Le Cercle by Mab’ish #17: Bonnie Banane – Muscles // Special Dance Guests Aminata & Sandrine

Le Cercle by Mab’ish #17: Bonnie Banane – Muscles // Special Dance Guests Aminata & Sandrine

Welcome to “The Circle” and today is a special episode entirely dedicated to a French artist! I am going to talk about BONNIE BANANE with her EP « Greatest Hits », especially the track « Muscles » released in 2012 on the label Weirdata via Favorite Recordings. By the way, this EP just celebrated its 5th anniversary!! For the second part of the show, I am glad to gather two Hip Hop female dancers who have been inspiring me a lot for several years: Aminata & Sandrine! Bonnie Banane is a young French singer currently living in Paris. Her artistic universe, whom I am particularly a fan, is very rich and kinda crazy. She studied at the National Superior School for performing arts which may explain her writing with poetic and absurd lyrics. She starts making music by herself during a few months between 2010 and 2011, then she invites a friend Walter Mecca, who is a producer, to take a listen. Following this, he proposed her to work together. And this is how their first collaboration was born with « Greatest Hits » EP in 2012. They will then release another EP together : « Rapt » in 2013 more suited for clubbing. Then the single track “Champs Elysées” released in 2014, a big hit!!! And finally, she released in the beginning of the summer, at her birthday date, the « Undone Tape » bringing together unachieved demo tracks. It was the surprise in order to kick a great start off the summer. Let me tell you one thing, this is a great banger… you know this is the kind of track you listen to all the evening at home while dancing alone! Bonnie Banane is also a member of the Grande ville records label family and has collaborated with different producers like Jimmy Who with the very good track « Burn a car » or Myth Syzer with “Bonbon à la menthe” and more lately “Le Code” where she, in my opinion, exalts the music with her lyrics and her presence… In 2015, she released the EP « Sœur Nature » with two main tracks whom videos are utterly crazy : “Leonardo” directed by Céline Croze and « L’Appetit » in collaboration with Kenzo… classy! That’s it ! This is exactly what I love with this artist: her original, refined and off the wall lyrics both in French and English. Let’s be honest, there is a few good French singers in that category! Plus, she always selects well-done and refined productions matching perfectly her style! Keep an eye on her guys, I’m tellin’ you! By the way, it’s not the Boiler Room guys who will dispute this fact! « Greatest hits » has been released in 2012 with Walter Mecca aka Dal G who produced all the tracks ! It contains 5 tracks, among them the 7 inches “Muscles” that I will linger over! The idea of « Muscles » came up to Bonnie’s mind when she heard a few chords in the end of a Walter Mecca’s track, so-called chords they will rely on to create a beat. This beat will be then used to give birth to this hit! This track sounds like a 90’s Hip Hop track. If you are in your 30’s, that should remind you your teenagers years!!!! Now, I have to talk about the music video ! The music video’s idea comes from Bonnie Banane ; she made it at home: they bought green material at Saint Pierre market building, it cost them 30 euros and they shot the video just the 2 of them in the afternoon. One week later, the video was ready! The « i get pregnant when i see you » move came all of a sudden during the shooting, therefore they chose “mtv the grind” footage as it was a TV-show they used to watch when they were teenagers… Weirdata is an independent label founded by the producer Walter Mecca aka Dal G in 2009 He’s a fairly mysterious character with a very strong identity, both sound-wise and visual-wise His aesthetic reminds the 90’s era, especially stuff related to VHS. He often puts a little humor in his music videos and that obviously we like it a lot within “The Circle” team! Watch carefully, you will see me during around a half second He just released 2 new projects that you absolutely need to listen The first one is a Hip Hop project:
E.H.D.C. (External hard drive cleaning) I especially like the track « Seoul City Neoul » And another one more funky style: “Social Network” Album And now we get to the second part of the TV-show with our 2 female dancers : Aminata & Sandrine! Let’s go! If you’ve liked this video, I can subscribe to my Youtube Channel Le Cercle by Mab’ish you can follow me on social network: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and don’t hesitate to let me some comments… see you soon! BISOUS

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  1. Alors là… Je suis ravi ! J'ai eu la chance d'aller la voir au Trabendo, c'est une de mes artistes française favorite! Franchement je suis trop contente que t'ai décidé de faire une vidéo sur elle, j'ai apprit plein de nouveaux trucs, merciiiii <3

  2. Putain je t'adore mad rey et bonnie banane !! Essaie de faire des interview mais t'es ultra instructive , tu nous apporte pleins d'informations gros live sur toi!!!

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