12 Replies to “Lecture – 05 Protein Structure III”

  1. i found your lectures very easy to understand, welll done and thank you. i would be glad if you could post all lectures of biochemistr u did so i could use them in learning process, thank you so much

  2. Great lectures, well explained. But what just makes me wonder is that at our universities (in Czech Republic), they're teaching much much much more than this here….what i saw in those five classes we swiftly made through in one 2,5 hour class. Strange, i thought our levels arent that high. BTW it is bachelor's programme

  3. I don't understand if primary structure is like a phase that leads to the secondary structure or they coexist togetter. please help as soon as possible.

  4. question do i really know how to solve the problems, like value and everything for protein structure as medical student?, like i know about Sickle cell Disease.

  5. when i see ur lectures it makes me proud as an indian and also as a bengali like u mam.my med school biochem dept. teachers should learn from u the art of teaching.seeing here that ur lectures are being applauded in 1st world countries also proving that a knowledged person is respected everywhere  … hats off mam..god bless u…..

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