Legs Up The Wall – Foundations of Yoga

Legs Up The Wall – Foundations of Yoga

What’s up everyone, welcome to Yoga With Adriene.
I’m Adriene, and today we’re learning one of my favorite poses in the whole entire world:
Legs Up the Wall. So, we’re going to kick our feet up and absorb the amazing benefits
of this fantastic yoga pose. And to do that, I’m going to take you right over here to the
Yoga Corner. This is the Yoga Corner’s debut, I haven’t done yoga over here yet, I don’t
think. So to get started, I want to say this. I stayed
in my street clothes for this one on purpose; because this is a posture that you can do
almost anywhere. And it’s really lovely especially if you’re on the go, on the road, in an airport
even. Some airports have yoga rooms now. First thing you do when you get to your hotel after
a day of travel. This is great hotel yoga. After a long day at a festival or an event.
This is a great way to kick your feet up. You can do this in your bed. You can do this
against any clean wall. And I’m going to go ahead and use the yoga mat and blanket here.
But just want to say you don’t need fancy yoga stuff to do this one. So, I’ve laid out my mat here. I have a blanket.
If you don’t have a blanket, it’s okay. You can use a pillow from your hotel bed, or your
bed at home, or you don’t actually need this but it’s just a nice little support for the
lower back and sacrum. So, with the blanket or the pillow I’m going to take it and I’m
going to just leave a little bit of butt room, as I so professionally call it. A little bit
of butt room, from the wall to the blanket or the pillow. And naturally, I’m going to
gracefully come in here and sneak my butt into the space that I left for it. Magically my blanket or my pillow will come
to support my lower back but you might need some adjustments. So those are also really
fun and graceful, they look like this. And so, what I’m doing is I’m allowing my pelvis
to have this awesome tailbone down towards the ground, in this little space here this
little nook. And I don’t know if you can see this. Really allowing the weight of my legs,
and the hips sockets to drop down into this beautiful little nook I’ve created for it.
Whilst still supporting the lower back. This feels amazing. I’m already in heaven, heaven,
heaven. Now I do remember the first time I came into
the posture, really feeling like a lot going on here. For one, I couldn’t straighten my
legs all the way. So if your knees are bent, no prob this is great. And if the blood is
flowing the opposite direction, for the first time in a long time, it might be quite intense.
So that said, you can take breaks by bringing the knees nice and wide. Soles of the feet
together. And of course nice long smooth deep breaths. We can still practice this without a pillow
or a blanket it’s just nice to have that lower back support, and it’s a little more restorative
this way. From here I can rest the hands gently on the belly or the ribs. If you’re wanting
a more restorative practice, maybe for your spirit, or your heart, maybe hands on the
chest. Shoulders relaxed, elbows nice and wide. If it’s hot outside you’re wanting to
cool down your body and calm the nervous system, interlace the fingertips. Open elbows, nice
and wide, and we maybe use the thumbs here extended to massage the neck and the back
of the head. So there’s lots of options. We can also simply rest the arms gently at our
sides. So we have lots of options here, as the blood
flows in the opposite direction, we breath deep nice natural long breaths. So, we breath
consciously but we keep it nice and natural. And what I mean by that is we don’t need to
do an Ujjayi breath here or Kapalabhati, or anything. We just let the rhythm flow. Mindful
breaths, and that’s that. Beautiful Viparita Karani, one of my favorite
poses for when I travel. Also, you know we have a couple of wonderful festivals here
in Austin, Texas. This is the place to go after a long day at the fest. And this is
where my friends and I and my loved ones go after a long day, you know in boots or in
heels. We kicked our legs up like this, after a day trip to Disneyland. The whole family
can get involved. Again take breaks when you need too, bending
the knees. This is a nice restorative variation here of Legs Up the Wall. Just take a little
break, and then when you’re ready back up you go. In time you can get this nice stretch
of the hamstrings as you straighten the legs, but in due time. You don’t need to push that
here. We can keep the knees nice and soft. To come out of the posture, we of course release.
Hug the knees into the chest and melt on over to one side. And then I’ll use the palms to
press back up. If you have a pillow or blanket you might sit on it now. And we’ll just take
a moment to come to cross-legged, and notice how we feel. So sit up nice and tall. We come
to Sukhasana here, for just a moment. And notice how you feel. It’s so awesome to have these powerful tools
of yoga. You don’t need anything fancy, you don’t need any fancy wall. Again, I’m in my
street clothes. Two colors of denim. Just to show you you can do this on the go, and
keep it in your tool-belt. Your natural healing tool-belt. I love you guys. Leave questions or comments
below. I’d love to hear about your experience with this pose in particular, as it is one
of my favorites. Let us know your story, how this pose has benefited you if you are already
a practitioner. I’ll see you next week. Free yoga videos every Wednesday. We complete the
ritual by drawing the palms together and bowing to one another, namaste.

100 Replies to “Legs Up The Wall – Foundations of Yoga”

  1. I did this just tonight! I kept my legs up for probably 10 minutes. I had a lot of relief. I tend to sit a lot at my computer, so this felt really great. My feet were less swollen, and the muscles stretching was surprisingly pleasant. I'll have to do this more often! ♡

  2. Adriene, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do yoga every other day with you. You were born to go this. You are funny, original, you make feel peace, I just love you to pieces. Thanks for all your hard work. The new yoga “dedícate” is amazing… one thing I loved is to see how your dog feels you and your amazing energy. I just love you. Happy valentines from Utah!🌱♥️🌿

  3. Tell the benefits if this pose please and also for how long it is to be done . Can people with high blood pressure can do this ?

  4. They need to show "fluffy" or huge people getting into this position. Just like they advertise slim people getting liposuction. We live in the real world. So get real.

  5. Thankyou so much for not having vocal fry or talking in slow motion in a pseudo "calm" voice. So many yoga vids are ruined for me by creaky voiced women trying too hard. Your videos are gorgeous and genuine and I am almost pain free after several years spent mostly in bed. With the help of you and Fit Outside The Box with Karla Luster I've turned everything around and stopped almost all meds. Eternally grateful….And taller, and stronger!

  6. I very much like this posture, I did for 5 ms at the end of a hard days physical work, standing for long hours in the kitchen, and after 5 ms of doing this, my back pain disappeared, and my body felt more relaxed. However, I still can't put my legs right up against the wall like you've shown in the video and I think it is because I am fat also, and my body is very stiff and rigid. Anyway I will keep on doing it, and should it be done on an empty stomach only? Thanks very much for the video. Also, I have 3 mild bulging discs in my lower spinal cord, is it still safe for me to do this pose? And I also noticed that my legs started aching, if I did this posture for more than 5 minutes, why is that? And will this problem lessen with time and daily practice, this is still the 2nd day of my practice.

  7. Really enjoying your beginner videos. Love the relaxed way you explain the poses do what is easy rather than forced. Thank you.

  8. I just subscribed her. She knows what she's doing. I have done light aerobics, gym etc. But the yoga is the best. I have been doing it for some time. I'm 47 years old, going through hormonal changes these days. Yoga is helping me alot.

  9. In college, I was a cocktail server by night, and I would do this posture as soon as I got home. Felt so good, and sometimes I'd even fall asleep in it, only to be awakened as my legs slid down. Which, I suppose, was a good thing!.

  10. I work 10 hours 6 days a week for the past 4 years standing up that is., only so young but it's getting on me slowly.. first time I try this today and oh boy it works i can tell you! Combined with some chill deep breathing and we're talking about some serious healing process. Thanks so much lovely girl, my gratitude from Greece!!

  11. My legs go numb pretty quickly in this pose. I've reverted to lots of bending at the knee or coming in to cobblers pose

  12. I loved this… thank you Adriene❣️ I started doing this nightly about six months ago. I do Legs Up The Chest of Drawers (no clear wall space😉) for 15 minutes while I meditate. Changed my meditating and my life for the better. Now I also take five-minute Legs breaks throughout the day. Add in a beautiful piece of music, and I’m in heaven. 🌌

  13. What does this do for you body could you please answer me on this one was just wondering also could you please show me one easy one to Strengthen my lower back thank you you’re awesome by the way

  14. You always make me feel like I’m a normal person and just like everyone else for once. Like I’m okay as I am. Thank you so much

  15. My first try. You look pleasing. Your enjoyment is contagious and I felt a sense of release and happiness within my heart. Thank you.

  16. I tried this for the first time today. Have been with you doing daily yoga since January (dedicate), very awkward getting my butt close enough to the wall, happy no one is home! Once there I had no problem with straightening my legs but again….like a mess getting out of the pose and upright, but it was fun and made me laugh. Love you Adriene ♥️

  17. Man. I started doing yoga off human instinct. After my decadence into sin and spiritual awakening I reconnected to my body and began the recovery process. First with ankle stretches, walks, fasting, lower back stretching and strengthening and finally running. Lost 17 kilos of body fat so far and now my BMI is much closer to a healthy range. Still got around ten kilos to go.

  18. Thanks for posting this video. How many minutes should we start with & what is the maximum minutes one should do to reap the benefits?

  19. I did this position for the first time in the one seater bathroom at work after my co-worker told me about it. I am a full time server at a bar and I use this routine almost everyday!

  20. My lifey wifey sent me this video twice. Susan I love you baby💜💭💏 We are gonna do lots of yoga together azizam💜💜💞💌

  21. Tried it first time…still down here Relaxin! Going for 30 minutes! Thank you for the really great idea ❤️❤️

  22. It took me a few funny moments getting in and out of this pose!🤣. But I gotta say that once I got into position, it my favorite! Plus I feel awesome afterward💜. Thanks, dear Adriene! 🙏Namaste🙏

  23. Hello! When is the best time to do this pose? Before going to bed? How many hours of gap between having food? Silly question I know but can we take a shower right after this pose? Thanks so much

  24. I started my daily yoga practice with Dedicate in 2019 and now have another short but restorative pose to add to my practice. You have inspired and helped me grow so much through yoga, thanks so much Adriene! Namaste 🌺🧘🏾‍♀️🏝

  25. Hello I'm a rookie and I really Love I was in a car accident hurt my back you have made feel better already….BLESSINGS

  26. How long or often would you recommend doing this? And how long did it take to be able to straighten out the legs? My wife keeps trying to get me to do this, but I probably don't do it as much as I should. Without any back support and in resting position, my butt is lifted off the floor and my legs are far from straight. I need to force everything down there to lower butt and straighten legs ><

  27. I’m not able too use my legs without pain,I was wondering if you have some kind exercises that will be good for

  28. Thank you for the video. Would you talk a little bit about the benefits of the pose? Btw, you have beautiful feet.

  29. Should your glutes/ butt be in contact with the wall? I tried getting pushed all the way down against the wall because it looked to me that's how you were in the video, but there would always be a space when I straightened my legs up. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're just more flexible than me, but I was wondering if that's a point of emphasis or if it's insignificant. Also, there was a strong sensation in my low back. It's a problem area, so I just want to be sure I protect it and that my back should feel like it's getting worked and I'm not just doing it incorrectly.

  30. A very good feeling after doing this. I regularly do some asanas , but not this one . I shall include this one also. Can we do this in the night before sleep? Thank u so much . Ur voice itself is soothing…

  31. I've been doing this for ages long before they became YouTube videos. It's the only thing that helps my back & hamstrings in addition to feeling overall relaxation.

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