Lose Weight + Gain Muscle with this amazing cheap stuff, by Markus Rothkranz

Lose Weight + Gain Muscle with this amazing cheap stuff, by Markus Rothkranz

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  1. The Japanese treat patients with alkaline water with great success, BUT it is not a good idea to drink it before meals as (like you said) it dilutes stomach acid!

  2. Markus, you need to watch this documentary about water!  It will fascinate you! 

  3. i have just bought a reverse osmosis unit that sits by my juicer. The difference between the water it makes and the distiled water i made is miles apart. Normal water jug filters are useless.

  4. I drink lots of water though my system is different from other people, I usually go more often to the toylet even when I consume the same amount of liquid that others did. It's a big problem when I go to concerts.

  5. I feel trolled yet enlightened at the same time. My face was probably priceless at 0:41
    Markus, are you sure the spring water is actually from a spring? I know a lot of companies advertise that their water from a spring when it really is just distilled. 🙁

  6. whew so glad it wasn't the magic white  powder , I love water !!!

    I read the book " Your bodies many cries for water " about 20 years ago, ok maybe a little more then that it was published in 1992 …Markus you would love that book !!!

  7. Love this video! 

    I drink Mountain Valley Spring sometimes (I usually put supplements/powders, including your formulas in them when I drink it), but the bottles are pretty expensive, even with a discount. How much does that water dispenser cost? Also, I've been wondering, do you use reverse osmosis water? I love tea, but I don't have a filter, and I know how James Sloane (now you, to no surprise) feel about RO. Is it still worth getting? What brand?

    You mentioned iceberg water one time at a seminar I saw on YouTube. I looked it up after that and man is it expensive.

    You're looking like Dean Ambrose in this video ha. Awesome.

  8. Hi Markus, when I wake up and don't eat for 3 to 4 hours, I feel like I might pass out. How do I get around this? Wish you and Cara all the best <3 =)

  9. I have the option of drinking karstic tap water coming from the mountains where I live(which is good) but it contains added chlorine and fluoride(which are bad). Option B is to buy good quality mineral water in plastic bottles. Which one should I choose?

  10. I use a Megahome counter top water distiller for my drinking water, and I add a pinch of Himalayan salt to the distilled water before drinking it. It`s AWESOME WATER !!! Very happy with it.
    In the link below u can see what is left behind after distilling just four litres of tap water in Perth, Western Australia. Shocking !!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkoBJjNJ-80

  11. I ❤️ water. This is a great video, you are so right. I've been doing water therapy, and my skin glows, I'm so dewy now, I love it.

  12. For a moment (well about 25 seconds) I thought this was about Citric Acid ("medicine given by gods" Japanese Professor Dr. Shomatsu Osada. Then the water came in 🙂 Great video! You tricked me, Markus! 😉

  13. Ok so I'm really confused now! I've just finished reading your book healing101 and you say in there to drink alkaline water but yet in this YouTube video you say the complete opposite? Please enlighten me!

  14. Markus! What is a good water filter to buy? I don't drink from tap because of all the chemicals and I try not to drink from plastic bottles but its just convenient for me and I find it to be the cleanest.

  15. Me and my family have been collecting and drinking rain water, which is distilled water of course, for more than two years. We test it all. It is pure! Sure the first rain is sometimes a bit dirty but if you let the rain do its job…it cleans the air and falls as pure water as mother nature intended to sustain all life on earth. Water cleans..inside and out…and the cleaner the water you use…the better it cleans. We have experienced miracles of deep healing where nothing else had worked for decades. Its also FREE! Life is really very simple…its just us crazy humans that make it all complicated. Distilled waters all the way….its natures way. xxxxx <3 Love Light and Water.

  16. Hi markus, i want to ask you about your eyesight  or vision did you cure it becoming raw vegan ? i really love your vedeos and thanks for the infos that you give us .I'm from Algeria and you are doing such a great job …peace on you

  17. When faced with such conflicting information about 100% pure water, wether its good or bad to drink, I think of, eg: humans living a primitive life in a tropical paradise island or in a forest somewhere. What kind of water does nature provide for these people?

    1- Spring water (which is mineral rich)
    2- Rain water (which is different from man made distilled water because rain water is exposed and bonded to naturally occurring gases in the atmosphere)

    Based on these observations I have decided to add a pinch of Himalayan salt to my 99.99% pure, home distilled water before drinking it, to make it more like the clean water that nature provides.

  18. I have a Mountain Valley Springs distributor a few blocks away!  Just wondering, though, Markus, because the ph of this water is 7.8 according to their website … wouldn't this high alkalinity decrease stomach acid, and what is the difference between this and the alkaline water that you warned people to stay away from in this video?  Thanks for your help.

  19. Now I understand why I have such a big muscle only with sitting and doing almost non exerices. I drink like 4-5l water a day. And I drink 3-5 cups of green tea a day.

  20. Does anyone know about Irish moss being a carcinogen?
    I was about to buy it and then saw some stuff saying it wasn't good, even in pure form. Ahhh

  21. Love this video! I laughed when he took up the water. smh, thought this was about a supplement or herb facepalm 🙂

  22. great! finally someone explaining what science and chemistry as often said about water.

    Yes and the reverse osmosis water and mineral removal…good point. "some minerals" may be removed. not all. you do replace them from your diet. but if your diet is insufficient/ then supplementation is needed.

  23. Hey Marcus, I wanted to ask you a question what would, I wanted to do a fast but a little scared, I want to clean everything up u eve have vision problems & possible kidney stones don't think so but want to be safe, I don't want to put much into my system, I herd if people fasting for 90day S like Dr. Sebi& people fasting for 40days like you, & herd great results, moses& Jesus fasted, have herbs has well like Irish moss, bladderwrack, dulse, kelp, chlorela, alfalfa, burdock root, dandelion root, yellow dock, goji, bill berry alma, & a few others, i
    wanted to know how to incorporate/format a way to achieve my goal, I was thinking drinking hot water for breakfast followed by a mineral rich drink like something with Irish moss,alfalfa kelp, coconut shaving for mineral, & maybe fruit smoothies for later in the day, I can do this till I work my way to a full fast, I want to [clean everything ] out, if you can elaborate your (opinion)& what you would do please help me not feeling in tip top shape:(. The you Marcus, God bless you. The herbs are for the healing of the Nations

  24. i saw a vid showing most water is acidic we are drinking figi, it feels it absorbs in our throat. have i picked the incorrect water?

  25. But I want huuuuge muscle again. I don't see any natural options that can make me feel like the Terminator like I used to feel.

  26. Yeah trully …i think too that people usually search for complicated solutions but THE TRUTH IS often that simple things work better … Water is so important to our health but NOT the water that comes out of your tap which is full of pollutants and chlorine that destroy your friendly flora and spoil your intestine's membranes. Actually it takes a long time to learn how to filter water properly …ive been searching and testing for many years before being able to do this in the right way because there is so many filtering system available on the market and this is just the first process COZ your water needs to be reactivated in its energetical qualities that have been removed by the process of water supplying. To drink a lot of water is a good thing BUT what kind of water are you really drinking ? It is something completely different !! Spring Water is a good source of water but the problem is HOW LONG this water took to be delivered to your local store and what is the quality of the plastic bottle that have been used. The BEST THING would be to live near the spring of the water you gonna drink everyday but who can do so… One tip from what i learned : SHUNGITE stone & VORTEX are the best things to purify water and to add energetic qualities to water at the quantum level to make this water detoxify your body and reactivate many organ functions that have been weaken with the time and all the crap inside your body : heavy metals, chimicals, chlorine, drugs' molecules, pesticides and so on… It heals trully i've made the experience many times in my life and it is inexpensive and so powerful when it comes to get involved into the water quality thingz


  28. 'Drink a bunch of water'!
    Markus – you are precious.
    I love your videos. How you can spin out a 'sound-bite' for over five minutes has to be a YouTube record.
    Nonetheless, Most of your videos make excellent sense.
    I am subscribed.

  29. Markus! I have the worst migraine and I am so addicted to coffee to solve them. I know it is a vicious cycle. Any suggestions on how to step off?

  30. I have a friend who wouldn't drink water because she was paranoid about using public toilets and other people's bathrooms. So she was constantly super dehydrated. After convincing her to drink 2 quarts of water a day, she now feels so much more alive and energetic she has gotten over her "toilet" paranoia. 🙂

  31. 🙌🏻 your amazing !!!!! Yes water 💦 I definitely need to do a water fast because I'm always hungry 😭😭. It's not normal .

  32. Markus: but regarding the muscles growth… if there is too much water in the muscles, they deflate and lose elasticity – vitality… Where is and what is the right H2O balance for the beefiness development?

  33. I have read that drinking water between meals can impair digestion, is this true? I personally try to let 30 mins before or 1 hour after and drink it warm instead of cold.

  34. How can I remineralize distilled water? Something easy like throw a little bit of MSM is enough? maybe throwing celtic sea salt? or I need an expensive filter?
    Ok, I saw the comment, adding celtic sea salt or green formula. Thanks.

  35. When I saw the title, I thought "Could it be something besides water?" Nope. Nice trick at the beginning though!

  36. When we renovated our kitchen, we had a Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station installed. A few weeks ago, my 9 year old son had a friend over to play who asked if he could have some water to drink. A little while later, he came back into the kitchen and said to me: "I really like your drinking water". Hehe. So besides all the health benefits it also tastes a lot better, which makes you want to drink more ; )

  37. Yes yes yes. I keep telling my client this. That's it…. I will show her this video. She'll listen to you…lol
    Are you still drinking this water? Have you had it tested for pollutants etc etc. Just wondering.. want to purchase it.
    AND Which is your best mineral powder or supplement? is there a link? Thank you finally found your video on water.

  38. Are you still drinking this water? Have you had it tested for pollutants etc etc. Just wondering.. want to purchase it.

  39. I love you Marcus! Thank you so much for all you do. you're such a giving person may God bless you and your girlfriend abundantly

  40. Hi Markus.. I not well from last 4 to 5 days due to dry cough and fever is around 100°c to 101°c. I did not go to any medical practitioner to get treated. Because I don't want to take toxins through any form. Visited Ayurvedic Dr. She said I might have got allergy because of orange or grapes.. Whom should I ask really did not understand… Please advice. What are the natural remedies to get rid of Mucus ? Pls reply.

  41. Wait did I hear this right not to drink alkaline water? Kangen water is supposedly known for best medical water or the best water and the machine is ridiculously pricy $4500. Now I’m confused so we don’t need alkaline water Ph 8.5, 9, or 10.0? Can you please tell me what ph level water to drink? One sec I hear Alkaline is good from one person it will make you lose wait and heal the body with disease next sec I hear from another person it’s not good we need the stomachs acid to fight bacteria. 🤕 Help Markus! I rather listen to you and Cara because your health your body your lifestyle is a proven fact. You love birds are great role models your unbelievable. 🙏🙏🙏 Your energies itself are so powerful that it makes it even so easy to go healthy even go from eating sweet to bitter. I’m taking all your health products. God bless you.

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