Learn How to Muscle Test Yourself in 3 Minutes

Learn How to Muscle Test Yourself in 3 Minutes

Hello! This is Cynthia Sue Larson with Reality
Shifters dot com. and I’m here today to talk with you about
muscle testing and how you can learn to do this in just
a couple of minutes. First of all, if you’ve got two of your hands free, you’ll be
wanting to put your fingers together making little circles like this, between the thumb and the pinky finger.
What you’re doing is creating something like a daisy chain when you
put the two links together. I suggest using the pinky finger because
usually it’s one of the least strong fingers.
You want some minimal resistance. The next thing you do is ask a question that
you already know the answer to. For example, I would ask myself,
“Am I Cynthia Sue Larson?” and pull my daisy chain rings apart–and they hold together very firmly.
I’m not really trying to do this, I’m just focusing on, “Am I Cynthia Sue Larson?”
This is my “Yes” when the chain does not pull apart.
Next, I can ask a question such as, “Is my name John?” and I pull the chain apart.
I’m once again not TRYING to do this at all, it’s just a weakness in the muscle, so that’s
why they call this “muscle testing.” It is a form of dowsing.
The reason behind it has a lot to do with physics, actually, and
the fact that when you ask a question, you are essentially entangling yourself with the
subject of your inquiry. This is through the focus of your attention.
I talk about dowsing in my book, “Aura Advantage,”
which describes some other methods you can use. I describe the fact that we are in the
Quantum Age right now in my book, “Quantum Jumps,” describing many of
the principles behind quantum physics, such as entanglement, coherence, superposition of states, and teleportation.
Once again, if you want to use this method of muscle testing,
you may wonder what can you use it for? You can use it for choosing things, when you want to know in advance before opening
the package, is it good for you? Is this the right car to buy?
You can say, “Is this broken-down jalopy that gets twelve miles to the gallon–
that kind of thing– and costs twenty thousand dollars–
is this the right car for me?” That’s a NO! And now I’m just speculating with this question. if you ask another question seriously,
and you’re looking at different ads for different cars, cameras, computers, or anything might want to figure
out… where you want to live… what kind of food is good for you…
which restaurant to choose… and so forth, you can get really strong indicators.
You are connecting with your intuition; you are entangling with the subject of
your inquiry. You can also locate things. I’ve used this successfully–
this very same method, because my hands are always with me–
to locate my friends and family when I’ve been in crowded environments.
I just ask, “Should I turn? Are they to the right of me?”
and then if you get a strong yes like that, then you’d know to go that direction. And I ended up… I’ve got some amusing stories!
I ended up able to just walk directly to a group that I’d gotten detached from. So have fun with this! I know you will.
This is Cynthia Sue Larson with RealityShifters.com

45 Replies to “Learn How to Muscle Test Yourself in 3 Minutes”

  1. Thanks Cynthia very interesting method, practical application of awareness and intuitive guidance, will give this a try!

  2. Whoa, indoor video.
    I like this method! I don't know why it didn't occur to me! Other muscle testing I was aware of required another person to help read the results. I had a tough time actually connecting my thumb and pinkie, but I can not argue with the results! Thank you! 

  3. I certainly will let you know, I have tried my name, so far so good, but I'm going to wait until I really need to make a choice for which I have no idea, that will be the big test, I want to tap into this intuition field or entanglement state that can help you see the future.  By the way, I much preferred it when you filmed your videos outside on the hill 😉
    (I have heard of a thing called muscle memory is that similar effect?)

  4. Simply get in tune with your muscles and you can feel the tension without the action of "ritual". 

  5. What if it doesn't work? I ask myself if I'm Albert Einstein and it's the same as asking if I'm me. Is this a skill that takes time and practice to learn? But the title of the video says 3 minutes.

  6. You have such a sweet spirit! I'm pretty sure my vibrations raised a few notches because of your peaceful energy. Thank you for sharing and doing all that you do! Blessings.

  7. hi cynthia…thanks for sharing this marvelous method and you even explain it in laws of physics. how about if the answer is between yes or no….such as Wait or Dont know?

  8. Thank you so much for this video. I have one question about testing for appropriate foods. I have seen other muscle tests where you hold the food up to your chest before testing. It sounds like with the method you share here that it is not necessary to have the food item in close proximity. Am I correct? Thanks again.

  9. Pffft….This didn't work for me whatsover. Had one of my gullible hippy friends try to show me this 10 yrs ago. It didn't work then either and she ended up just looking silly. Lol

  10. This isn't working for me. Apparently my name is Sam and "this is a yes" and "this is a no" so, my body isn't cooperating. 🙁

  11. This is really really absurd. Why would you put so much time and effort in something like this. It reminds me of people that believe LSD helps you to a higher state of conscience.

  12. Hi. Thanks for the information. I'm cool with saying that by doing this one is accessing some level of "information". My question is, where is this information coming from and is it reliable. I have the same kind of questions with psychics for example–if they're "real" then I'm cool with the idea that they are getting information from "elsewhere" but I still have the question, is it reliable, is it good/appropriate information for me? Would appreciate your comment on this for what you're teaching here. Thanks.

  13. Didnt work whatsoever. Would love to muscle test my im strong as in the link doesnt break with whatever question i ask whether a yes or a no.

  14. this sounds very interesting. I tried it and it seems to work. I seem to find that if i ask a question and which i want an answer to it locks. I asked if smoking weed if good for me and i got a yes but when i asked am i smoking too much weed the chain broke.

  15. One trick I learned is to test affirmative statements vs asking questions. Not to look to be told but to own ones own intuition and use the muscle test as an affirmation and tool to understand. My name is Jeremy vs. is my name Jeremy

  16. I didn't know so many people were doing this. I've been doing this for almost 10 years now and kept it to myself. lol.

  17. Hi Cynthis. I've done this with my index finger and thumb, on and off for years, but was never very successful at it, and never really trusted the answer. But gee, – the pinkie did the trick! Thankyou! What amazing results. <3

  18. I want to find out what the right path for me is….I get multiple yes answers. How do I narrow it down to one path?

  19. I was a practitioner of muscle reactivity testing modalities for 16 years. Oftentimes it seemed amazing but in the long haul, I ended up much worse off. The science behind it does not exit. It's worse than flipping a coin to get important health care information. Some how there is a spiritual component to the testing procedure, a way of communicating with spirits, and they are not good ones. These spirits may provide some short term amazing results, but in the long run you can be horribly damaged. It's like using a ouija board to try to improve your health. The science proving that Applied Kinesiology is not to be trusted can be found at :
    Continue doing muscle reactivity testing modalities if you are spiritually strong enough to deal with the health risks and the demonic oppression that comes with it.

  20. my friend is a energy healer and tried muscle testing on a few people, all muscle testing came back strong, even when we used someone else name or rat poison,sugar,food,weed killer. All the videos are how to, none address when it does not work

  21. Thank you so much for this information. The problem that I have is that I find myself thinking about the question and somehow consciously orchestrating the answer I want. How do I stop myself doing that. Would meditation help? You do have a wonderful, uplifting energy.

  22. Everything behind energetics which is an energy is really a force a demonic force. Familiar spirits which come as an angel of light come to deceive you into thinking this is ok. Just like any of the eastern philosophy medical treatments. Homeopathics, acupuncture, kenesiology, cranial sacral therapy, reiki, cupping, acupressure, and all energy work are dealing with a force that is not scientifically based. When she talks of your energy field she is taking about your aura. An energy field that surrounds your body. These are just different names for them. When you use a ouija board you are asking yes or no answers and the same thing for muscle testing which is another name for kinesiology. The meridian system is a stem of energy. There is not scientific prove just testimonials. Just because there are testimonials doesn’t mean they are ok. Because the devil can heal also. New age and witches have been healing for centuries. It’s what’s behind it that matters. Just ask google, is applied keneiology of the occult or new age.

  23. Do you actively clench your muscles or do you relax whats the specifics? because if I hold my fingers together i can ask myself anything the loop doesnt break.


  25. I am getting mixed results. I am even getting 'No'/broken chain to obvious yes questions! What to do? 🙁

  26. How would I know that the response is just from wishful thinking or self fulfilling answers(lack of better terms)?

  27. I am a terrible hypnosis subject. I believe nothing unless I've thoroughly researched and tested it. I don't have well-functioning mirror neurons, which means I'm not likely to mirror what others are feeling or saying. This makes me more truthful, to myself and others, and less likely to believe anything. (It also makes it harder for me to know what people expect of me unless they state it clearly.) I've tried this daisy chain with a number of true and false statements and I can always keep the chain intact. How many people are mirroring, unconsciously, the actions of the person they see in the video?

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