Lateral Sprained Ankle Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Lateral Sprained Ankle Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m
gonna show you some stretches and exercises for a lateral ankle sprain. Let’s get started. The first thing you’re gonna do is stretch out your calf muscle. So you can take a strap. You
can use a dog leash. You can use a belt, or you can use a large towel. Whatever you have
handy. But what you want to do is make sure and wrap it around the ball of your foot.
You don’t want it on your toes, and you don’t want it down in the arch of your foot because
you don’t want it coming back and smacking you, but you want to get a nice stretch. So
just wrap it around the ball of the foot there. Relax your foot, don’t try and actively move
it, and just pull with the strap towards you until you feel a nice stretch in the back
calf area right there. And hold that stretch for about 30 seconds. Relax. And do that 3
times. So just get that nice stretch in there. After you stretch it out a little bit, then
grab a resistive band and if you want to, grab a foam roller so you can prop your foot
up. If you don’t have a roller, that’s fine. You can wrap up a big towel, but you want
to have it so your heel is hanging off so you can have some good movement in your ankle.
Again, make sure that you put the band around the ball of your foot because you don’t want
it coming back and smacking you in the face. But you want to be able to get some good movement
in there. Just wrapping around there and then slowly. See how it rolls off a little bit.
Happens to everybody. Slowly push down, and then slowly come back up. So really trying
to control this movement. And if you feel like your ankle’s doing like this, which it
might if you have that sprain, then take off some of the resistance cause you want to be
able to control that foot coming down and then coming back up. And try and get that
full motion if you can. Now if this is painful, then don’t use the band and just do the motion
cause your ankle might not be ready for the resistive band yet. So just start off with
about 10 of those, if those are easy then you can work your way up from there. So now,
put a little knot in the band so you have a loop. Make sure it’s tight so it doesn’t
pop out on you. This time, you’re gonna use your other foot kind of as an anchor. Put
it underneath and prop your other one up and over. Now you’re gonna do an inversion movement
coming this way, so you want the knot to be on the opposite side. So I’m gonna put it
here, and I’m gonna wrap that band around the other foot as an anchor and then pull
in towards me. Now try and keep your whole leg still. You don’t want to be doing this,
but you really want that movement at the ankle. Now you can also have somebody bold on to
the band, but if your by yourself for a little bit and you want to do those exercises, that’s
how you do it. You anchor it around that way. Now to get the eversion, you change the placement
of the knot to the inside cause now you’re gonna do the eversion that way. And then anchor
it around the other foot like that. And then come out and back in. Again try and keep the
top part of the leg fairly straight. It’s not this. But getting that movement at the
ankle. Alright, the next exercises are gonna be standing up. Now I’m gonna do a standing
calf stretch. So bring the foot back that you want to stretch. Keep your foot facing
forward, and keep your heel down. Make sure you have something nice and sturdy to hold
on to like a chair or a counter top. Keep that heel down, and bend this knee forward
until you feel a stretch in the back of the leg right there. Come forward, hold that stretch
for about 30 seconds, come back and do 3 of those. Make sure that heel is down. If it
comes up, you’re not gonna get that stretch. So make sure it’s down and get a nice big
stretch there. Then you’re gonna come up. Put your feet about shoulder width apart,
and you’re gonna do a heel raise. So just bring your heels up off the ground and slowly
coming back down. Make sure you’ve got something sturdy to hold on to for balance, just in
case you need it, but again make sure you’re coming down nice and slow. Working those muscles
in both directions. Coming up and coming back down. Don’t just plop back down. Start off
with about 10 of those and work your way up to 20 to 25. If those become easy, then you
can go to just one foot coming up and slowly coming back down. And then the last one is
just a single leg balance. So bringing the other foot up. Again have something nice and
sturdy to hold on to if you need it. Start off with both hands, go about 20 – 30 seconds.
If that becomes easy maybe just do 1 or 2 fingers. Work your way up. And then eventually
do the balance without holding on. So there you have it. Those were your stretches and
exercises for a lateral ankle sprain. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments
section. If you’d like to check out some other videos, go to Don’t forget
to like us. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Hello Doctor, my ancle injury happend in second time so what to do remove this ancle injury this injury is very painful i need to recover this injury very soon plese give me some advice to recover this give me some tips

  2. Hello Dr jo, My ankle was sprained before 4 months and i starts excercise before 2 months but still My ankle have swelling and little bit pain when i start running can u tell me how much time it can take more . Thanx in advance ☺

  3. Wow I never even thought to do those dorsi/plantarflexion with the tb on the foam roller…That's like a massage and exercise all in one I imagine. Nice tip. I never knew how bad ankle sprains can be until this one I got. I injured it almost 11 weeks ago and I'm still working my way to being able to walk properly. Be careful playing basketball or soccer out there guys, a bad ankle sprain could have you out for 20 weeks….I guess I've never had anything past a grade 1 sprain until now

  4. Ma'am, my ankle joints are extremely stiff when I get up in the morning. Also , when I try the calf stretch you have recommended in this video( the one in which you stand, place the foot you want to stretch at the back and bend the back knee till you feel a stretch on the back calf ) I feel pain on the part where my foot meets my leg. Kindly recommend some exercises.

  5. Got a question, i had aan injury high ankle sprain and lateral ankle sprain and a broken fibula bone above my anke, ive had surgery ive got a plate etc in there , it happen in 2015 and now it 2017 so from then to now its been fine i done pysio etc rehab now im running etc but ny question is , ive been getting alot of achness around the ankle also when i squat its like it tighter than the other one and im getting like a toothache feeling ad wellile behind my knee i dont know if thats the tighness but how can i get rid of this will excericse improve it also how can i get rid of swelling please answer i need advise?? thanks

  6. Thank you for your videos, I found them very helpful but I still have a question though. I sprained my ankle around 9 months ago & haven,t fully recovered yet. I can still feel the pain on the rear side of my ankle specially every time when i get back to running it hurts a little and my calf muscles get really tight to point of numbness. I visited a therapist 3-4 months ago & she suggested few strengthening exercises. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

  7. how can you do any of these moves when it hurts so much ….ive just tried and it has brought tears to my eyes ….are these moves for when your anckle no longer hurts or what?

  8. i have three hours of phisio every week …been today..mentioned this ..and my damage is coming from an old knee injury so they say its alot of nerve damage which triggers when i rock my ancle …..few ….i was begining to think i had a brocken anckle…so i guess i have to be more patieant …thanks for you concern xxx

  9. I used to be a Cricket Player & now days plays Tennis for fitness , around 2 &half years back I sprained my left ankle badly while catching a Bus. After that I went to see Dr. he took X ray and found nothing on that he banded with temporary bandage and advised rest. After 2-3 months when I started Gym it was fine but when I went to play Tennis or running in the ground especially during lateral movement it started paining and when I stop playing Tennis after 2-3 days pain stop but whenever I started Tennis or play bit of Cricket or do any sort of physical activities which requires lateral movement it started paining and pain goes to knee part also. It has been happening since that accident I am very much upset as I am not able to do any sort of physical activity and gaining wait. Please advice me any exercise or what can I Do?

  10. Nice video, thanks! Question:As I understand it, sprain is tear or damage to ligament. If that's true, how do your exercises of stretching and strengthening muscles, help ligaments repair/heal? It seems they'd just help muscles get strong and flexible, but what affect would they have on the ligament healing process?Thanks!

  11. Thanks for the comprehensive video. After years of sprained ankles ( had a 3rd degree ankle sprain 4 years ago) and about 5 sprains I sprained my ankle again yesterday as I was running on a soccer field and I can say its a 1st degree ankle sprain. I have been applying ice every three hours and wrapped it with tape after applying biofreeze too. When would you suggest to start the stretches and exercises ?

  12. thank you dr. Joe for helping me with my ankle what you were doing is very compassionate and sincere I love you

  13. First off, thank you for the video! My sprain happened almost 6 months ago, I had it Xrayed and there was no apparent break. I still get some pretty moderate pain at certain angles or stances. It just occurred to me this may be because I never followed up my healing with rehab. My pain is mostly in the top left side of my left foot, not in the ankle at all. Should these exercises help with this or should I be doing something else? Thanks!

  14. Dr. Jo i have ankel pain (ligament ) i have a x-ray picture and a little bone has broken and stuck on inside of the bone and its hurt while hitting a ball ⚽
    When it get compress while hitting from back muscles and bone get pain so plez mam what should I do

  15. Hello doctor please help me I have a ankle sprains & ligament injuries I have many doctors consultation but not propar solution in last for months and I also consultation hadvahidh but not propar solution please help me

  16. Nice video, thank you Dr Jo. It's very nice of you that you reply to each query.
    I too have one please help me out.
    I had an Inversion sprain on my left ankle 18months ago. Pretty mild in nature but my orthopedic suggested I rest it completely for a 2 months, cuz there was swelling and I'd hurt my ligament, and then do strengthening exercises later. I did rest it for more than 2 months but never did strengthening exercises later as I got busy. Since past 9 months now I have been noticing that I have mild swelling and pain just below n slightly in front of the ankle. I had an MRI and a CT scan done as the swelling and pain would never completely go although they were pretty mild in nature, it would make my ankle feel weak and not let me Sprint or do weights training or play football. The scan report said that everything is perfectly fine there n the Dr said probably it's just weak.. so I started doing calf raises and skipping and jogging slowly.. but the pain and swelling comes back if I try to increase the weights or sprint. What do you suggest I do?
    Sorry for the lenghty post I hope you take patience n help me out. I am an active guy but my ankles really bothering me holding me back.

  17. Hello doctor Jo.I sprained my ankle about 13days ago.I had moderate pain and a mild swelling on my ankle the first few days.There is no more swelling anymore.I just feel a mild pain on my ankle if i walk for 15mins straight.Can I start on these exercises already and how many times per week?thanks

  18. i can't wait to try your exercise once i'm off crutches but in mean time do you know of a good support for an ankle sprain with an abductor digiti minimi muscle strain Jo?

  19. Hi Doc, thanks! How many reps per how many times a day should i do of the bands and other exercises. I'm feeling slight pain after one rep today. So see how I feel tonight and do another if no pain? I've been over doing my usage a bit, so keep backing off and resting. I appreciate you support!

  20. Pls. Tell me exc. For my foot . I cannot strecth my foot down. I can pull up .it hapend after l1 vertibra injure.

  21. Hi. I sprained my ankle around 4 weeks ago and sprained the same ankle a week ago from rugby. Would it be wise to play next week or shall I hold off playing until it's completely painless? Been doing ankle exercises to help it get better.

  22. Hi Doc! I sprained my ankle 3 months ago from my running. I can walk though but my problem is its swelling and painful every afternoon. Its getting worse and its been 3 months Got it x-ray and finding are all good no broken bones. Anything you can advise would good and appreciate. Thank you.

  23. hey doctor jo! i was diagnosed with eversion ankle sprain on my left ankle. would this exercises would be able to help me?.it's already been 6 weeks ever since but still cannot run but i am able to walk normally at a slow pace.

  24. Hi Jo ,in which video did u talk about therabands, which u just mentioned, want to know color code with strength.thanks

  25. Almost 4 weeks still have swelling on the cartilages but i can walk. Help me please i'm a basketball player i want to recover so i can get back to training.

  26. Hi Doc Jo! I sprained my ankle a veryyyyyyy long time ago. Now I m doing physiotherapy sessions, and exercises on the side, at home. How long do you think it ll take for my ankle to go back to normal or at least a decent strength? So I could walk and exercise like normal people without pain afterwards? Tx.
    Btw, love your channel and I am a new subscriber! XO

  27. Hello…do you have any idea…what kind of exercises I will do…..I have twisted left side body it connects in my back hips into front left…it felts like tightening muscles…and I can't walk far mostly its swelling….every time I kept walking its getting tightness my left side body near my left side chest behind the breastbone

  28. I recognize the need for more lateral ankle strengthening.(Very old ankle "sprain"- ~30 years ago- no rehab) In addition to these and your other videos like the peroneus series, is there a modified way to stretch while seated at computer desk? Thinking I could multitask while checking e-mail, etc.

  29. sir i had an injury before 2 months . now i had scanned , the scan report shows anterior talofibular ligament shows fluid collection. physiotherapy is mandatory to me or not . how many months to take recover the injury

  30. I sprained mine two days ago playing tennis, is it too soon to start rehabbing, I can walk on it if that helps.

  31. Exactly the same exercises what I'm doing. You can do the last one on the stairs to have wider range of movement 👍👍👍

  32. Doctor Jo, after i had lateral sprained ankle, I have decreased mobility in the foot (dorsal flexion). When I try to increas my flexibility with a forward step forward, pushing my knee forward and downward to make a dorsal flexion, I feel pain in the anterior part of the ankle (talus, anterior deltoid ligament). It's been over for more than half a year after an injury. Which exercises should i do? How to increase the mobility, flexibility of my ankle? Thank you for your help in advance!

  33. Doctor jo can u tell me ankle sprain exercise in hindi language because i m from india nd i cant understand english language mam

  34. Hi doc i have sprained my ankle 2 months ago and there is little bit swelling and pain and i cant run or walk on it .. Help please ?

  35. Hello doctor please help me! I am very nervous these days.2 month ago I ran on 2 km hill with heavy weight and immediately take rest after race keeping my foot down below bed.My calf muscles still numb, heavy & tingle after 2 month.I also twisted my right foot that time due to that numbness while standing after rest.Sprained Foot ( X ray shows no fracture) is also red and swellon after 2 months. I had lower limb color Doppler ultrasound which is normal.What can I do now? Please share vedio link for regarding my "foot swelling with light Pain" and tight / heavy/vibrating calf muscle recovery exercises..Thanx & Regards.God Bless You!

  36. 1. I sprained my ankle 2. I lost my brace for a week (have a new one) — so it wasn't wrapped.. 3. got worse.. 4 looks like a mushroom has grown from my ankle 5. started the alphabet exercises yesterday. 5. started the epsom salt treatment, not just in the bath, but soak it for 30 min in warm to hot water….then use ice… so from hot to super cold… Am I doing anything wrong? After the alphabet exercises, how soon can I do the ones you have shown me here? That mushroom swelling, my doctor said, is probably blood and needs to move out… WILD! Any points?

  37. I had a sprain happen to me 3 years ago, I was negligent and didn't do the proper healing that I needed at the time to rehabilitate it. Its still a bit weak and sometimes gets sore. I'm wondering if this video, with consistent practice, will help heal my old wound.

  38. Hi Doc,

    I sprained my ankle 4 weeks back, but I still can’t do single leg calf raises without lots of pain. What can I do and why is it taking me so long?

  39. Hi Dr, I didn't sprain my ankle but have sharp tearing pain below the ankle for a few weeks now and the ankle feels like it's going to give out occasionally. In addition to the exercises, would a lace-up ASO ankle brace be helpful or not a good idea? I heard they can lead to knee problems.

  40. Hi doctor.,
    I hope you are doing well.
    Actually now i want some recomendations from you.
    One month beofore i started jogging, which still I'm doing every day for 15 to 20 mintutes but i have a pain on shin and inward besides ankle. Mostly m feeling this pain severely just after jogging. It looks like pain throughout the shin to besides ankle muscles. Remaing all the day pain is bearable.. what should i do or Can you suggest me one of your video for practice ?


  41. 2 months ago my ankle was sprained so i tried to walk but I still feel pain , can I practice your excercise for pain relief and correct my ankle again , I have a only 3 months time to participate in running competition .

  42. Hi Dr Jo, I sprained my foot about 10 weeks ago. The pain is gone but I still limp and I can’t turn my foot inward or flex it all the way down. I saw an orthopedic surgeon today and he said the X-rays look good and to try doing some stretch videos at home to see if it will loosen up the muscles. And then in a month if it’s not better, we will do an MRI. The first two exercises you do target the range of motion I have lost. Will these help to get that back even though I don’t have much range with them yet or do you recommend something different? I also do one the Dr showed me where I cross foot onto the other knee and pull my foot inward. I feel a lot pulling/stretching on the outer part of my foot where the injury originally occurred when I do this one. Any advice on getting this range of motion back would be very much appreciated. I don’t want to be stuck with a permanent limp. 🙁

  43. Should my foot still be a bit purpule in the long area under the ankel afther 1 week, except first day when I kept my foot in cold water & rested for about 12h I kind of had to walk 20 min to work and back every day, this is first day I’m totaly resting and doing some exercise

  44. Can't thank you enough. I sprained my left ankle in August of 2017 and I thought time had healed it… I was wrong. Not sure what happened yesterday but the pain came back, I was in shock. Ive went through your exercises a few times and it already feels better. Ill be doing this a few times a day and hopefuly heal it for good. Thanks Dr.!!

  45. Hi Dr jo i sprained my ankel 3 week ago i did an xray no fracture i am fine i disturbed my ligaments just
    I can walk but cant jump or run
    And i cant more my ankel side to side it hurts should i do these exercises does it hurt or it should not plz thank you

  46. Hello Doctor Jo, I had an ankle sprain around 25 days ago. And should I continue with these excercises even if it pains doing it??

  47. Doctor Jo i am so thankful for this video after doing these stretches i feel so much better. If any of my peers or family need ankle sprain advice ill be sure to send them this video

  48. Sprained my ankle Thursday went to er they said there was no swelling on the x ray and that it might be a mine sprain if one at all. Can I do these stretches? Is it ok? Or will I make it worse?

  49. I fractured my ankle (lateral malleolus) last July. It did not require a surgery because the ankle bones were in alignment, and it healed well. I was already jogging about three months after the fracture. By December my ankle was completely fine. Or so I thought.

    Last January I made a couple interval sprinting sessions and since then my ankle has been a mess. I cannot walk with it long distances and it always feels stiff and weak. It feels like something is wrong with my ankle, I just feel and sense it.

    I had an MRI in the late February and it revealed that I had a tear in Syndesmosis and Medial ligaments. And I had a partial split tear in my peroneal brevis tendon. My ortho thinks that it should not require a surgery though.

    Do you think I caused more damage to my ankle in January when I made those interval sprinting sessions?

    I have tried to rehab my ankle lately with many kinds of different programs, but my ankle just gets aggravated. Rest improves things somewhat, but once I start to walk and rehab more the stiffness, mild pain and feeling of "something not being right" in my ankle instantly returns.

    I'm getting a bit desperate with this situation. What should I do?

  50. Is it generally a good idea to work on your non-sprained ankle too when you're doing exercises for the sprained one?

  51. Hello. This is probably a very late time to ask as you are probably not going to reply within Monday, but should I start doing this after I know that I can't put too much pressure on it? When I step on it having all the pressure on my healthy leg, it's, obviously not hurting, then as I try to balance the pressure it starts getting pain into the leg. Should I start exercising when it does this?

  52. I twisted me ankle 3 months ago… Mri report says there is minimal fluid in ankle joints… Rest all is normal.. So should I start doing these exercises???

  53. You're awesome, you replied for each comments that's amazing keep the good works God bless you. The world needs more people like you

  54. Oh Thank you 😮 I have an almost 10 year old ankle injury that never actually healled well… now I have a very weak ankle which hurts from time to time. I'm going ro try these exersices in the hope to strengthen my ankle. I hope it works, even if just a little.

  55. Hi Dr Jo, I was diagnosed with ankle lateral ligament strain, I did these excercise with a light band no pain whatso ever during excercise but afterwards about an hour later my ankle started to ache n feel a lil stiff, is this normal? Should I push through everyday and it will get better or should I find a lighter band/less reps or should I stop these excercise completely?

  56. Hi Dr. Jo, Thank you for the excellent video. The calf stretches and calf raises gave me the most immediate pain and swelling relief, which was somewhat surprising. Can you explain why the calf stretches affect the ankle area ? Thanks!

  57. Tripped on a wheelchair at work months ago… never said or did anything about it, cause I just figured the soreness would go away. It seems like the ankle hurts more as time goes on. Thanks for posting videos so I can work on trying to strengthen it back up. I feel ridiculous thinking about going to the doc now when they'll just take an x-ray, find nothing and tell me RICE. <3

  58. It has been a year I have sprained my ankle but my lateral ankle still pains. I have tried couple of exercise but none helped healing it. And I feel like nothing can heal it😢. Can you please help me idk what to do!!

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