Lies You’re Told Your Entire Life That Trick Most People

Lies You’re Told Your Entire Life That Trick Most People

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  1. The fact on goldfish is wrong. Goldfish die from being stunted from their small tank. Has nothing to do with how clean or dirty the water is. They die from stunted growth.

  2. But if you answer mount Mauna Kea as the highest mountain in your exam you are wrong though you are technically correct 😁

  3. But how do I know that the facts presented here are not either wrong? Life can be so complicated. You don't know what to believe anymore.

  4. The real reason for the Great Wall of China:

    Chinese soldier: Ha! Let's see that dog get in here now!

  5. "ancient greek times were a good century off from medieval times"

    … Are you fucking serious? That's like a 3000 year gap..

  6. The brain part i think it's wrongly interpreted … it's not ment to tell how much of the brain you're using, but how well you use it. If it wasn't true there would be no IQ difference from one human to another. It's like that joke about having an i9 latest gen computer and using it to play minecraft. I find our brain very much the same… it's filled with drives, instinct, survival mechanisms, and a lot of clutter and limitations.

  7. I live in a 10 story building, in Canada. Our elevators have both door open and door close buttons. Both of them work.

  8. In the bible it say the earth is a circle at Isaiah 40:22 just saying that people know the earth was road even back then

  9. Thumbnail: the close button on the elevator isn’t real

    Me: yeah, why did you remove that just to see?

  10. Haha our lift buttons work but most modern elevators don’t have the close door button for the same reason the US has fake ones we’re just more efficient

  11. Low Earth Orbit(LEO) is NOT 2000Km. LEO is defined to be any orbit of 2000Km OR LESS, down to 200km. When in fact most uses of LEO, like the hubble space telescope, the ISS, most shuttle missions, etc, are much lower than 2000Km. The ISS orbits at about 350Km, or about 220miles. And yes, the great wall of china IS visible at those altitudes.

  12. Another false falsehood. It depends what you mean by "people thought the earth was flat". Yes, the thinkers, philosophers, scientists, astronomers mostly believed the earth was round, but they were in a tiny minority. Ask any random peasant-in-the-streets of the year 1500, and they nearly always would have been likely to have said that the earth was flat.
    Nowadays almost everyone knows the world is round, except for a tiny number of brain damaged flat-earthers.

  13. The food pyramid(s) are opinions. None of them are based on fact, they were, and now are, based just on changing fads about what certain groups think is "healthy". There will likely be yet another food pyramid in 10 years.

  14. 10%? I have seen this said as 60%, 40%, 30%, and 25%. I've never seen it claimed as low as 10%. All of those numbers are absurd. If you watch someone play a piano concerto, do brain surgery, fly a fighter plane, do complex mathematics, write long computer programs, write literature or songs, or poetry, it's amazing what we can accomplish using all 100% of just ~6lbs of grey matter. To suggest that we do these things with even less is absurd.
    My hypothesis is that back in the 50's or 60's a brain researcher was being interviewed and he said something like "We only understand what 40% of the brain does". And the reporter either didn't understand, or changed it to make it more sensational, and turned it into "Researchers Claim We Only Use 40% Of Our Brains!!" And then the numbers got more and more nonsensical over time.

  15. Pathagaris is the one who technically came up with the pathagarum theorem which wasn’t is it was actually his students theorum fun fact I’m pretty sure I’m spelling his name wrong

  16. 10:17 In my country with my friends we were pressing the close door button but nothing happened so we try to hold it and doors closed. Sooo it is working.

  17. nope for the elevator thing it does not apply for where i live once i was fucking around with the elevator doors opening and closing them rlly wast every time i pressed the close botton it closed right away

  18. The forbidden fruit was an olive. Olive meaning Oh Live. It was said it was a tree of life which references the oh live tree aka olive tree.

  19. Most of these questions are answered by God in his book: God's Laws of Life and the Ten Commandments Fully Explained. He answers OVER 100 questions people have asked him through the years. Order it from Amazon or your local bookstore. You won't be sorry.

  20. Yo, no the button works lol, maybe I just stay a snobby hotels but I literally do it immediately because I Hate sharing elevators lol

  21. on the great wall segment,
    the astronaut Gene Cernan's name is pronounced Sernan, not Kernan. and the vid clip shown was of Dave Scott's Apollo 9 EVA. Cernan was on Apollo 10.

  22. Theres about 20 kids (adults by now) that i need to apologise to about the taste bud thing… Our jr girl scout class taught the brownies that taste bud thing by letting them taste stuff and mark down where on their tongues they tasted it. Come to think of it.. the results were very very varied 🤪

  23. He’s lying about the closed door button on an elevator. It works just like all the other buttons!!! So this is NOT a made up fact!!!

  24. I don’t know, I would disagree with you about the closed door button on an elevator because I have pushed the elevator closed door button so many times thu out my life. Because there’s sometimes it’s talking to long to close. So I push it. Or if I’m in a hurry I’ll push it. And never once have I NOT have the door still continue to stay open.

  25. The elevator close button does work I have used thousands of different elevators but only when you have the elevator key for the elevator when your moving in or out of your apartment. If the elevator door stays open and doesn't close there is someone moving they are using the elevator its locked and will not close unless you push the close button so to the people that think it's okay to steal the elevator from the movers don't be surprised when they follow you and confront you very angry it's not okay to take it and it's extremely frustrating

  26. So, it's a lie that you can see the chinese wall from space, when you actually can see it under favorable conditions? You make no sense

  27. Thank you for mentioning Mauna kea ❤️ I've been telling people that fact since I learned it in the Guinness book of world records in like 2000. My. Everest IS the HIGHEST mountain tho.

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