Labirintite e Medicina Chinesa

Labirintite e Medicina Chinesa

Hello friends of Facilitando Acupuntura! Is it all right with you? I’m professor Fernanda and I‘m here to tell you
tips to alleviate the symptoms of labyrinthitis.
Do you suffer from labyrinthitis? Want to improve this little crap that’s bothering you or bothering your
your patient? this video is for you, come with me! All right, what is labyrinthitis?
Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the labyrint. What is the labyrinth? The labyrinth is a
structure that has inside your ear and that gives you the feeling of being balanced,
and your notion of depth to go out without falling alone, not felling like floating in the sea to be into a boat. Then the
labyrinth serves to give you balance When you have a labyrinth inflammation,
the main symptom of labyrinthitis It is dizziness. This dizziness
often comes with motion sickness, comes with a headache, comes
accompanied by a feeling of weakness, in some cases may have pressure drop or
increased pressure by nervousness itself that gives you not being able to
feel standing and fixed in place So for Chinese Medicine, because this channel is
about Chinese Medicine we have to talk about another’s labyrinthitis
way. To chinese, labyrinthitis is nothing more than a
liver energy imbalance known as the internal wind of the liver. And what is internal wind? Oh, there is a windstorm, they turned on an air conditioner,
did you turn a fan on your ear? Is not it. In Chinese Medicine, internal wind is synonymous with an inharmonious circulation
of Qi and blood, energy and blood So, sometimes, the blood passes correctly and comes into the
structure that needs to arrive, and sometimes is not enough The internal wind, people, is responsible
for many pathologies in chinese medicine
the vast majority of them are neurological diseases like a stroke, that is a
consequence of an internal wind the Parkinson is also
consequence of an internal wind, and today this video we’re talking of labyrinthitis which is also internal wind…
“Oh Fernanda, if I have to choose between having labyrinthitis and having a stroke, I would
prefer to have a labyrinthitis … ” The thing is, we don’t choose, and the
internal wind as we learned throughout the studies of
Chinese Medicine, has it’s principal cause in emotional stress.
So if you are a very stressed guy, a very stressed young lady,
you have the risk of having a labyrinthitis, or a stroke, Parkinson’s, a
facial paralysis, among many others diseases that we can talk about later and make
an internal wind only video for you. So summarizing for now, the internal wind
is nothing more than an inharmonious circulation of
energy and blood. How is it will this generate labyrinthitis? Sometimes,
blood and oxygen comes correctly in the ear Sometimes is not enough. And when it’s not enough,
lack of oxygen and blood circulating harmonically from your ear will generate the
symptoms of dizziness and nausea that we saw now in the labyrinthitis.
So, whats is the first thing we have to do to improve dizziness? People,
if there is an internal wind, for those who are acupuncturists, and are watching this video, you
need to use points that remove the internal wind and at that moment I ask for help
from my faithful squire, Maya, to put pictures of some points. First, the GB20 that stays in the groove of your neck, on the bone at
the back of the neck. GB20 is a point that take away the internal wind and it will improve
dizziness, headache, and labyrinthitis nausea Another point, entering once again in the video, is GB21, which will not only take away the
labyrinthitis dizziness as it will also Relax your shoulders. Because when we get dizzy, we get into a posture of protection, for fear of falling and with that, we
will shruggle, lowering the neck that will move in block, right? The moving in block is also a feature of the
Parkinsonian, the GB21 will relax the musculature and will make you or
your patient feel less dizzy “Fernanda, i’m watching your video but I’m not an acupuncturist, in instead of
needling this point, can I massage or press these points?” Yes, every point of
acupuncture takes action when massaged you can just press or you can do
circular motions with the fingers of one to three minutes per point. You
can put both hands on your head, here at the nape and press one to three
minutes that the feeling of dizziness goes decrease and improve a lot. These were
two important points. We can’t forget the distal points. Acupuncture talks a lot about points that are far from the problem region. So here there is
GB20 and 21 that are high that are in the neck. The point L3, is in the foot. Maya please L3 is also widely used to eliminate
the internal wind and reestablish, look what beautiful, the harmonic circulation of
energy and blood I told you, that the function of the
liver is to make energy and blood circulate harmoniously. L3 is capable of
normalize liver function and can be needled or
massaged remembering that every acupuncture point
has to be treated bilaterally then on both sides. “Fernanda, is there any point
in ear? You didn’t say it’s an inflammation in an ear structure?” Yes, the SI19 point. You will put your hand here in the front of your ear and will open
your mouth. And when you open your mouth will drill a hole here. You can
press that point. And then, when you press and massage here the
dizziness also improves and you will be helping to deflame the labyrinth. Beyond
of the points you can massage or or needle or leave magnet or leave Stiper or leave radionic crystal, are you also have to take
care of your alimentation The internal wind is characteristic
of a high energy of the Yang of the liver. Yang is a hot energy. We need to avoid foods that are hot for the liver. I refer to my book “Alimentação Terapêutica Chinesa” which has tables showing the foods
that are hot for the liver I’ll tell you some of them. So look how interesting, things we don’t even imagine like:coco leeks, anise, onion, valerian, wine,
cherry, black pepper, shrimp, garlic, trout these are all foods that are
too hot for the liver then these foods will make the
labyrinthitis symptoms If you will make a meal, and use a lot of
garlic and onions the crisis of labyrinthitis will get badder
In excess they will harm you or to your patient. So try
avoid. Alcohol in general, especially the wine, is terrible
to the liver because they have a hot essence All alcohol has. So the beer, the
drips, whiskey, wine, they will raise the Yang of the liver, and in this
moment will also worsen the labyrinthitis of your patient.
So “What can I do?” You must feed on foods that are
considered cold and fresh for the liver and “what are these foods?” Let’s see in the table.
I tell you that natural yogurt is good for downloading
Yang, is cold for the liver increases Yin energy, even the banana, the
lemon, which are things that are simple, orange, blackberry or blackberry leaf tea
will lower the yang and liver and you will make your patient, or
yourself, get better faster, ok? So the therapeutic alimentation is very
important. It is also important that you know that too much acidic food,
excess, you see, that the orange consumed in small quantities
is good for cooling the liver but the acidic foods generally by
example, the tomato, the pineapple are foods that in excess,
will raise the liver Yang too Because acid is the flavor that represents
the wood element in Chinese Medicine and when you put too much that
flavor, you end up toning in excess that organ and unbalancing the
energies. As there is already an energy unbalanced. Exceeding yourself in acid food will make labyrinthitis worse. Up until
tomato, saw people? Also beware of some excess sweet foods,
excess sugar. So milk chocolate, cookies, brownies, candies,
because when you eat too sweet, you lower the energy of the
Spleen, and therefore against dominance, by law of five elements,
you will be helping the liver to increase the Yang.
The liver will overlap the energy of the Spleen. So, too much sugar in the labyrinthitis makes
with the malfunctioning spleen take the liver to overlap this energy So guys, have the acupuncture points,
therapeutic diet, avoiding acids, hot foods for the liver and avoiding
sweets and consume the foods that are cold and fresh for the liver.
I recommend to you who want to see this table has the therapeutic feeding tables.
Go to the “fetch” space and write tables of therapeutic feeding that will appear
for you. (only in portuguese)
And to finish this video, people, avoid emotional stress.
Emotional stress is the biggest responsible of increasement of liver’s Yang.
So practice the meditation and physical activity
because it will decrease the Yang of your liver.
And not to be missed, because I always forget, in auriculotherapy
there are two points that are excellent for those with labyrinthitis. It’s the
Brain Stem point and the point of Yang Liver. The Tang Liver point is up here on the helix curve, and the Brainstem point, almost in the notch intertragic, what a beautiful name, here so, So, everybody has everything to take care of yourself and of patient who has
labyrinthitis or. If you’re watching this video, massage the points, eat the right foods and do auriculotherapy. Okay guys? I hope the tips were cool.
Let’s avoid the internal wind by decreasing our stress and eating well.
A big kiss for you guys, subscribe to the channel and see you next time.

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