Learn More About the Roadkill Muscle Truck – Roadkill Extra

Learn More About the Roadkill Muscle Truck – Roadkill Extra

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  1. Still one of the best roadkill vehicles, it's actually nice, if it got a full paint job you would never know it was a roadkill truck haha.

  2. The muscle truck was my inspiration for my own 74 stepside “Project SteppinWolf”. Ls swap, nitrous….but I recently took it a step further with a budget turbo build on it as well. 👍🏻

  3. QUESTION! Do you prefer the sound of your Dynomax Bullet muffler over a Cherry Bomb? Would you say one performs better than the other if you had to guess?

  4. Please someone help me. Just bought a 73 GMC c1500 454 bbc shortbed stepside, really clean truck. It starts very well when cold but then as soon as it warms up it dies. You go to start it and it turns over with no spark, EXCEPT for when you let off the key. Then it gives spark and sounds like it's just about to start as soon as you let off the ignition. Coil is good. Timing is perfect. But for some reason it has these two issues im talking about. (WILL NOT START AGAIN AFTER DYING)-due to all spark being cut off until it is cold again, and (DIES ONCE IT GETS HOT)-the coil is not overheating or getting hot enough for that to be the issue. So im just really lost here, any suggestions would really help a lot. It's my dream truck and it kills me to not be able to even drive it further than like half a mile without being totally stranded. SOMEONE HELP ME- Thanks.. Rob
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  5. What is the name of that blue color on most of the truck? Its on the El Camino you swapped the sbc into on an episode also.

  6. this video saved my search for these wheels ! I've been looking everywhere for Baja style rims for my mustang. Thanks a lot !! keep up the good vids

  7. Have anyone had to replace the bed of the truck because the bed start lean over on the passenger side something is broke need some idea what to do

  8. Hey Frieburger, that isn't an original hood. The raised panel portion on the front of the hood marks it as either a re-pop, or an OE '78-80 hood. '73-77 didn't have that raised portion, and re-popped hoods all have the raised portion.

  9. I liked her when she was carburated with the Vic Jr intake , but i can understand trying different combos .. Awesome truck

  10. on my Jeep TJ sport I have a garbage radio pioneer the face plate the release pin is sensitive each time I hit a bump it pops out and gos on the floor

  11. That hood is not original to a 74 truck. It has the raised panel on the front that was used from mid 78 to 80 and all the aftermarket hoods have that raised area.

  12. I know this is old but the hood is newer than a 74 because of the extra peice that sticks out on the front the 74 hood would be flat look into that

  13. I’m driving the 79 GMC that my father purchased new that year and left to me after he passed. I had the original block built and she runs beautiful to this day.

  14. just to let you guys know it takes a lot for me to put a like on a video and their videos I watch over and over and over and over and over that I don't put a like on but this video I did

  15. That hood is a 79-80 due to the extra body line on the front end. Just learned that the other day thought i would share.

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