Knee Tendonitis Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Knee Tendonitis Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m gonna show you some stretches and exercises for knee tendonitis. Let’s get started. So let’s start off with some stretches. We’re gonna do a hamstring stretch first. You can stretch your hamstring a whole lot of different ways, but how I’m going to show you today is either with a strap, you can use a strap, a dog leash if you have one, a belt, or even a big towel. But something tight not those resistance bands. So just take the strap, if you have one with loops that works really really well cause you can kind of put it around your foot here, lie down on the ground, and I like to keep the other leg bent because that just take some pressure off of your back. Then keep your leg as straight as you can, try not to bend your knee, and then just pull your leg up with the strap. So you’re not really lifting it up, you’re pulling it up until you feel a stretch right here through your hamstrings. If you want more of a stretch, pull your toes up and that’ll kind of engage those calf muscles too, so you get a stretch throughout the whole leg. Hold that stretch for about 30 seconds, and then do three on each side. Then you’re going to stretch your quad muscles in the front. You can also stretch those a whole bunch of different ways, I’m going to show you how to do it lying on your stomach. So again taking the stretch strap or the leash, and then put it around your ankle. You’re gonna roll over onto your stomach, and take the strap and bring it around your shoulder here, and just pull as far as you comfortably can, bringing that heel towards your bottom. So again holding that stretch for about 30 seconds. You should feel the stretch in front of your leg now, that thigh area, and then do three of those on each side. After you do the stretches, you’re going to do some exercises lying down, and towards the end of the video I’m going to show you some awesome exercises with a resistive band standing up so stay tuned for those. But on the ground you do a straight leg raise. So again leave one side propped up so now you have a target to protect your back a little bit. Keep that leg nice and straight, pull your toes up to help lock it out, and then just come up to about even to the other side. So don’t take it all the way up, just to about here and slowly come back down. So you really want to control that leg and really work those muscles. If you go fast, you’re using momentum and not the muscles, so make sure you go nice and slow. So start off with just about 10 and then you can work your way up to 15 20. If those become easy, you can add just a light ankle weight on there. Then you’re going to roll over onto your side and do an abduction of your hips. So the bottom leg can be bent just a little bit, but you want the body to be in a straight line. So the top leg in your upper body should be nice and straight, you want to keep your legs nice and straight, again pull your toes up to help lock out that leg, and when you come up, you want to kind of lead with your heel. So it’s not coming up with your toes up, but almost with your heel up and make sure you go back just a little bit because some people come forward, but then you’re not working those outer muscles. So make sure you kick back behind you and come back down. So again nice and slow, controlled, toes almost pointed down, and just start off with about 10 of those and then you can work your way up. Even if you just have the tendonitis on one side, I do both sides for everything just to keep both sides working because sometimes you’re compensating a little bit and the good side gets a little irritated, over worked, so it’s always good to do both sides. Alright now going to stand up. So resistance band exercises are really good for tendonitis because what you want to do is work those muscles, but you don’t want to overwork them because that’s what’s already happened with the tendonitis. So using the band’s a great way to kind of get that happy middle ground of working it, but not working too much. So now you’re going to do a hip abduction with resistive band, so what you want to do you want to anchor the band. You can do that, you can anchor it on a doorway, you can wrap it around like a something sturdy, or you can have a mystery person hold onto it for you, but if you need a chair or something for balance go ahead and do that. Don’t feel like you have to do this without holding on because sometimes that band is going to be a little more than you think it is. Keep that leg nice and straight, and the same thing when you’re lying down, you want to keep your toes forward. A lot of times people want to kind of turn their legs like to do this way, but keep the toes forward and almost go out leading with your heel, but try to keep that leg locked out nice and straight. So you’re just going to kick out that way and come back in again. If you need something to hold onto, that’s fine because you want to go nice and controlled slow motion, making sure you’re controlling that band, that band is not controlling you. We’re going to start off with about 10 of them, and then you can work your way up from there. If 15, 20, 25 is easy, you can get a more resistant band. The next one is going to be extension, so hip extension, again keep that leg nice and locked out. Now you’re gonna be facing where the anchor is of the band, and then lock out that leg pull those toes up and then just kick back behind you. So if you get a little off balance, you might want something to hold on to, but make sure you keep your leg straight. You don’t have to kick back far, but try and keep that good slow controlled motion while you’re doing it. Again just starting off with about ten working your way up to 20 or 25. And the last exercise, I really like it’s really cool, is called TKE or terminal knee extension. So this time you bring the band kind of up to your knee right here. If you have a band, spread it out just a little bit so it’s not a right up in that little pocket of your knee. What you want to do, this one’s a little tough to figure out, but once you get it down, it’s pretty easy. You want to keep your foot on the ground but bring your heel up so your knee bends just a little bit, and then straighten it out. So that knee extension. We call a terminal knee extension, but again really control it, don’t snap it back, make sure you’re doing making those muscles do all the work. So see my toes stay down. I’m just kind of lifting my heel and then bringing it back down to give that knee extension in there. That’s a really good exercise for that knee tendonitis. So there you have it, those are your stretches and exercises for knee tendonitis. If you have and questions, leave them in the comment section. To check out more videos go to And remember, be safe, don’t let Remy keep biting you. Bye Bear. Have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Hey Dr. Jo! I've been doing bike trials and want to avoid injuries and imbalances​. In bike trials you are constantly bouncing in place hinging at the ankles, this creates a repetitive stretch in the calves which gives me some concern. Any tips to avoid injuries? Am I worried about nothing?

  2. Thanks again for the help Dr. Jo! One of my IT bands was angry for a day to the point of limping, but disappeared after two days of doing your videos.

  3. Dear Dr. Jo, thank you very much for your videos. You can't imagine how much you help me. 14 weeks after my patella fracture, with your exercises I have managed to reduce my knee pain. The physiotherapy at the hospital was not the best. I have tendinosis now. I'm trying to recover my knee with your exercises and they help. Not only for my knee, but for my soul too. I'm really grateful. Thank you again and best wishes!

  4. Thanks for the video. Would it be ok to do leg workout with the machines and stationary bike while recovering from knee tendinitis?

  5. Hi! when I am doing the standing exercises with the resistance band, why do I feel like I am working out more of the other leg than the one tied to the band?

  6. Dr. Jo how long can mild knee tendonitis take to heal? I am playing a tennis tournament in about two and a half weeks and want to be ready by then, hopefully.

  7. I can run on it with slight discomfort but it seams to hurt the most while I'm sitting and driving.I stretch, I foam roll it, rest it, bought new shoes, reducing running mileage, u name it, I've tried it

  8. Hi Dr. Jo

    I have had tendonitis on and off for the past couple years and I try my best to stretch but it just seems to come right back. Would you recommend doing this stretches every day and would you recommend certain leg workouts?

    Thank You

  9. Great resource! I think i injured one knee in an intense leg day. It’s bothered me for over a week and I’m so thankful I found this resource. Can’t wait to get back to running and lifting with this.

  10. Love, love, love your videos! You are awesome at explaining exactly what to do and what not to do. My only concern is could you explain the problem you are trying to fix? For example exactly what knee tendonitis is and what it feels like if you have it (symptoms) so we can tell if that is what we might be experiencing? That would help a lot (for those of us trying to diagnose ourselves! Ha ha!) I had microfracture done on my medial femoral chondile and the surgery went well, but my patella area now hurts. Doctor really stressed keeping leg straight at first, then biking after it healed. I'm wondering if I just need to do a lot of quad stretching because it was straight for so long. She said she did have to pass instruments through there and might have inflammation also. I had absolutely no problems in patella area before my surgery. Any thoughts?

  11. Is TKE safe for OA knees?

    Can you direct me to purchase of recommended stretch bands that support your channel. Thx

  12. Hi, I’ve been dealing with tendonitis for a while now. I’ll breifly explain when it started, around June 2017 I had quadricep tendonitis, it healed within 4-5 months. But I’m now dealing with patella since January 2018 (same knee and a little in my other). I’ve been stretching (due to being overly tight), massage therapy, physical therapist, and isometric work all have seemed to help a little bit it keeps flarring up. I do crossfit but have advoided squating, running, or intense movements that make it hurt. Is there anything I’m missing here, it’s very frustrating. If you can give any advice thank you.!

  13. Hi I recently visited my physio because of knee pain (due to overuse), I have patellar tendonitis in my left knee and plica irritation in both knees (it sucks), my PT recommend body weight half squats to start off again, after doing this for 2 days my knees are more painful than before. Any idea of how long I should put off squats and lunges and when I can incorporate them into my routine again?

  14. Dear Dr Jo, is a light compression sleeve/brace good for quadriceps tendinitis?
    And is massage a good idea? Thank you so much for your wonderful videos!

  15. Dear Dr. Jo.I just found your videos they are really helpful and refreshing knowledge!I'd like to share with you my clinical history about my left knee!One day i felt when i was at work like a small tendonitis feeling.Then the other day it wasn't there,But the same day i did a inward rotation movement and i felt like a blade penetrated my knee.After i didn't had any pain just liquid knee.I took anti-inflamatory and it became well after 10 days(3 days of the anti-inflamatory and 7 days of strengthen exercises)then for 1 month i was ok and i started feeling again instability in my knee(like i couldnt trust it).Then it started have some needle pains in times on in some exercises i did like lunges and squats.i stopped them and i went back to my strengthen exercises which i left too soon i think thats why it came back…And when i was actually fixing it without too much weights or anything i felt a GUNSHOT one day without any special movement in the tendon behind the knee..I don't know how are they connecting all of them i am trying to understand which factor to look like is it a posterior cruciform tear or a tendonitis….I wrote too much but i wanted to give you as many info as possible.If you can maybe give me a idea cause after that gunshot feeling behind the tendon i am a bit afraid of doing anything!thanks in advance!!

  16. thank you for your videos Dr. Jo, would these exercises apply for lower hamstring tendonitis?, in the tendons at the back of my knee.

  17. I have had knee tendonitis for 6 month now and it is very slow to heal. I play competitive tennis during weekends including tournaments. I do leg press with machines to strengthen my legs but that doesn't seem to help with knee tendontitis. if anything, makes it slightly worse with sore knees. Tennis puts tremendous pressure on your knees with side to side movement on the tennis courts. Would above excercises help me strengthen my knee so that tendonitis doesn't get worse or comeback ? Thank you

  18. This is great! I've been experiencing patellofemoral tendinitis which I believe it is and I do feel relief after doing the stretches and exercising. The pain is in lateral aspect of the left knee cap and it's only felt on prolonged squatting position. I am doing more of self-diagnose, however, on normal every activity doesn't cause the pain. Thank you for this video.

  19. I am a cyclist and I have knee tendonitis about 7 months. I saw a lot of doctor and they have given me some exercises. I did those exercises everyday and each day I did it for 2 or 3 times. I think tendonitis is tricky. My knee says ok, I can easily walk, bend my knee but when I put my foot on a pedal and ride a bike it comes back unfortunately. 14 days ago doctor recommends prp and I let him to do it. It relaxes my knee and let the pain go free but when I rode bike today and it happened again. Pain always comes. I went physiotherapy about 1 month and it didn't work either. Unfortunately my knee tendonitis is stubborn I guess. So what can I do? Resting, exercising, prp. I tried everything. I missed my healthy days.

  20. My Patellar tendon ligament and lateral collateral ligament are very painful. What do I need to stretch / or do I need to relieve the pain from pulling on these two areas

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