Leg Workout to Build Muscle From Home

Leg Workout to Build Muscle From Home

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  1. Hey how do u suggest should I exercised….to get my chest fat reduced and ….I had harniya operated so I get this fear how or what should I workout to avoid any tension in the operated arear

  2. I'd seen the video and thought it was easy but ended up to be very challenging, specially the Last hold .
    -seriously liked that beautiful no-tattoo natural form!!

  3. Great body, but lose the fake lips, so unnatural, too many girls around me are redoing their lips nowadays, anyone else feeling that way?

  4. What's going on with these girls, there to skinny, please work on your whole body not just your glutes, I'm sorry but holding on to bones is not an attractive thing….where are the girls like Cassandra Martin?????

  5. I'm in the mood to sign the thenx app plan, but I don't know when and how long I'll have to rest in training, between exercises, between rounds, etc. could someone help me, i need a lot

  6. Hi! I wanna have a wider chest but, i've been doing push ups everyday but, my chest aren't getting wider. How do i get a wider chest?

  7. Chris, you are a force and aura all your own. Please do not replace yourself with another. I’d rather you post less instead of substitute.

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