Thanks so much for your informative yet lighthearted videos l I certainly appreciate them and all of the effort that you put into your channel

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