Knee Pain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Knee Pain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo. I’ve been
getting a lot of questions about knee pain. Knee pain is actually probably the second
most common thing that we see next to back pain. And that simply because you can get
that OA in there. And when I say OA I don’t mean old age. It actually stands for Osteoarthritis.
And you can even start getting that as early as 25 to 30 years old. So when you start feeling
some aching in your bones and your joints and your knee, these are some stretches you can
do to kind of work it out a little bit. And remember, once you stretch you need to strengthen.
Already let’s get started with some of the stretches. The first thing I’m gonna have
you do is I’m gonna have you straighten out your leg. We’re gonna work out the joint
a little bit, get some movement in there and get it loosened up. So we’re gonna bring out
our trusty belt, or dog leash if you have one, I usually take off my shoes for this
one casue it’s gonna help you slide a little bit. If you need a towel underneath you can
do that, doing it in bed seems to help a lot because it’s a little more slick on your
sheets so you’ll get a little more movement. I’m gonna have you put the belt around your
foot, anywhere that’s comfortable, and your gonna bring your knee up. If you need a little
help, a little over pressure stretch, that’s what the belt is for. So you’re just gonna
kind of slide it up, get a good bend in there. And just a little pause with this one, maybe
just a 5 to 10 second pause, and then you’re gonna come back down. But the movement in
the join is what’s gonna loosen it up, so you wanna do this continuously. A little pause
at the top, maybe you can go a little further the next time, and then come back down. So
you wanna do that about 8 or 10 times, really getting that joint moving. And then stretching
it as far as you can, and coming back down. Now we’re going to move the kneecap around
a little bit. This is your patella, they might call it a patella, you might say “say what?”,
but it’s basically your knee cap on top. The key to moving around your kneecap is that
your leg has to be relaxed. If you’re squeezing your muscles tight, that’s pushing it down
into your joint and it’s not gonna move, so you really want your leg to be relaxed,
you can kind of hit it a little bit that helps those muscles relax a little bit. And all
you’re gonna do is your just gonna start moving it back and forth, side to side. That’s
the first one. The first couple times it might be hard, it’s not knowing what’s going
on, so your muscles are tightening up a little bit, you can push pretty hard, getting that
movement in there. Go side to side a little bit, and you can go front to back a little
bit. You’re just moving it back and forth. If you have some osteoarthritis in there you
might feel a little bit of crunching going on. That’s ok. That’s what we call crepitus,
and that’s just that arthritis in there. You keep moving it as much as you can. This
importance of this is the patella is connected to your quadricep tendon up here, and your
patellar tendon down there. Those, if they’re tight, push that kneecap down and you’re
not gonna get as much bend in your knee. So the key here is to get that kneecap moving,
and then you’ll have more room to bend that knee if it’s feeling really tight. Back
and forth. Up and Down. Ok. So now we’re just gonna do some stretches of the muscles.
You’ve got the joint loosened up a little bit, no we’re gonna stretch out those muscles
a little bit. I’m gonna have you bring back out your belt, and we’re gonna this time
put it around the balls of our feet. So not your toes, but just below your toes, right
on the ball there, and you’re gonna keep your leg straight. This is gonna stretch out
our calf muscle underneath. The calf actually, those tendons kind of cross the knee so you
really wanna get those stretched out. You’re gonna relax your foot, and you’re gonna
pull it towards you as much as you can. Now if your knee starts bending a little bit,
then you’re pulling too hard and your changing the muscle your stretching. So you want that
leg to be straight. And you’re gonna pull. And of course this is a stretch so you wanna
hold if for 30 seconds and you wanna do it three times each. Ok. Just relax. And then
pull it again. The next one is a hamstring stretch. The hamstring has many different
ways that you can stretch it, so I’m just gonna show you one, but we do have a video
of hamstring stretches, a bunch of different ways, so if this one doesn’t feel comfortable
for you, or it hurts too much, go check out hamstring stretching and you can pick out
the one that’s best suited for you. Because it doesn’t really matter, they’re all
stretching the hamstring, so if you like one better than the other, you can do that one.
But what you’re gonna do, is your gonna bring the opposite leg up. And you’re gonna
keep your leg straight. The key here is you don’t want to curl your back. If you’re
culing your back trying to touch your toes, you’re not really stretching your hamstrings
because your hamstrings are connected to your pelvis. So you really need to move your pelvis
when you’re going. You wanna keep your back straight, and just lean forward. I’m getting
more of a stretch in my hamstrings here, than when I’m bending down to here. So remember
you wanna keep your back straight, and you wanna bend at your pelvis. And this stretch,
30 seconds, three times each. Ok. Now the last one I’m gonna have you do is I’m
gonna have you turn over onto your stomach and we’re gonna stretch out your quad muscle.
Alright? So where we go. I’m gonna have you take your belt again and make a little
loop in it. Your gonna put the loop around your foot right here, and you’re gonna tighten
it up. And so what you gonna do is your gonna bring it around your shoulder, this is the
key, and your gonna pull on that strap until you feel a good stretch on the front thigh
part of your leg where that quadriceps muscle is. Now most people aren’t gonna be able
to touch their bottom like this, so you might be right here. That’s fine. You want that
stretch to be a good tension stretch, you want pressure, but remember you don’t want
it to be painful. So you’re gonna pull and your gonna hold it for 30 seconds, three time
each. Alright, so there you have it those are your knee stretches. And that’s to help
out with that OA, not old age, but osteoarthritis. So if you like those stretches, please click
the “like” button and leave us a comment. And if you’d like to see some more exercise
videos or some educational videos, please check me out at and remember:
Be Safe. Have Fun. And I hope you feel better soon!

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    Working through my recovery I went away from jogging lightly to swimming. I workout my legs and for a few weeks now began working on my stretching. My question is why is that if I’m walking on my feet too long the back muscles calf and ham close to the back of my knee tend to feel a tad bit stiffer? And if I sit down to rest and get up later some of those symptoms are gone? If I could get past this stiffness or swelling maybe? I’d like to think I would almost be back to 100%. Prior to this years and years back I could tell that when I would do the stair master the bad knee side of my body the same glute muscle just felt tighter. Lately I began on stretching that as well. Thanks in advanced.

  3. at lower pole of patella in my knee do you think this could be a problem because I don't have knee pain it just I did xray only because my left knee made sounds sometimes?

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  7. Dear Dr. Jo,
    My name is Adam, and I have been playing the drums for the majority of my life… really can't imagine my life without music and my drum set. Which has resulted in me getting ulnar nerve entrapment a few years ago, which is why I first started watching your videos. As someone who has always had to be my own Doctor (America's Healthcare system is SHIT) I really appreciate everything you have done for me, even if you don't realize. You are amazing! Thanks so much!

  8. Thank You Dr. Jo! My right knee has been bothering me. Sore and hurts to move it. I just completed these stretches and feel a big difference. Thank you again. Douglas

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    so plz give me good advise plz 919829788930

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    and when i go to review about my leg he suddenly bent my knee joint and he says do physio therapy and some exercises
    still no flex improvement on my leg please help me madam ..
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    Yours' tutorials are certainly helpful.
    It helped me to gain quadriceps strength. Unfortunately even after 1.5 years of my left leg transverse patella fracture surgery, I m not able to run .
    Please guide me to the exercises and habits I need to add to my regime ,so that I can start running .
    Thanks .

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  21. Wow, this really worked for me. I had a hard time squatting on my leg, I just did the routine one rep as I watched the vid, and I can now squat pain free, and my knee wasn't nearly as tight.

  22. I started morning walk since September 2018 but few days before i started feel pain in my knees and feet can you tell me what to do and should i continue my walk…..pls reply Dr

  23. Doctor Jo , if after full knee replacement you have pain at the back of the knee. Almost like a baker's cyst. Why is it happening and what exercises should I do?  Thank you.

  24. I had in July repaired meniscus both lateral n medial. While doing that excise with the strap laying on the floor on stomach. Inside my knee clicks and very painful. I'm going to have a revision knee surgery (arthroscopic). ,1st surgery didn't help me any, any suggestions here. Btw my knee has been popping n following painful MRI came back negative?! My PT felt n heard it popped too thanks love the video here

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  28. Would you explain why you use a belt to work the knee and ankle joints? Why could one not just bend them with one's muscles, pulling the heel towards one's butt, for instance, or the toes towards one's knee? Thanks for this, and the hip bursitis video – very helpful!

  29. Thank you so much Joe. My knee has been grinding for the longest time. I haven't been stretching at all after graduating highschool so I think my tightness is playing into the grinding. Thanks!

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  31. My knee collapses occasionally. I wear a stretch brace which stops it from happening, but I can't wear it all the time. I am trying these exercises and will see if they help.

  32. My left knee the bottom part hurt because I jump so hard playing basketball and I’m trying to see how I can stretch it, help please?

  33. That was incredible! I am starting to train for an A.T. section hike next year and I've gone from being relatively sedentary to fairly active pretty suddenly. I have noticed some relatively intense pain in my right knee after even mild work, and when I started this series of stretches and you mentioned the crunching in the knee (and here is my right knee crunching away) my mind was blown. This video has been very helpful in helping me plan my physical prep routine for my hike. THANK YOU!!!

  34. I just got into powerlifting. I hsve had knee pain my whole life. Squatting has really made my chronic knee pain worse. I hope these things help

  35. I used to run a lot, but have switched to more heavy lifting. Barbell deadlifts, back and front squats, etc. I still do run or do some sort of cardio but not as much. I was having bad side knee pain and I was pretty positive it was from tight muscles from not stretching properly. I just this this whole workout On both my legs and the sore knee feels so much more lose and less sore! I added a little to the pull back going from side to side slow. Thank you for sharing!! A like and subscribe from me for this!!

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  37. I just got accident with both leg are broken.. Luckily my left leg is already cure where only my thumb toe are broken… Mbut my right leg.. With is the knee.. Have a serious problem.. My patella tendon are broken.. So, i already having an operation on my knee.. Sadly.. My knee cannot bend like usual.. Do you have any tips how to bend my knee.. Now, i only manage to bend my knee until around 85 to 90°..

  38. Dear
    knee pain and exercises took time from me 3 lectures in university. you dimostrated it in 7 minuts.

    like usual you are Amazing.

    thanks a lot,,,,

  39. If I had my menicus removed last summer why up to maybe 1.5 weeks ago starting having knee pain and hard to put weight on my knee?! Super sharp pain especially at night time and during work…work as a breakfast and lunch cook so it's pretty fast paced here. What happens next to me?!? I see the Dr on wed here. Will he perform another surgery on me?! Someone told me maybe a medial joint replacement?!? Hard to walk on it even straighten out too.

  40. When I sit on bed with my relax fully. After that I am feeling pain in nearly the joint of leg and hip. Or under butt's. From last 3 to 4 months. Please help mam

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