Laser Stretch Mark Removal, Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Laser Stretch Mark Removal, Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Few things can be as
frustrating as stretch marks on beautiful skin. This is the room where the magic of laser stretch mark removal occurs. In the next few minutes, that’s what we’re gonna learn about. Recent advances in the
treatment of stretch marks, dermal collagen remodeling, combined with layered epidermal peeling and fractionated laser procedures
produce excellent stretch mark removal results giving you younger, healthier
looking skin without scaring. Upon evaluating your areas of concern, we will customize a course of laser stretch mark removal treatments designed to successfully achieve the
results you are striving for. Our dermal collagen remodeling procedure is a holistic stretch mark removal treatment
that utilizes a number of advanced laser
technologies and protocols to remodel stretch marks and reveal
smoother surface of the skin. – They have about a dozen
or so different lasers here to treat every possible
symptom or condition that my skin has, or anyone’s skin. I have all sorts of little
things that I want taken away. I want brown spots removed. I want broken capillaries taken off. The fine lines, I want
collagen tightening. They have a laser for
each on of those issues. – When used in conjunction with
a series of epidermal peels, our state of the art lasers
can produce amazing stretch mark removal results. Once the laser stretch mark removal treatment is complete, the treated area will heal
quickly and new layers of healthy, tight, and
firm skin will form. You will be quite pleased with the results we are able to achieve with our laser stretch mark removal treatments. Your skin will be renewed. It will be firm, healthy, and
will look absolutely terrific.

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  1. Are there any aftereffects e.g tightness or tenderness of skin? and chances of recurrence due to activities such as heavy weightlifting (gym)?

  2. They don't effing show the after effect. Like what the fuck does it look like after. I'm not going to take some but jobs words for it being "absolutely terrific" I want proof I can see. Show me

  3. i have so many stretch marks on my body and there is no reason for it. im 6 foot 2 inches tall and im 16 years old, im a male and i weigh 160 lbs i get stretch marks for nothing im so fucking insecure about them and i dont shower in my gym or where anyone else can see my body please help me i have no idea wtf is wrong with me and that shit isnt normal for me getting so many for no reason so dont say that.

  4. Will this work on dark purple stretch marks? Also, I want to get them removed so I can tattoo in those areas. Once the area is completely healed can I get a tattoo on the skin there?

  5. Well, if these stretch marks can't really get off then i want to know how to get stretch marks then i would like to get them on me in creative way instead of going for tattoo decision…

  6. I am 15 and I’ve had stretch marks on my hips for two years now and I was very quick to accept them. I love them I call the my stripes and I get a little sad when they start to fade

  7. I’m 14 and I have dark purple-red stretch marks on my white skin… i got them over the winter and I haven’t worn shorts yet this spring/summer because it’s so noticeable and embarrassing. I’ve been using a cream for stretch marks but it’s been 3 weeks and looks exactly the same. Can 14 year olds get this treatment and how expensive is it?

  8. And if it's doesn't work??? You bring the money back? Or. There is a catch? What is the percentage of success? Because I've been with a few places that have a millions of views and no results except taking people's money

  9. Can this procedure work on chapped thickened skin? Chemical has destroyed my beautiful skin.I'm not even able to start crying.

  10. What is an estimate amount as to how much it would cost per 15 minutes. Is it in the 200s or lower. Or higher cost near 1000 dollars.

  11. Iam so desperate i tried stretch marks removal creams but i just CANT apply them twice a day on my entire body, literally. I have stretch marks on my shoulders, breasts, somewhere near my armpits, my upper arm, stomach, my thighs OVERALL my knees ALSO over all and on my butt. I cant even i really hate myself because of the stretch marks and iam not even obese iam just over weight. I want to be a normal girl who can dress but i cant cuz iam fat and i have stretch marks all over my body. UGGHHH

  12. Does anyone know how much this usually costs? I have them everywhere but the ones that bother me the most are on my arms and around my knees/calves bc I can never wear shorts or dresses 🙁

  13. I love my stretch marks
    Makes me unique
    N i don't give a damn bout people saying how gross stretch marks r

  14. AMA regeneration centre i want to know that how much percent a patient recovers and what factors increases the recovery to 100% ?

  15. I really want this bdone but i scar really badly and worried i could just end up with wierd marks from the laser.

  16. Heat treatment Delhi mein hota hai kya kaha par Hota Hai woh Kitne Din Mein Hai remove Karega please Bataye iss ki fees kya hai

  17. Dickscratch:
    Literally like 95%of women and girls have stretch marks on their body and if you're going to give them a hard time about them then you didn't deserve to see her body in the first place

  18. Tulimyrsky:
    Beautiful scars of lightning and thunder blessed be those daughters of Thor!!
    Omg this literally made me feel 1000 times better about my stretch marks💚💚
    You are beautiful

  19. I am a male with stretchmarks on my belly and my hips. This is due to my gaining weight over the last 2 maybe 3 years that I have either neglected my fitness and over-consumption of non-nutritional calories. I am coming to grips with the fact that I may have them forever and that is okay. I have done my own research and have found any cream products containing Rentin-A to be the best, Calcium compound creams to be backed up by science but definitely with Retin-A I have seen results. I have accepted that I may not look like a hot guy on the cover of men's health, but I prefer to be a better person in the way that my personality has matured and grown as a person and wouldn't take those years of gaining weight away if I was to not grow as a mature person who is comfortable in loving myself for who I am, because only those who love you for who you are and the way that you look as you are, are only the ones who are ever worth being in your life.

  20. I have really sensitive skin that's not very flexible so when I hit puberty and my body started to mature I got stretch marks on my thighs, hips, a lil bit on my tummy, breasts and on my shoulders and the ones on my shoulders bother me sooooo much I have to cover them with make up

  21. I’m 12 and I’ve had stretch marks since I was 11. I really want to get them off but I don’t know how to get them off in a non-hurtful manner. Does anybody know a routine that can help me without laser surgery or is laser surgery the best option?

  22. Stress marks are just the normal part of the body they may come back again so what’s the point of even removing them?? 😐💀

  23. i absolutely hate my stretch marks, they just really drained my self confidence and even though i love my body type and shape, they really just ruined how i look at myself

  24. 0:50 It works, but its expensive and very painful… the laser is literally melting your old skin so new skin heals/grows. Feels like being burned/tasered. You can see the skin smoking/cooking if you rewatch it.

  25. it's funny how most of us are young people with the same insecurity, im sure we'll get though this !! i have them all over my butt and my thighs and on the bottom part of my legs

  26. It shocks me how badly people want them removed.
    I have TONS of them across arms, shoulders, back, hips and legs and I call them my tiger stripes.
    (of course I'm not judging those who want them removed, because it's very subjective)

  27. I really enjoyed watching this, and as i turn 18 this definitely will be on my bucket list, since i believe it can restore my self confidence. One question: is anything you can do for the stretch marks on breasts? Thank you!

  28. Kids who are insecure about your marks listen up, if your around 11-16 your probably hitting puberty and growing a bit so your skin naturally stretches, I'm 12 and I've noticed my marks not to long ago

  29. I need this 😭😭😭😭 im a single mom and i want to really get rid of it bcos i feel like im so ugly etc .
    I hope i can also afford this one i hope theres a laser treatment here too in Philippines 😭

  30. Has anyone actually gotten rid of all their stretch marks completely? I've never met anyone with all their hard work has ever gotten rid of their stretch marks. Please change my mind

  31. I was told by a doctor once if you get laser treatment you can't go in the sun again how much truth is in that statement?

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