Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Muscle Queen Returns, part 1 (2015.08.06)

Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Muscle Queen Returns, part 1 (2015.08.06)

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  1. I'm becoming a fan of Dahye. She challenged her fear of heights and started crying afterwards haha cute

  2. This dream team I like…I lol'ed so hard at the girls being all pretty at first and then – boom! – mud all over 'em. XD

  3. Excited about next week's show. Like how they're showing strong beautiful women even if its still a tad sleeezy.

  4. It's finally here, been waiting for it since the preview.  Too bad I have to wait another week for the obstacle. But I was hoping Tahiti, Crayon Pop, & Laboum would challenge too.

  5. Please bring back "Flag Race" or Dream Team vs "expert" Team ( I'm so tired of these lame ass deserted island specials or women specials (esp. when there's like 2 that try really hard to actually do well while the rest just stand there to look pretty), it would be so fun to see them the best running idols go against the"non-idol" Dream Team members (like Minhyuk, Hoya, Woohyun, Dongjun, Baro, FeelDog, Seyong, Changjo, etc.), so far Kwon Taeho has been the King of this race and i hope to see a new person take over pssh, I hope Minhyuk takes over, but there are many new groups I'd like to see compete too like Romeo, Monsta X, Seventeen, N.Flying, & my baes from iKon (debuting in Sept <33)

  6. yes tried of all these women's I want to see some flag race with the ace and fastest idol like back then taeho, minhyuk, doojoon and other more.

  7. I felt really sorry for Dahye when i saw how strong her fear was. I think she even started to hyperventilate but nobody said anything. But great job ^^ and i think i'm gonna join her fanclub

  8. OMG !! Agia is so amazing like bruh💁she looks so thin and fragile but damn girl knows how to run~ and she has quite a beautiful face

  9. There was so much sexiness on this episode that I could hardly even concentrate on the competitions. Got so many nose bleeds…my god. Boeun covered in all that mud…and Dahye from besTiE with that dance!!! :O :O OMG!

  10. Is it just me cause I'm really missing Ricky Kim, Choi Sung Jo, Park Jae Min and the rest of the crew. I hope they are appearing in future episodes soon xP

  11. Haha Agia and Dahye is my favorites! The other girls are like pros at these games since their jobs are similar, but they are idols~ Dahye over coming her fear is so cute!! I'm happy they both are here~ Excited for next week!!!

  12. Awesome episode!  Loved the one on one battles.   Taemi was great.  Loved her land and run technique.   Love Agia, she's my light speedy running machine.  Cute as well.

  13. I looked Agia up and she's a solo artist with debut in 2011.  There's not much about her on the internet.   Kpop is so difficult to break into especially when you are from an unknown company and a solo as well.  Hope she does well in her comeback whenever that will be.  She's my new girl to root for in the dream team show.  She has the fighting spirit and I will keep an eye on her.  Anyone have info/links about her please comment.

  14. Spoiler:

    Wow….Agia is truly the flag queen. I wanted to see Dahye more but I guess they didn't want her to go up against the others because of her fear of heights? I hope to see her more in the next episode. I respect these ladies so much. 3

  15. Im not gonna lie but im quite athletic myself and i would do anything to have a change to compete at obstacle course with those dream team idols like jea min, minho, dongjun, …

  16. That was entertaining ! I have no idea why some people complain. (I can do without the baby shots though) It was real good sport of Sohi to challenge Hwanhee because she is basically the strongest out of the dream team girls. Fortunately nobody challenged Dahye anymore as she was so scared to jump from that height. Taemi was real good and Agia's done real well this time too. The dentist pole dancer is impressive every time she shows of her skill. Jiwon gets humiliated even further. Will she take revenge ?

  17. I actually like this. Usually when they have female idols on, they don't even really try. These girls could have given the men a run for their money.

  18. these Korean game shows overdo the replays once is enough during the game afterwards 3 times is appropriate but 3 times or more mid game is totally unnecessary

  19. Score Of 2 Team
    Game 1: Jiwon 0-2 Sori
    Game 2: Boeun 2-1 Yeon
    Game 3: Dahye 2-0 Jeongwon
    Game 4: Hwanhee 2-0 Eungyo
    Game 5: Taemi 2-1 Hyeonjin
    Game 6: ANDA 0-2 Suhyeon
    Game 7: Agia 2-0 Sujeong
    Game 8: Hwanhee 0-2 Sori
    Game 9: Boeun 0-2 Suhyeon
    Game 10: Taemi 2-0 Sori
    Game 11: Agia 2-1 Suhyeon

    D-Team 1 7-4 D-Team 2

  20. I wish you had embedded the English subs into the clip! so that i could watch this off line and still have the English subs. You did it with most of your clips of Dream Team! but seem`s like someone just gave up doing it in the end.

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