Lean and Muscular – Camera Ready Body

Lean and Muscular – Camera Ready Body

welcome to the camera-ready body course
this was originally developed for models and actors one of the look camera-ready
all year round and I realized that this was wait for anybody looking for that
special occasion especial for a wedding and you want your photos to look great
polished to memories last forever the problem that I found a lot of these
courses in the past that they’re more like crash diets only getting you ready
for about three months what I found that even if you were ready and you look
great for your photos you felt miserable so I needed to find a sustainable way
for people to actually do this and to feel their best not just look their best
the problems a lot of fat loss strategy is that first of all you crash burn you
lose a lot of carbs and fat sincere diet which only leads you not only enough
feeling event but well Monali your levels go down to I believe in the 80/20
principle Baretta’s principle which states that 80% of your results that you
get only come from 20% of the things that you do so many fitness experts and
programs focus on meal timing and meal frequency and supplements and they
aren’t things that really matter and a fat loss program so I wanted to
emphasize the things that really matter such as being the work that the set but
how can you do that while still enjoyable for yourself I found the way
and it’s intermittent fasting to do two big meals of eating more than things
that you enjoy in life so forget that meal frequency also it focuses on
getting stronger in the gym with progressive overload but lift focused
lists that are going to help you not only put focus and intensity into the
gym but also gets you out of the gym as fast as possible to you don’t want to
waste your time in there the reason why this program works is because it focuses
on the things that really matter and I spent years and even in the exercise
science degree trying to figure that out and even though they told me some of the
principles Allah time I was so confused because of all
these myths and fitness channels out there and all these magazines that are
just feeding your mind with bullshit so the problems that I saw are based off of
real principles and laws of losing body fat and the ways to make it enjoyable
for you because number one you have to be able to adhere to this adherent sum
number one reason why people either succeed or fail in a weight-loss journey
and I found the most pleasurable easiest ways to adhere to a weight-loss program
available out there right now you guys obviously I’m going to live in a cave
and your job is not to be a fitness model your whole life so the reason why
I developed this course to is because it gives out strategy stay on your fat loss
goals and your weight loss goals while you go out and enjoy time from friends
and family all so unexpected occasions come up with food and
beverages it doesn’t get rid of alcohol and your diet if you don’t want to it
also just teaches you to mess with methods to get around it more than just
muscle I got here his name is Jean Francois you want to introduce yourself
hi guys yeah I’m Jean Paul so I’m from Montreal Canada I’m an actor and model
and this guy here has been taking care of my nutrition – the past few years now
so we don’t have a shoot or something coming up I have to be a shirtless the
guys taking care of it so well actually still healthier I play hockey two three
times a week play basketball a lot and I used to be tired retired and could
barely sleep and when I started to change my nutrition actually helps me
sleep get some rest more energy and then when
I play hockey we have a lot of castings walk around the city and I’m always
stuck shape yeah so we’re doing the camera-ready body workout it’s geared
toward getting photo shoot ready all year round and let’s see in all that
luxury and you just need up week or three days to
prep sometimes your Li give me like three or four days yeah sometimes I know
two days before so it has to be efficient quick and efficient workout
yes so this workout is in the camera body workout and we’re going to go
through the whole thing in itself and you can find him on his Instagram yeah
just a lot of quality on this score yeah anyway so if you don’t have an incline
dumbbell press or anything where a machine and you only have machine it’s
okay to do machines still high reps first did that
Rivas now
you just today let’s go Josh why the so don’t squeeze practice I thought I
put my hat on just a matching little bit so what do you like about those squeeze
presses just burn ha ha good I feel like this part so I know you
really feel when I train really squeeze with my chest going to pop out so me
discovery I’m at they’ll be doing this small Etsy now I personally don’t drink
the blood you can still turn confusion get a lot of good stuff which is will
taking soy stuff he’ll like dark rum state or through
dark rum could be the secret might be a pipe ten seconds you okay Oh good good workout 8 go board the camera
ready so what was your favorite part about that oh man
actually I underestimated the cluster workout and it’s actually quite
interesting the way it works like you give everything you get you got and then
after like 10 seconds which is not enough to be enough you go again you go
again it really makes a good pump but I really feel like my whole shoulder the
every part of my chest worked not just like the lower part or sometimes I go to
the gym and I do like arms or something it’s only a little part of the whole
muscle that I feel and that workout only like 30 minutes didn’t take much time
but I’m going to then now I want to get back to back in shape by miles get out
of shape – it’s called unemployment whereas right the next step for you to
do is enroll in the course it’ll teach you how to fish instead of
having me fish for you let me teach and instruct you and cook you through this
whole process I’ll see you in there

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  1. bro do you focus on building a wide lats ? i see it not that aesthatic especially for aethletic/model type

  2. Been on intermittent fasting with 4 hour eating window for a month. Seeing results, but my energy levels are terrible and makes it impossible to achieve overload in gym. Thoughts on this scenario?

  3. Tomorrow I make my first month at the gym 😄 💪 I want to get my body like yours. I know I can 😎 its just matter of time. Great vid

  4. if I start gym from today in how many days my body will atleast luk good and anybody can recognise that I have started workout?

  5. Hey Kevin, loved your videoes and subbed. Was wondering what is your height/weight/how long you been lifting? Thanks

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