Look good in ANY PHOTO! 6 Posing tips ft. Sorelle Amore

Look good in ANY PHOTO! 6 Posing tips ft. Sorelle Amore

68 Replies to “Look good in ANY PHOTO! 6 Posing tips ft. Sorelle Amore”

  1. How dope is SORELLE!? If you use these tips TAG me (@TheChrisHau and @SorelleAmore) in your photos on insta! Would love to see them. ALSO – do you know which side of your face you like more?? Comment Left or right below. 😛 I am lefttt.

  2. I've heard all these tips before from Sorelle so I didn't stay for them but for the video shots. They all look great especially the intro

  3. Wow sorelle seems to be a great person. I like girl like her 😊. This is cool collabs I have ever seen. Great content to start day 😀😀

  4. I've been a follower of her content for months now! She's incredible, and her truths are something I truly respect.

  5. What a totally boss video collab! Great content, instruction and execution. And looked so fun!!!!! Thanks Chris you totally Rock

  6. She def does know her angles. She usually looks more striking in her own feed/videos and here she looks more ordinary.

    Awesome energy and personality 🤘

  7. Omg she talks so fast😅 makes me go back 10 times to fully follow what she said😂
    But shes dope though👌

  8. Just don't do those dumb face angles in straight head shots or group photos, especially formal ones. You'll look stupid!!

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  11. The Google link for Sorelle takes me to a website out of the app and asks to log in again. Might just try a regular link 😉

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