Lose Fat, Not Muscle: 3 Simple Steps

Lose Fat, Not Muscle: 3 Simple Steps

Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj, of EliteImpactLabs.com.
And in today’s video lesson, I want to give you some important tips for structuring your
cutting phase, in order to maximize body fat loss as well minimizing muscle loses. Now,
some degree of muscle loss is inevitable any time you try to significantly reduce your
body fat levels. But here are three very important tips you can implement in order to keep as
much of your hard-earned muscle mass intact as you loss body fat. So, the first thing
is don’t let your calorie intake dropped too low. In order to lose body fat, you must consume
fewer calories than you burn. To put it simply, you have to eat less. And this creates the
necessary calorie deficit, which is needed to stimulate your body to burn — burn fat
as a source of fuel. However, this has to be carried out with caution. Although a calorie
deficit is a mandatory pre-requisite for fat loss, going too low will put your lean muscle
tissue at risk. So, a good guideline for this is to follow a calorie deficit of about 15%
to 20% below your maintenance level. And your maintenance level is the number of calories
that you require daily in order to maintain your current weight, 15% to 20% below maintenance
is a deficit that is large enough to maximize fat loss, but low enough that the majority
of your muscle tissue will be left intact. And to find your calorie maintenance level,
I’d recommend using what’s called, “The Harris-Benedict Formula” which you can very easily find through
a basic Google search. Secondly, do not alter your weight training plan. When most lifters
shift into a fat loss phase, they make the huge mistake of switching to a light weight,
high rep plan in an effort to increase muscle tone and definition. In reality, this is completely
misguided and counterproductive to your bottom line progress. Always keep this in mind; spot
reduction is impossible. In other words, you can’t target fat loss from specific areas
of your body by training those areas with weights. Resistance training targets only
the muscles that are involved in the specific movements you’re performing, and not the fat
that surrounds those specific areas. Curls don’t burn fat off of your biceps, dumbbell
presses don’t burn fat off of your chest, and lateral raises don’t burn fat off of your
shoulders. Fat loss occurs on a total body scale as you keep yourself in a calorie deficit
over time. As the weeks go by, you’ll lose fat from your entire body, which will increase
muscle definition. But you have no control over the specific areas where fat is burned
from. Every time you perform a weight training workout, your goal is simple. And that is
to provide your muscles with the most powerful growth stimulus possible. And this is achieved
using the exact same principles you were using during your bulking phase. High intensity,
progressive overload, compound movements, low to moderate reps et cetera. When you follow
the light weight, high reps approach, all you’re really doing is providing a weaker
stimulus to your muscles and increasing the chances of muscle loss during your cutting
phase. And thirdly, don’t go overboard on cardio. If you’re creating a proper calorie
deficit through your diet, and are sticking to an intensive weight training plan, then
there’s really no need to perform an excessive amount of cardio. Yes, cardio is a useful
tool for burning additional calories, but most people get totally carried away here.
The only true requirement for fat loss is a calorie deficit. And if you’ve already decreased
your food intake sufficiently, then you shouldn’t need much more than a couple cardio sessions
per week. It’s going to vary from person-to-person. But for most people, two to three cardio sessions
per week, in combination with weight training, will easily get the job done. If you go overboard
and start performing cardio every day on top of an already adequate fat burning plan, your
overall calorie deficit can easily stretched to an excessive level that leads to unwanted
muscle loss. So, those are the three major steps to keep in mind if you want to melt
off that excess body fat, but keep your hard-earned muscle gains safely intact. Number one; maintain
a calorie deficit no larger than 15% to 20% below maintenance. Number two; keep your weight
training plan exactly the same as it was during your bulking phase. And number three; don’t
go overboard on cardio, two to three sessions per week is likely all you’re going to need.
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100 Replies to “Lose Fat, Not Muscle: 3 Simple Steps”

  1. @Sean Nalewanyj Hey! i'm currently 100kgs, i do 1 hr treadmill, skipping and sit ups to burn fat whilst doing bicep curls/dumbbells, is that ok? will i lose the fat and also have the muscle/shape?
    and one thing, best way to build a 6 pack is to be skinny then build it up, or can u get the shape/pack with a little bit of belly fat?

  2. Hi Sean,i just did the "Harris Benedict Formula?"and my maintenance level is 5500!?(Its 3300 but it got multipled according to how often i exercise which is 3-4 times a week and its 5500)How can i eat that much calories in a day?Im not really that muscular still has a bit of body fat on me is the formula only for people with more lean muscle mass?Im afraid im way too fat…tummy is soft as hell lol

  3. Been checking your catalog and from the information you have been giving it seems very spot on. My background started from body weight exercises which I still hold to but have implemented weights over the last 2.5 years I believe heavy on both. I was missing knowledge about dieting and other things so brought books and enrolled in a program to get my PT (ISSA). To speed this up people I'm not saying none of these programs aren't good or worth it but you can save close to a grand by just listening to this gentlemen he is spot on and honest. Subbed instantly

  4. I'm am 6'5 310lbs and I am wondering how do I figure out the right macros for maximum fat loss. Do I do the formula using my current weight or do I use my desired weight???

  5. Do we add the calories that we burn through workout back to our calorie intake? Or do we have a 15-20% defecit and let other calories be burned through workout?

  6. Hey I have a question, I've been eating around 2600 calories most of my life and I've recently found out I am supposed to eat 3500 calories to maintain my weight. What should I do. I want to lose fat and if eating 2600 has kept me fat, would increasing my calories closer to 3500 help me lose weight? Thanks

  7. Okay one more question. I'm a beginner and my maintenance is 1900 and I take in 1700 and workout to burn the additional. I'm trying to loose fat and build some muscle, so do I still have this defecit thru intake? Or should I eat my maintainence to put on some muscle.

  8. there are dudes i see in the gym that are twice my size but struggle with weight that is fairly easy for me….how am i only gaining strength but not too much size??? some advice would be appreciated

  9. also i work straight nights…when i get up i dont eat nothing i go straight to work…during the 8hr shift i only drink water..after work i go to gym then i have my shake a full mean and go to bed…i havent lost any belly fat but i gained a decent amount of muscle mass and strength gains and lost fat in other places…i been doing this for 6 months…i am 5'8 195 pounds and i been  pretty much maintaining that weight the whole time …how is this even possible…to even gain any muscle mass with a nasty routine like this any not enough nutrient intake

  10. @Sean Nalewanyj
    Thanks for your efforts seany. U are doing a great job for all of us.
    I'm currently on my bulking phase. I have a bit of belly fat and tad bit of chest fat. U reckon I shud focus on weights only or shud I do a bit of cardio? I'm not a fat guy but I have a bit of stubborn fat on belly and chest. I have skinny arms and shoulders tho. pls advise

  11. Wow, you actually answer Viewers questions, unlike the "popular" fitness channels, you just gain a Subscriber.

  12. Hey man i lost over 80 pounds and, for some reason i dont have any lose skin however i have a skinny fat belly but my arms are strong en look good. Should i lose more weight about 1 pound per week or not ? Ps i train everything not just my arms haha

  13. I am currently losing weight gradually i have consumed less calories at breakfast which was about 3 weeks ago and the other day i started to consume less calories at lunch you can tell by looking at me in my clothes that ive lost muscle, if i keep going at a steady pace like this will i maintain all my muscle, or will i lose a bit of muscle?

  14. so i am male 22, 237 pounds(got alot of weight to lose) 6'1" and i have been doing insanity 6 times a week, using the formula  it said i should eat 3085 calories a day to lose weight but i have been eating 2000 a day for about 2 weeks. i also have been intermittent fasting for about 2 weeks doing it for 15-16 hours a day. is there a problem with what i am doing, been losing weight and feel stronger?

  15. i have seen a lot of vids of yours all i can say is you are the only pro  adviser on youtube i have ever seen , not  those "pros" who temperally have more subs than you , but it doesnt mean shit cause you know what , you gave ppl real helpful advise and your body looks amazing dude

  16. Great vid!  All the research and experimentation Ive done to achieve that lean muscular body is summed up in this one vid. Subbed.

  17. And as for cardio sessuons how many minutes we talking about? Also what type of cardio would you recommend while cutting?

  18. I'm injured right now I cannot run so what I've been doing is walking a mile on the track would this still help me burn the fat. Also I lower my reps but increase the weight when I lift. I'm also eating lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. What I don't really want to to is count calories, would I have to to cut ?

  19. hey sean i like your videos , i ve been dieting for 1 month i lost 4 kg 2 of them are.muscle because i cutted calories too low until i saw your video now am cutting 10-15% as i dont want to loose.more muscle the problem with my diet is my macros is not set am taking 5-10grams of fat more and lower carbs than my intake by 1/4 as my protien am taking around 120g daily am working 5 times a week heavy lifting and 4 times a week 30 min cardio please tell me that my macros wont make me loose any muscle i cant raise protien much higher bcoz i have uric acid ;( please respond thank you sean

  20. okay look. I hate hearing little to no cardio. To hell with the science bs. While I was in the Army Ran a 13:11 2 mile, 170 lbs lowest weight. Got out of all training and to a FORSCOM unit. Still ran us like dogs. I hit up the gym for regular workout schedule with intense weight training. 170 lbs to 220 lbs, 6% body fat, 14:29 2 mile. Shut the hell up with the no cardio. Plus I ate whatever the hell I want. People too scientific. Train hard, quit pussy footin around with the diet bull shit. Get out there do all kinds of cardio from walking to sprinting until you die. Hit the gym for weight training, eat whatever by portions through out the day, stay hydrated ALL THE TIME, take supplements if need be and quit being so technical. BE TACTICAL which means fit and trained to take on anything physical, whatever that anything is.

  21. When starting a cut, is it a good idea to cut down to 15% under maintenance right away? Right now i am around 200 calories above my maintenance. Should i go for one week on my maintenance then the following week, start the deficit?

  22. may bulking Diet been 400gr rice ,900gr chiken plus vegetables, I split un 6 meals ,neow I start cut I cut of 100 gr of rice end put vegitables un rice place,may Fat end protein stay same like bulking,I start cut more rice deown bu may weight stil go up.howe deth can be poseble?plz help

  23. By and chance have you seen Kris Gethin 4 week to shred. It has you doing cardio everyday two times day up to 30 mins and increasing everyday.. It this too much? I do have a large muscle mass but I am trying to lose fat in a short period of time while I'm home before I go back to college where I'm restricted to food and time

  24. Impressive info Sean!
    I've been cutting for a week now and have seen some good progress.
    I'm lifting weights and eating healthy.
    Is HIIT training advisable? I'm talking sprints and swimming.
    Once again, great video!

  25. hi..what if I am overweight..big tummy…so can I do weight training daily and reduce my calories intake..as time goes I can be fit and slim? without cardio..

  26. Should you still continue to drink protein shakes after every workout? I've been building muscle but noticed that I have some belly fat which needs to be removed.

  27. i got a abit bigger on my belly but my chest was hard and tough unfortunately ive been always made an exercises focus on my belly which is still hard to remove it .? how to make it fast remove that my belly so get then i get six pack.? sorry about my grammer. :-)plz help me tq.

  28. just dropped a like and the last time i dropped a like on an informative video has been at least 2 years. great job and thank you for the information 🙂

  29. The last spot my body reduces fat during a diet is the one place I want it to the most[that stubborn belly fat] Genetics!

  30. hey man, great video 🙂

    I am 18, I weight train 5-6 days a week with time to recover each muscle group and I'm not entirely sure how many calories I eat daily but I have completely cut out junk (sweets, chocolate, cookies etc). I still eat my usual stuff such as chicken and pasta for lunch and all my proteins ( maybe one too many carbs and definetly not enough veg….literally none…need to change that) and I'm hoping to do 2 20 minute HIT cardio sessions such as sprinting after workouts.

    thanks for all the advice in this vid, definetly subscribing ! I hope this works out but at 6ft 5 weighing at around 240-250 pounds I have alot of work to do :/

  31. My maintenance is 4000 as my body got used to it on my bulk, I was going down to 2500 Calories daily for my cut because I need my protein and carbs.

  32. Sean, I used to be 145 when I was around 11. Now I'm 127 and 13. I still need to lose weight for wrestling and mma. To lower body fat percentage, I would have a deficit of 1000 and eat 1400 calories. Because I don't weight train right now because I have no weights or gyms to work with and I do HIIT cardio up to 3 times a day. Is my deficit too much? Any advice? Thanks

  33. this was superb 10/10. really clear and explained everything in a sussinct way that made sense. I finally understand what to do now.
    thanks a million and solid work 🙂

  34. I'm 17 5'5 142 lbs I have some muscle tone but I'm not huge ive started working out for 2 weeks now how long shall I bulk up until I start loosing fat and how shall I do this

  35. I swear I was looking for this kinda video… I watced Omarisuf's video and thought it was nonsense and left .. then i watched Mike Chang's video and same thing again i did not like it… This is the 3rd video i've watched about it.. and i gotta be honest you sound more human and your video is comprehensive.

  36. Thanks for this information because I actually want to lose muscle in my legs. Understanding correctly overdo it on the cardio and that will cause me to lose un wanted muscles in my calves

  37. Thanks for this..my body fat loss progress is rather slow, this video gave me confidence that I am on the right track :).

  38. Hey I need some advice so I've kind of been at a plateu for a while now. Im currently 159 Lbs I am about 5'9. I started off the November of last year at 195 Lbs. I didn't know much about health or exercise or anything I had not done adequate research. My approach to the weight loss was do lots of cardio and i actually went on a vegeterian diet for maybe 3 months, which consisted of mostly carbs and proccesed vegetarian foods.
    After all the weight loss my stomach is still huge and there is fat well all over my body. I know that through the journey I lost muscle and fat. Now im wondering what to do ? I am hitting the gym now and lifting weights .Do I just keep a caloric defeciet with the adequate Macros or should I not worry about calories build muscle then go on a cut ? Thanks.

  39. Quick question. im trying to gain muscle and loose a little bit of fat. im doing a legs push pull routine and im thinking about doing 100 burpees right after each session to burn some fat. is this too much cardio?

  40. I was wondering you could help me out. My body fat is just enough to annoy me at the moment I have okay definition and I can see my abs when I tense them I have a 4 pack and alright v line and I used the Harris Benedict formulae and it said I need 3000 calories a day I don't think I have eaten that much food in years when I used to weigh 240 pounds so how do I find out what I actually need?

  41. I lost 30 pounds in 2.5 months or so.. i am 195 from 225 but still my ideal weight is 140 -150.. i still may have 30% body fat… my BMI would be 31.2

    Can i cut and bulk together? If yes, how? I really don't have too much muscle pretty much fat only…

  42. 1. eat calories less
    2. keep weight training same during the bulking phase
    3. don't overbored the cardio session

    is that right?
    anyway thanks again…

  43. I am bulking up but I want to lose belly fat so my abs can be more visible so I run every weekend (saturday and sunday) for like 40 minutes with a ball on the playground and of course I eat a lot less calories during that weekend plus I run on my empty stomach I hope I will achieve good results

  44. I'm Walking around at 110, next season I want to wrestle at 120 should I bulk to 130 then cut to 120 or slowly get to 120 and not cut

  45. that was just an amazing answer i was searching for it for along time ago some youtubers explain it as complicated as some fucking equation in Engineer or even more :v :v :v

  46. you just earn a new subscriber ! you are awesome. tomorrow i am starting to cut, and these informations really helped me 🙂

  47. THANK GOD!! I have been looking for a straight answer to this for hours, to know how I'm gonna structure my routine for the start of my cut tomorrow. Thank you.

  48. Sean hello, if a person is intermidiate and creates 200 calorie deficit, is he/she going to gain strength and mass while cutting?

  49. It says that my maintenance level is 1612 that means that I will be eating around 1400 calories and surely I will lose muscle if I do this I'm not gonna shreds anyway but I was just seeing so when I do shred that's how many calories I should eat

  50. 15%-20% below maintenance level? For a person weighing 300+ lbs deluded into thinking he doesn't want to lose all that "muscle" he has under all those layers of fat, it will take him over 3 years to shed all that fat.

  51. I’m a little confused. Do i need just a calorie defecit to lose weight or do i need to burn off all the calories that i consume?

  52. how to count the calories of the food you eat, i usually eat in the restaurants as i am very busy and i live alone, how can one possibly calculate the calories in these circumstances? Any answer is appreciated

  53. I'm in good shape already, but never ever been to be able to get to 10% body fat without burning out and losing considerable muscle and gaining the fat back again when I over eat to compensate for over training and lethargy. Looking forward to getting into better shape. Thanks for your excellent video and intelligent advice.

  54. My maintenance calories is 1600, is dropping it to 1400 good? I keep my weight training the same and should I do cardio 3x a week for 30 minutes on a treadmill? I’m finished bulking and my bf percentage is 17% and want to drop it to 10%.

  55. My strength gains have increased a lot since i have dialed back my cardio some and im still maintaing my leaness thanks Sean

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