KT Tape: Neck and Shoulder

KT Tape: Neck and Shoulder

I’m Chris Harper, and with me here is John, and we’re here to demonstrate an application for neck pain. This when you have pain at the base and along the back of the neck. Some potential causes of this may be
stress, overuse such as sitting at a desk or computer throughout the day, looking
down while running, or repetetive motions. Some other causes may include car
accidents, sudden changes of direction, or
sleeping awkwardly. KT Tape helps treat this condition by
assisting in posture, relaxing muscles, relieving pressure to reduce pain, and may
increase circulation. So for this application, we’re going to have John spin around so we
can see the back of his neck. We’re going to position him by
stretching the skin on the back of the neck, so we’re going to bring that chin down towards the sternum or the chest, as much as is comfortable. We’re going to tear our first strip. I’m going to twist and tear the backing
paper down near one end of the tape to create an anchor point. I’m being very
careful not to touch the adhesive of the tape. Okay, to measure where this goes, I’m going to go a good three or four inches below the hairline of the neck, and go ahead and just let this fall. Being careful not to touch the adhesive, I’m applying this anchor. I’m going right over the
muscles to the side of the spine. Okay, and to apply this I’m going to take
that backing paper off, and leaving a little bit of paper on
there so I can handle the tape without touching the adhesive. I’m going to stretch this
nice and evenly with twenty five percent stretch. So if that’s a hundred percent, I’m going to back that off fifty percent, and fifty percent again
. I’m going to lay that down, except for the last little bit.
I’m going to just let that end of the tape fall onto the skin with absolutely zero stretch. Okay, for the next piece just like the first one, I’m going to twist and tear
the backing paper down near one end of the tape, and remove that. I’m going to measure as I did with the first one. So that ends up at about the same place as that first strip. I’m just on the
muscles on the opposite side of the neck
, and just like with the first one, I’m applying this
with twenty five percent stretch. So stretching out a hundred percent back that off fifty, and back that off fifty percent again. That should end up at about twenty five
percent stretch. I’m laying that down, and I’m now going to
remove the backing paper with, absolutely
zero stretch
, as I lay that tail down. I’m going to give the whole application is good friction rub, and I’ve got one more piece. Just like the first two, I’m going to take a full strip. This time I’m going to twist and tear the paper in the middle of that piece, again being very
careful not to touch the adhesive of the tape. I’m also going to apply a stretch to the middle of this piece, and how I do that is nice and evenly with my thumbs, I’m not trying to pull in the middle of the tape, but putting my thumbs flat. And if we have a point of pain in this area, I’m going to stretch this piece eighty
percent, so if I go all the way out and back that off just a little bit. I’m going to go ahead and lay that piece down with eighty percent stretch. I’m going to lay that down just like with the first two. The ends of the tape I’m going to place on the skin with absolutely zero stretch. I’m taking that paper off and laying that down with absolutely zero
stretch. I’m going to give the whole application a little bit of friction, that creates heat. That allows the adhesive to really
stick to the skin well. Okay, that looks good, now we can come up out of that position, and you should have a little bit of wrinkling in the tape. That looks great. Some helpful tips before applying. Clean the skin very well, remove any oils
or lotions you may have on. Be careful with taking clothing on or off as this
may roll the tape. Try not to tape into the hairline, this may cause a little pulling of
the hair if turning your head. Also, you can use beige KT Tape
if you don’t want the application to be that visible. Some complementary treatments may
include rest, ice, relaxation, massage, physical therapy, or chiropractic care, or anti inflammatory medications such as
ibuprofen. Please seek care if you have extreme pain
or swelling, loss of range of motion, symptoms radiating into the extremities, or if any of these symptoms remain
persistent. For more information see our website at www.KTTape.com

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  2. Thanks for your video. I've been studying many of the videos on your channel. I have had neck & shoulder pain for a while & have seen doctors about this. But it's nice to have extra aids such as KT Tape. I'm wearing the KT Tape right now on my neck & shoulders & it's helping alleviate some of the pain in those areas temporarily. Thanks for uploading all your videos. I find them to be helpful & interesting.

  3. Where can i buy your kind of KT? i can't find them nowhere, just those from Kintex and I am not really pleased with their results.

  4. Any Sports Authority will carry it. We have a store locator on our website that will show you where you can get it near you.

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  7. I did A LOT of yard work today. My traps are getting tighter knots! The tape is I have, explain it to my sister, I tell her what I saw on the video for this, and she goes right to the area, Than God!!!

  8. Actually I am getting ready to take a bath with Calcon!!  For those that remember the saying, CALON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!! Ok I'll try.

  9. Thank you for your videos. I have EDS hypermobility type and had read good things about KT Tape for providing help with our joint symptoms, so I decided to give it a go. Your videos have been invaluable, and the taping has certainly provided me with some relief.

  10. Your videos have been a great help in learning how to tape correctly for various conditions. excellent and easy to follow.

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  15. I have degenerative disc disease, L1-L5, and C4 & C5 …which also causes knots on my shoulders. Would this tape be a realistic aid to the extent of my ailments or just should I be looking into something else?

  16. Aren't the different colors also different strengthes? If so, I don't understand why one side gets pink and the other side blue. Or is it the same strength?

  17. Bone spurs in my neck and I've had a fusion on my lower back so does this help posture because I'm starting to fall forward. The doctor says that I am ready for rods in my back but …NO my posture is terrible and I'm getting older and I have done physical work my whole life. Does it still hold if you sweat?

  18. I've had a pinched nerve below my neck to the right for about 9 months.I went to a chiropractor, physical therapy and you know what I'm tired of going to doctors and spending money for nothing. Most of the time they send you somewhere else.

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