Laser Stretch Mark Removal & Skin Tightening

Laser Stretch Mark Removal & Skin Tightening

One of the great advantages of developing multiple modality protocols, which means that we’ve
developed the expertise to utilize many different types of devices and technologies together synergistically in combination to affect physiological changes, is that, as good as we’ve always been, we now keep on getting better and better as more and better devices and newer devices come into the picture. So, for instance, some
of these new devices that I’ve already introduced you to can be used for stretch marks and for skin tightening. For the mothers out there that have now had three or four babies and you have that loose belly skin that you think you can’t get
rid of except with surgery, guess what, we can stimulate that natural physiology in your skin
for it to tighten up. And that’s not just the stretch marks, but, also, the loose skin itself. And, of course, as you know, we use these technologies
for fat reduction and for tightening the skin after you’ve lost some
weight and some fat. So, if you’ve done all
that incredibly hard work to lose weight and lose fat and now you have excess skin hanging there and you’re wondering, god, that’s what I have to show for it? Or, you’re one of these beautiful moms that’s given birth to
two or three children and you’re saying the same thing, you look and the mirror and you say, oh my god, look what
I have to show for it, all this extra skin. We can solve that problem, not
just for you, but with you, working with your natural physiology to get toned, beautiful,
tight skin once again and a contour that you love
looking at in the mirror.

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  1. I live too far to travel to California for multiple treatments. Can you tell me what you use on old stretch marks and slightly saggy skin (doesn't really look saggy unless I suck in because as you know, stretch marks aren't elastic), so I can look for that in my area?

  2. what kind of gel they use with the machines? i need to find out to see if im alergic to it please somebody let me know. thanks!

  3. That's what I want I want to get rid of my stretch mark how much is going to cost me to get rid of my stretch mark

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