Lat “Non-Responder” Solution (LATS WON’T GROW!)

Lat “Non-Responder” Solution (LATS WON’T GROW!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So do you have non-responding lats? Meaning, no matter how hard you train them,
or how much knowledge you apply to training them, they just don’t really respond to
what you’re doing. They don’t grow. They certainly aren’t getting wider, or giving
you that V-shape taper. I’m going to show you today how to attack
that, to get even the most stubborn, non-responding lats to respond to what it is that you do. We’re going to start by looking at one of
the most important exercises because it’s going to underscore both the points that you
want to make sure you’re looking for in all of your exercises, and most importantly when
you’re doing this one. Because this is a staple exercise for your
back workout, but you’ve got to get it right. It’s the one armed dumbbell row. Here, I like it because you can overload a
single side – one versus the other – expose any imbalances that you might have, and secondly,
as I’ve said, you can overload. You can grab a pretty damned heavy dumbbell
here to apply this stress to your muscle to actually make sure it is going to grow and
respond. But you’ve got to make sure you’re doing it
right. The elbow position is the first thing you
want to make sure you have nailed down. If you’re allowing your elbow to drift out
to the side like I am here, guess what? You’re not really working your lats. Again, if we’re talking about non-responding
lats – not a non-responding back – you might have adequate thickness in your back
and development, but you don’t have the width. If you want the width you’re going to have
to attack the lats. So you can’t allow your arms to drift out,
which is going to attack more of the posterior delt, the rhomboids, and the traps. Instead, you want it to be pinned into your
side, as I’m showing you here. That is going to help you to start targeting
the lats much more because you have the adduction. The adduction right here at your upper arm
into your side. That’s key. Now, there’s a second part of this problem,
though, because I actually perform mine the way you’re seeing here and that gives me an
adequate balance between lat development and lat and mid-back thickness. However, look at what’s happening when I do
this. A lot of people do this. I see this all the time. They start pulling too much with their bicep
because they’re either trying to handle a weight that they can handle – in which case
they’re looking for additional help form the bicep – or they’re just doing it wrong in
the first place. You want to minimize the bicep contribution
if, again, you’re trying to get that non-responding lat to finally respond. So you don’t want to pull up here. As a matter of fact, you want to do what I’m
showing you here. This is specifically for those that really
have a hard time getting those lats to grow. You want to veer away from the standard way
that you do this exercise, as I showed you before, and start doing this. Here, you’re trying to get more of a pendulum
arcing motion going with the row. More importantly, look at the contribution
of the bicep. It’s literally almost nothing because I’m
not really bending at the elbow. Instead, what I’m trying to mimic is – this
should look very familiar to a lot of you, especially those who know how much I like
the next exercise. It should mimic a straight arm push down. The straight arm push down has the ability
to get into extension behind the body, and also has that adduction, that elbow pinned
into the side. So we can apply the same techniques to a one
armed row, where now, we’re really trying to eliminate bicep contribution, keep the
elbow out of it, and drive your arm back behind your body while keeping it nice and tucked
into your side. This is going to hit those lats, and this
is going to get those lats to finally grow. If you have this stubborn problem, guys, believe
me you’re not alone. It may not be limited to just the lats. It might be your biceps, it might be your
shoulders, it might be your legs, it might be your calves; people struggle with all different
muscle groups. The key is, you’ve got to train them the right
way, and then you can expect them to start responding to what it is you’re trying to
get them to do in the first place. If you’ve found this video helpful, guys,
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. Whatever other non-responder muscles you’re
struggling with, make sure you let me know those too, and I’ll try to cover theme in
a future video. For those of you that are looking for a complete
workout to really target these non-responder areas, we actually have down those. We created the TNT series. They’re over at The cool part is they integrate directly with
the ATHLEANX training system. So you follow the program and you plug in
the things that actually you struggle the most with to allow you to get more out of
your specific needs. Those are all over at In the meantime, I’ll see you guys back here
in a few days. Let me know what you want to see and I’ll
do my best to do that. All right, guys. I’ll see you later.

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  1. Hey, ALL:

    I got an issue here. I have cerebral palsy on my left side and because of that I basically have no control over the position of my arm. So, for example, when you say that the one exercise that my arm should be close to my body, what happens is that my arm is rotated out a bit more than normal, so, in this case my form while doing the exercise is limited. I can't make my arm be i a position it can't go into! I can get close, but I am just looking for some assurances that my efforts will not be wasted.

    what should I do?

  2. When I do a single arm row I feel it in my brachialus and not so much my lat. My form is fine but idk what to do. My right lat is much much bigger

  3. 01:45 Am I the only one that's noticed Jeff is doing what he has warned time and again to not do? His knee is on the bench, making him a candidate for a lower abdominal hernia (as he has made several videos warning against). This is the first contradiction I've found in Jeff's training videos

  4. Passed Ax-1. But I still need to do pull ups and I have a very weak back. Was recommended "Pull up or shut up". Any thoughts on it?

  5. In the 8th grade, me and a friend did chinups throughout the day at school just to show off. By grade 9 our lats and biceps were massive and we didn't know why. Lol

  6. single arm dumbbell rows work great for me but my problem is it kills my shoulder/front delt of the arm that is stabilizing myself on the bench and I have to stop before my lats get a good workout. Anyone else have this issue?

  7. Been doing these for a while. They work. But, you need to concentrate on isolating the lat. Don't use your shoulder or arm to "help", go slow and don't use momentum. These will absolutely work if you follow that.

  8. Jeff should probably link another video of how to properly execute the back rows because this posture can cause hernia

  9. Thanks for this, pal. I've been having some trouble with these stubborn lats being ignorant to my attempts to provide them with a better future.

  10. No may be i am not emphasising on lats with mind muscles connection, i am not working them , just worried about chassis after the vid i know as others may be getting wider from me so 🙄

  11. The best advice for taking the bicep out of the dumbell row, is to imagine you’re trying to put the dumbell in your pocket

  12. Sir, though sexy but it might appear like stereotypical over time , a bit toning will be of sight changer relif like

  13. What i found that works best for me is trying to focus on the scapula when going up and down and getting a full extention on the arms, might help anyone reading new comments , i was stuck for 6 god damn months till i figured this basic stuff, most pt or gyms bros forget about telling you the abc of an exercise because they think you have it figured if you are there, doing that exercise.

  14. 403 dislikes? Are these because these people hate the vid because Jeff is "copying" V-Shred's content?


  15. Lat pull downs have just not been doing the trick infact I struggle to isolate my lats at all on them and feel I'm using muscles in the back of my delts connecting to my scapula or something, and may have been using my bicep a bit on the rows too!!
    Solid advice

  16. could you show me more lat workout maybe in your next videos, I tend to watch your video alot and find the content effective but it would be useful to get more workout hint and tips 👍

  17. Dude seriously thanks for posting, I was doing it wrong, I could never see why I could get them bigger but this really makes more sense thanks

  18. Thanks, I suffered from this and didn't know until I began getting back, spinal and shoulder pain. Developed my rhomboid muscle whilst my lats did not progress. Hoping to fix this now using your tips.

  19. I do calisthenics and every time I look at my self in the mirror one looks bigger than the other and it looks so weird

  20. I realize this video is almost 3 years old, but, in a different ( later ) video you warned against doing exactly this exercise. You stated that it was the cause of more gym injuries than practically any other. Yet here you are doing exactly the exercise you warnd against. What am I to believe?

  21. Hello sir, while doing exercise with any load whether its my peak or not , i do shake badly especially when applying some energy by the body , can you please answer what is the problem ? And also tell me some way to counter that shakiness

  22. I enjoy back day more than chest day. Even though I can't feel my back working. Anyone else prefer back over chest day?

  23. Thank you for the tips..I like watching your videos and also learned a lot. i have a question, shall be grateful if i get the of your videos you shared that keeping one leg on bench,. causes Hernia..but in this video you are keeping your knee on the bench. is there any technique that i should follow while keeping the knee on bench while doing one arm db rows? or should i completely avoid keeping knee on bench. Thanks once again for the detailed and wonderful information on DB Row.

  24. *

    Thank you, Jeff!
    Just did my first close-side lat set, and I immediately feel the target muscle group hit. Awesome. Can't wait to support your mission with a program purchase.

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