LeBron Asks: What muscles do we use when shooting a basket?

LeBron Asks: What muscles do we use when shooting a basket?

[LEBRON JAMES] What muscles do I use when I take a free throw? [SAL KHAN] Excellent question, LeBron. So you can imagine whenever you’re doing anything – whenever you stand, or even run – you’re using a ton of muscles just to to keep your balance – Just to keep your body rigid. But what we’re going to focus on are the muscles that are directly acting on the ball to make the ball go in that direction – to make it accelerate upwards and towards the basket – which you would hopefully do when you are taking a free throw. So, the muscles that are doing that are the ones that help your fingers go in that direction, help the palm of you hand going in that direction, and help your entire forearm to go in that direction. Obviously, at the same time, there are many other muscles at work, even the muscles that keep your entire arm above your head like this – the muscles that keep you standing. But we’re going to just focus on these muscles right over here. So first, the muscles that allow your fingers to go in the direction that you want the ball to go, and your palm. And you might be surprised to find that those muscles actually sit in the forearm. most of those muscles actually do not sit in the hand. Those muscles are actually here. So the muscles in the front of your forearm right here, they are actually all about flexing the fingers and the hands in that direction. There are a bunch of names for them. And I encourage folks to look them up. But it is a really interesting thing, because we are often used to muscles being directly where the motion is. But in this case, these muscles, when they’re in action, they contract And muscles, when they’re in action do contract. So they’re going to contract and they are going to pull essentially on tendons. They’re going to pull the whole hand to that way. You could view as a kind of pulley So if this was… If you view your wrist joint as kind of pulley. And if you had a rope that is attached to another block. And that block you can view as your hand and your finger So that block is your hand. These muscles right over here, they contract this way so its ….. pulling on this rope. And were to pull on this rope, what would happen to this block up here? Well, this block up here is going to go in that general direction. So that what’s keep your hand and your fingers going in that way But what about the entire forearm? So once again. The muscles that get your entire forearm going in that direction aren’t in your forearm. They are in the back of your upper arm. So they are right over here. Often referred to as the triceps. The official name are the triceps brachii, but they’re right over here and it’s called triceps because kind of three-headed muscle. There are three muscle bundles that are going on And when these muscles over here, your triceps, when they contract they allow your entire forearm to essentially straighten out on your elbow so it will go in that direction In this case, when this muscle, the triceps, contract your entire forearm is going to …. on your elbow And go like that, which will allow the basket to go in the intended direction

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  1. Excelent vdeo Sal. I wonder if you are planning to create a playlist on Accounting and alll of the MBA stuff as you once promised.

  2. its called a joke bro … lebron is beast … and jesus is great … doesnt mean we cant have a good laugh about them #chill

  3. why do you people give LeBron double standards? did everyone forget kobe's FOUR (yes four) straight airballs in 4th and OT in 97 playoffs that got Lakers eliminated?oh it's in the past or how about his 35% shooting in the 2004 finals? that's in the past right? what about Jordan's poor performance vs. Seattle? see u guys are just excusing the other players and the funny thing is 2011 finals was probably the only series where LeBron has struggled in more than 2 games

  4. Lol, well…the kobe example from 97 isn't good. He was a rookie that year! But there are no double standards with kobe…a lot of people bring up his negative performances. If you remember, before lebron received so much dislike and hate, it was kobe who people picked on. I DEFINITELY agree that MJ receives the benefit of the doubt. Nobody mentions anything negative about him.

  5. The problem is that MJ or Kobe never promised 5-7 rings…they just went out and won. A lot of the lebron double standards was based on how the decision went down. The 2011 finals was the year after so he received a lot of criticism. Anyways, that's over. Curious to see how well the heat do next year.

  6. "oh LeBron claimed he was going to win 5-7 rings so we're going to be extremely judgemental, cynical and even subjective" lol first of all, his "decision" was produced by someone from ESPN who asked him to do it for charity to the Boy and Girls Club, second, that "celebration" was clearly Miami's idea since they're a party environment city not LeBron's and he even said in a Mcdonald's commercial he was just cocky for that ONE celebration unlike Kobe who disses his own teammates

  7. HAHAHAHA, how delusional are you? First, don't skew and twist my words to make me seem irrational. I'm explaining how some fans viewed him. Extremely "judgemental, cynical, and EVEN subjective" First, judgmental and subjective are redundant….second, isn't that the same thing you're doing when you're insulting Kobe? Disses his own teammates? Like who? Kwame?

  8. How delusional are you? Produced by someone from ESPN? YEAH, bc Lebron complies w/ whatever ESPN requests. Him and his firm, CAA, planned that. Second, Lebron has never said it was cocky for an extravagant celebration. Miami is a party city? What the hell is LA, then? Finally, quit being a homer. Where did I say ANY athlete was not subject to criticism? That applies to Kobe, Lebron, and MJ…Lebron fan boys are legitimately amusing…constantly creating excuses to prop up an athlete…

  9. you're retarded go look it up, it was never his idea, he's not the one with a rape charge or cheating on his wife, OR ANY criminal record (which is what really sets athlete for hate) and really? Miami is a party city lol do you honestly believe LeBron threw that whole party himself as well? lol u kobetards make me laugh but don't worry u guys also believe Kobe is actually clutch(disregarding his horrible %) and thinks he can pass ok bye bye crybaby bitch lolol what u doing on a lebron video?

  10. idiot go look it up he dissed Bynum in a 2006 video saying he sucked but the video was obviously deleted but there's articles on that story and in 2011 and I think 2012 he criticized his teammates for lack of play when he clearly choked vs OKC stop being ignorant LeBron doesn't have a narccisitic personality he just goes by his business idk why u kobetards spend time on LeBron videos in the first place LOL and my fav. players are Rondo and Wade I dont care that much about Bron

  11. are you trolling or just plain retarded? no surprise if you're both considering you're a retarded kobetard lmao u even left a comment "you should have picked Kobe for this!" GTFO kobebitch and read your comment how can u call the other dude delusional when u have no facts to back yourself up, all you're saying is opinions or just fairytale stories lol

  12. the thing i hate about these kind of vids is the super boring comment adventure we go through. This is a freakin educational video!!! Not the supreme court of Science!!!!!

  13. LOL. Lebron doesn't have a narcissistic personality? Come on man…he calls himself King James, refers to himself in 3rd person, and has "the chosen one" tatooed across his chest.

  14. hahaha. okay. It's funny how lebron fans resort to a rape charge…kobe doesn't have a criminal record. To have one, you have to be convicted. Regardless, like I said, all players and people have their flaws. It's funny how when I make a couple of nuanced points, you suddently act like a petulant child. And, sure Kobe has taken a lot of game winning shots, he also has the most game winning shots since 2000.

  15. It wasn't his idea? So they threatened to kill lebron if he didn't do it? I don't get it….anyways, even lebron has said the decision was his mistake. Also, this isn't a lebron video, it's a khan academy video….have fun though, the heat aren't winning another title 🙂

  16. lol it wasn't his idea like I said, go look it up he was OFFERED a chance to air his decision to raise money for a Boys and Girls club who wouldn't do that, considering the fact that media hyped him going to New York ever since 2008? and this clearly is a LeBron video because the first word in the title is LeBron lol you're a clear troll or just another stupid kobetard there's so many contradictions in your comments I'm not going to bother

  17. That's incorrect, the secret of making a shot comes from gluteal activation. secret of athleticism will explain it in the coming book

  18. stablelisers of the core, flexion of shoulder and triple extension of the lower extremity are the most neglected part of body in shooting.

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