Live microcurrent facelift: cheek and eye lift

Live microcurrent facelift: cheek and eye lift

– Hi, my name’s Christine Byer and I’m an aesthetician
and have been for 12 years. Today, we’re gonna do a quick cheek lift. This is my very, one of my very favorite operations to perform. I want you to look at my cheeks. I have no make-up on. You probably won’t see me like this again, unless I decide to do more of these. But anyway, I’ve prepped my face or half my face with a, this is a mask, a very nutritious mask called the multivita power recovery mask. But anyway, we’re gonna do a quickie. Microcurrent basically works
in the musculature of the face. And this is gonna lift
this side of the face. Now, when I work on my clients, I do it much slower and
I get very meticulous and I do a little fine detail
job of all the muscles. But, if you’re startin’
to see this come up. And I’m gonna smile when we’re done. Actually, I do have a
little bit of makeup on. I have some eye makeup on. I had to cheat. Okay, so I don’t know if you can see this, but here’s the untreated cheek. Here’s the treated cheek. I’ll smile. So this face, this side
of my face is firmer, sort of, this one feels fatter to me. Now, we’ll do the eye. Anyway, microcurrent
is completely painless. They do this for, all the
starlets have this done. All much, ya know, movie stars and stuff. They get this done before the Oscars and that’s why their skin looks so impeccable. They’re certainly not, ya know, having botox done the day before. They are, they’re getting this done because there’s no side effects. So I’ll go ahead and do my lips. And the face starts to really hold tension and so, this will work all
the tension out of the face. And I’ll do this sometimes to singers and it’s just amazing how the bottom half of their face looks once it’s relaxed. Okay, so let’s just wrap this up. Alright, so compare this
side of my face that’s done in just a few minutes,
with this side that’s not. And, ya know, I’ve done this
quite a bit in the past. However, I have, I purposely didn’t do it for like the last month
just so you could see. So, this is the treated side. Untreated side. Can tell I have much less
of a nasolabial fold. This side looks firmer. Anyway, that’s the microcurrent treatment, a mini microcurrent treatment. Thanks for watchin’. If you like this video, please press, please press like and
send it to your friends and if you have any questions, leave a comment and if you like this enough, please come in and get a treatment. See ya soon.

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  1. O – this lasts initially about 4 days. It's an intense workout for the facial muscles. After about 3-4 treatments, muscles that are shortened and compacted release at a deeper level and you see a longer lasting effect (for example on the forehead). An initial series of treatments yields best results. But even if you do a series and never do another treatment, you can expect to keep your results for up to two years.

  2. hello, i am just studying this treatment and i am wondering how often it can be done to get best results and what is it sequence. or some of the your tips.
    thank you very much

  3. I use the Jade Esthetics microcurrent machine. It's a bit hard to find but an awesome machine. It combines gemstones with the square wave microcurrent, (the kind that is most known to lift muscles) for a lifting and Tui Na (massage) effect. Really quite unique.

  4. @ nely- all machines are different so I would follow the manufacturers directions. However, usually twice per week for 6 weeks to start and then clients go into maintenance of once monthly.

  5. @internalizepeace. Some good home machines include the Nuface or the Face Master by Susanne Summers. But the secret is in the technique used and of course, commitment to doing the treatments.

  6. I have this machine but I haven't been using it in the past 2 or so years. (I am an acupuncturist.) Thank you for these videos. I can see the results! You have re-inspired me to use it again.

  7. Hi Crhristine,
    Do you have picture before and after? Only with before and after pictures we can really see the changes……

  8. Is this a safe proceedure to have a student at beauty school do? The beauty school where I go for facials, etc. offers. Is there any danger of someone not experienced with these machines. Also, Does your skin go back to the way it was or worse after you stop?

  9. Hi Christine. I wonder if there are any contradictions of you do Botox? Should someone not do micro current if they do Botox? And/or do you think that this would suffice to get rid of the furrows and or bumpiness on the forehead?

  10. I have had 2 microcurrent sessions and both times my eyes were so swollen after the session I can never do this again. Any suggestions?

  11. Hi Christine! Could you please suggest the microcurrent machine options (how powerful it should be to make results.) Maybe it should be >80 W or anything else? I'm considering to buy it online and need your advise.
    Thank you in advance!

  12. Hi Christine, I have a microcurrent device called tua tre'nd, it actually contracts the muscles. I notice that your device doesnt. What is the difference? Is it useful also to have muscle contracting or the system you are using is completely different than mine?

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