Leg Workout “Finisher” (QUADS KILLED!!)

Leg Workout “Finisher” (QUADS KILLED!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. As if leg training wasn’t hard enough on its
own, along comes a finisher. Today I’m going to show you exactly how to punish your legs
and put that finishing nail in the coffin when it comes to leg training. One of the
things we’re going to incorporate right off the bat in our finisher is a very overlooked,
but important element when it comes to leg training. That is, speeding things back up. We’re going
to do that here with explosive leg training. A lot of times we tend to train our legs slowly.
Especially if you’re doing heavy squats you’re not moving the bar all that fast. So when
we do our finisher we kick it off here, the way I think we should if we’re not just trying
to train like athletes, but get the most out of our leg development. We’re going to do that with a weighted squat
– a weighted jump squat. Now, I’m not advising that we do this with a barbell across our
back because even if we get the least amount of separation from the bar off our shoulders,
or off the back of our neck it’s going to come crashing back down when we make contact
with the ground. I also don’t like the axial loading right through the spine directly on
top of the spine that we make contact with the ground. So we can do it with dumbbells and it actually
sets itself up pretty perfectly with the rest of the finisher because we’re going to use
a mechanical drop set here. Weighted jump squats go right down into dumbbell front squats.
So we’re going to do eight weighted jump squats. You pick them right up into a dumbbell front
squat as soon as you get done with those. Then you go and you do 12 reps of those, okay? Then you come and go right over to the wall
here and now it’s really a test of your manhood. What kind of balls do you have to get through
the rest of this workout? Because you’re going to do a wall sit and you’re going to do your
wall sit with those same dumbbells – 40lbs in each hand – until you can’t do it anymore.
Then guess what? It’s not over. You drop those dumbbells, you’ve got a little bit more left
in you to see how much more you’ve got to really put the nail in the coffin. This finisher complex can be done three times
at the end of your leg workout. I know you’re probably not looking forward to it, but I
promise you, it’s what your legs need to really put the finishing nail, like I said, in the
coffin. So, starts off with a jump squat load. If you’re squatting, whatever your regular
squat weight is for a one rep max – let’s say it’s 350lbs – using 25% of that split
across two dumbbells. So let’s say 80lbs. Split across two you’ve got 40lb dumbbells
in your hands. How are you jumping? You’re jumping from about
a shoulder width, or slightly outside of shoulder width stance. You’re not going to try to get
your legs right out here and jump because you wouldn’t do that anyway, but secondly,
you’re going to get your dumbbells hitting the outside of your legs. So you want to make
sure your legs are right in here, shoulder width. Then, the key; you don’t want to
short leg your jumps. You don’t want to basically come out of this position and when
you jump you still have some bending in your legs. You want to be able to forcibly explode off
the ground. Yes, land softly again, but explode all the way up into triple extension so that
your legs are completely straight. You do that now with the dumbbells, remember, eight
of these, then we go right to the front squat. You only have to go down a quarter of the
way into the squat, but it’s that forcible change in direction that makes all the difference.
Okay, so here, we’re going to squat. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Come right up, front squat for 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten. Right over the wall. Now rest. Down here, get comfortable. Try to hang out
there as long as you can. You’ll start shaking, you’ll want to drop down; that’s not your
cue to quit the set. Hang on as long as you possibly can. Now, when you reach failure
you’ll drop these and then try to hang out bodyweight. Stop cheating, Jeff! Get your
hands off your thighs! Again, you’ll start quivering. That’s not your cue to drop. Your
cue to drop is when your legs just absolutely give out and drop your ass down to the floor. So, as you can see it’s not comfortable. It’s
not fun, but if it was everybody would do it and getting bigger legs wouldn’t be all
that hard. But I can tell you this: it is going to require some effort, but if you do
the right things you’ll see how much more quickly your effort pays off. If you’re looking
for a complete training program that will get you results for your effort, I promise
you that, head to ATHLEANX.com and let me coach you with my ATHLEANX training system
every single day, through every single workout to get the most out of you. If you’ve found this video helpful – if
you liked this leg workout finisher – it’s because you asked for it. You wanted more
of the finisher series. I’m bringing it to you because I want to make the videos you
guys want to see. You could see this just kicked my ass. It was only one time through.
I’ve got two more to go. I’ll see you guys back here again in just
a couple days. In the meantime, good luck! See you!

100 Replies to “Leg Workout “Finisher” (QUADS KILLED!!)”

  1. thz are really effective I have tried it thanks to jeff…they may look easy bt when u do it…u will cry out fr mommy

  2. Doing this for the first time tonight and 2 sets with 15lb dumbbells has me praying for a quick death… but I'm on to my third set now… love it

  3. I have to do 3 sets of these after just completing a full leg routine? Jesus christ, I won't be able to walk.

    I'm excited

  4. are your knees cracking at 3:40–3:44? i can hear smth weird.. sounds like my knees when i squat ahah

  5. But… is it recommendable to do the jump squats when you have weak knees? I'm imagining the pain on my poor knees 🙁

  6. That last one is doable for a beginner like me even for the optimal 45s-under-contraction but boy did it make me quiver and heave and feel sensations in my leg that I've never felt before

  7. Tried this today and forgot to adjust for my weight/strength and HOLY SHIT a few sets killed me. Great workout. Thanks, Jeff!

  8. Hi Jeff,
    I've been following your program since2014. Can you make a video about Uneven Calf size. Mine are

  9. Thanks bros,

    just watched some of your vids related to following muscle fibres, please can you make a video on the how to use this approach for legs?

  10. more please. Could you do more videos focused on girls please. To give us that hour glass shape. I love you and thanks !

  11. For the front squats I would think one needs to stop earlier. I cannot see it in this angle of the video but suspect your lower spine curvature was not appropriate at bottom of the squat. The squat law video lays it out very clearly

  12. I didn't understand what he saying when he ding that exercise on the wall I mean he was very tired 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. When I first saw this I underestimated it and I thought I could do better lol I did it today after my leg workout and it was a real killer. Thanks, Jeff.

  14. esta demasiado mortal este finisher lo intentó apenas termino piernas pero la verdad no lo logró muy duro para mi todavía jejeje los otros finishers como el de pecho si lo logró perico este está DEMASIADO duro para mis skinie piernas jajajaja

  15. Jeff sir please i want best chest activation exercises and I want to say that please release chest,bicep,and mostly leg exercise .i hope you have release all these videos and upload in youtube in your channel -Thankyou Jaihind

  16. Does anybody have experience doing this set? I've been incorporating this into my leg days along with lunges per set. By the time I'm at the isometric portion, I can only hold for 20 seconds tops and feel like dying. Is this normal?

  17. Added this to my AX1 leg day today. I could barely walk down the stairs after. Total burnout. Love it! The shakes are very real my friends. Enjoy 😉

  18. Hi Jeff, many thanks for sharing your valuable insights which really must be helping many youth and other guys to exercise correctly. I am really motivated and have gained considerably in the previous months. Here is a problem i am facing and seeking your assistance. I met with an accident when i was about 15 years and fractured my right thigh bone. I had a rod inserted which was removed after 2 yrs. Now i am 29 years old and have started working out lately. My right leg is about 70% strong in comparison to the left one. Plz suggest something. Also, plz let me know if i need to write more to help you understand the issue. Thanks.

  19. Weighted jump squats and weighted wall sits are totally abusive on the joints… jump squats should be done on a very thick mat or a trampoline!

  20. Today i did this, and thank you! I could barely walk for 15 minutes, and went on a chair for 10 minutes before getting on my bicycle. But it was worth it!!!

  21. dumbell squats are awesome. It strenghtens the core too. Try this one : Legs twice the lenght of shoulders. Then you begin to squat from one leg to the other, at the same time you hold dumbells or weights in front of you, or on your shoulders . ;]]

  22. Hey, Jeff. I usually wear my squat shoes. Should I be wearing my running shoes or just something with more cushion than my squat shoes for this. Thank you man.

  23. Weight: 25% 1RM squat split in two DB for 3 sets
    03:10 8-reps Weighted DB jump squat
    03:26 10-reps Front DB squat
    03:54 Till failure Weighted wall sit
    04:12 Till failure BW wall sit

  24. Can you post a jumping workout? I'm a volleyball player and I work legs religiously and do some jumping exercises but would love to learn more and have more options. This looks like one of your older videos LOL. You having to squat to get in front of the camera and the darker lighting made me laugh a little. Or maybe Jesse is just a really good editor and took over. 😉

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