KT Tape: Outer Knee

KT Tape: Outer Knee

[Music] I’m Chris Harper and with me is Makayla
and we’re here to demonstrate an application for outside knee pain. This is pain located on the outside of the
knee and in this case I will just indicate where that pain may be with this red dot.
Your pain may vary though. Some causes of this may be IT band syndrome,
overtraining and overuse, poor training form, or training on hills or stairs. KT Tape releases
pressure to reduce pain, relaxes the associated muscles and may increase circulation. For
this application we’re going to place the knee
at about a ninety degree angle, and we’re going
to take our first strip. We’re going to fold that in half, and with a pair of scissors,
we’re going to cut rounded corners on the folded end of the tape. The rounded corners help prevent
the tape from getting caught on clothing as you’re
moving or taking clothing on or off. We’re going to
take our first half piece here. And we’re going to twist
and tear the paper right down the middle. We’re going
to be careful not to touch the adhesive as we pull that paper back. And we’re join to place this
on an eighty percent stretch so if you stretch
all the way and then back that off just a little
bit, we’re going to put this right over the point of
pain. And lining that piece up, up and down the
upper portion of the leg or the femur. We’re going to lay those ends down with
absolutely zero stretch. So only the middle part of the tape has eighty percent stretch.
The ends have zero stretch. We’re going to take the other half we created, we’re going to twist and tear just like we
did with the first piece, right down the middle, and we’re going to
apply nice even stretch on this as well, we’re going to align this with the lower portion
of the leg going right over the point of pain, peeling those ends of paper off, laying those
ends down with absolutely zero stretch. And for our third portion, we’re going to
twist and tear the paper again, this time down by the logo end of the tape, so we create an anchor, we’re
going to place that anchor right between the two
pieces or the “x” we created, and we’re going
to remove that paper backing. With this piece we’re going to go right over
that point of pain, as we lay that down with about twenty-five percent stretch. We’re going to bend the tape,
that’s one great feature about KT Tape is that is
will bias around corners. We’re going to lay that down,
again twenty-five percent stretch, but the end of
the tape has absolutely zero stretch. We’re going to give that whole
application a good friction rub, that friction creates a little heat, that adhesive sticks much better
to the skin with a little bit of heat. And that looks great! Some helpful tips before applying this is
to make sure you clean the skin to remove any oils or lotions you may have on. Be very careful
with clothing, as you take shorts or workout clothing on or off not to roll the tape. It’s
also helpful to trim the hair of the leg, so there
is better adhesion to the skin. Some complementary treatments include rest,
ice, anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, foam rolling and massage. Please seek care if you experience sever pain
or swelling, or if you have clicking popping, or if you have extreme stiffness of the knee. For more information, visit our website at

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  1. We've recently updated our videos. This video is the most up to date version. We updated the videos to make them even more user friendly while still remaining highly effective.

  2. If your lateral knee pain is above the knee joint, it's most likely caused by IT Band Friction Syndrome. You can use this tutorial of KT Tape as application to alleviate pain from IT Band Friction Syndrome. If your lateral knee pain is below the knee joint, it's most likely caused by overuse of the lower leg muscle called Tibialis Anterior muscle which runs from the lateral side of the knee, across the front of the leg down to the foot. Search YT for exercises on this muscle to alleviate pain.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the post. If it's not too much to ask, we'd appreciate a good review on Amazon too! Thanks again.

  4. I need help! I have some damage to my Lateral Meniscus. It's not TOO bad, but will this help it heal? Or is there a different way to apply the tape for that spot? It's right below my knee cap, to the bottom right (right leg).

  5. @bolivianfuego It sounds like you might need a customized application. Post your question on our FB page or on our "ask an expert" forum on our website to get one customized for you.

  6. will this work if the pain is lower (on outside but below "knee cap") Pain is around the bone that is below knee cap on outside.

  7. Jessica,
    You can adjust the two half strips to cover your point of pain. Also you can post on FB and describe your injury there and one of our clinicians will create a custom app for you.

  8. @Lumosinc i was an practice today and i landed hard on my locked out knee. its not swollen or anything but it hurts. what would i need to do? thanks.

  9. I would start with our full knee support application. If that doesn't work you can post on our Facebook and get a customized application.

  10. Is it OK to wear a support strap on top of the KT tape or will it inhibit the action of the kt tape ?

  11. hey um my ligaments from my right knee tore or something it hurts a little now its been 6 months and well i still can run hard just slowly and i cant move it crazily or kick hard as do in soccer what do you recommend in my case

  12. It sounds like you may need a custom app. Visit our website and go to the "ask an expert" forum, post your question and one of our pros will get back to you.

  13. I see KT tape has more than one video on this taping, which one is the correct way to apply the tape… or is it based on which tape you use?

  14. I got problem with the part that is tape on tape, it doesn't stick at all, and my application won,t stay longer than 30 minutes…

  15. i can still play soccer, but it looks like i have a bump on the right side of my knee will this tape help?

  16. It sounds like you might need a customized application. I would recommend visiting our website and checking out our "ask an expert" forum to get one of our pros to hook you up.

  17. I would probably start with the Full Knee Support application if your pain is on the lower right side on the front of the knee. If it's on the outside of the knee I would do this one.

  18. If you go over the skin with rubbing alcohol first, the tape will stick like glue! I can't get anything else to work like alcohol.

  19. I purchased the Kt Pro tape for my outer knee pain,after running 6k of trails. The pain was severe every time i walked.which was all day! I used this app, and today at work, wearing 30lb tool belt(I'm a sparky) my knee was 75% improved! the knee is still fatigued/injured, but this app helped me a lot. Sometimes going up/down stairs I would feel no pain at all. This will obviously help my knee heal faster :)..p.s shower/shave/alchol or hydrogen peroxide..and dont touch the sticky side!

  20. Just a little comment: I had a IT band syndrome a few weeks ago. I used the KT band and it was really helpful. But I didn't run for A MONTH!!! I'm a Orthopedic doctor and I was able to do my own diagnose… so I rest + anti-inflammatory drugs + rehabilitation. Don't use only Kinesio tapping until you are sure of your diagnose!!!! A real IT band syndrome need at least 5 weeks without training!!! Be careful or you'll only aggravate your injury!!!

  21. Just a quick question: my knee sometimes hurts underneath the knee cap area and on the outter side area, should I use this app or the full support app?

  22. Hi Chris! Do you have any suggestions to improve the adhesion of the tape? I prep the area well (soap & water followed alcohol swab and drying completely) before applying the tape on my outer knee. I also rub the tape down like In the video to make sure it adheres well to my skin. I play a lot of badminton and it helps with the pain however, the tape comes off in between sets and I don't even sweat in the area.

  23. Hi,
    I've just been diagnosed with joint hyperlaxity on my fibula head. The pain is slightly below the knee on the outer back. I've just discovered Kttape and I would like to know what kind of application should I use to maintain the fibula head.
    Many thanks in advance!

  24. Is the tape just for running or is it recommended also for recovery? I am planning not to run to recover. Should I use the tape during recovery?

  25. I am a runner and a physician. I suffer off and on with IT band issues. While almost all of the therapeutic measures mentioned in this video and other websites are correct (brief time off, rest, stretching, icing, anti-inflammatory medication,KT-tape type products,braces,bands (above the knee) etc THIS IS NOT THE FULL STORY. These all miss the underlying cause and definitive treatment. The IT band is a fairly inflexible band of tissue stretching from the upper outer hip to the lateral knee. The main cause of the problem is weakness of the muscles that stabilize the pelvis. This weakness (and muscle imbalance) leads to a very subtle tilting (rocking or swaying side to side) of the pelvis with each stride. This eventually leads to irritation of the path of least resistance of the IT band which is the attachment at the lateral knee. If you want to SOLVE this problem simply google and youtube IT band injuries so you understand the condition but then search for exercises (most are found on youtube) targeted at strengthening the glutes and other muscles that stablize the pelvis. After a few weeks of daily strengthening exercises your pelivs will remain more stable as you run and your IT band will experience less motion and irritation and eventually you will be injury free (for example–foam rolling is great but you can't really roll out hard plastic like you can bread dough. Your IT band is not bread dough–it's more like tire tread). I think you get the idea–now go out there and get healthy.
    Happy running!

  26. I taped this method on Sunday afternoon and have had to replace the top (full) piece of tape twice now as the whole length of the dorsal (towards back of knee) side of it has rolled. This happened yesterday afternoon while I was wearing regular clothes and then again last night while I was sleeping. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? I use the Pro KT Tape and this is starting to become an expensive tape job. Thanks!

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  28. For years already; I have been suffering from knee pain and osteoarthritis. Both of my hips , I have got this partial labral tears developed prior to reaching 37 years of age. For just two weeks of applying this knee pain remedy “Yοyοkοn Vxy” (Google it), I am not really feeling better but stronger in doing my workout sessions in a fitness center. Just in a couple weeks! .

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