Make Your Own Predator Costume – DIY Costume Squad

Make Your Own Predator Costume – DIY Costume Squad

(Voiceover): Dustin McLean, Claire Max, and Benjamin Martin, experts in the world
of cosplay and D.I.Y., masters of duct tape,
cardboard, and hot glue. Together, they are the
D.I.Y. Costume Squad. – Yo, I’m Benjamin,
welcome to Costume Squad. I have a bunch of cardboard
and some miscellaneous household stuff I
got because today I’m going to be making
the Predator costume from the original 1987 classic. It’s one of my favorite movies, and I can’t wait to
tackle this costume, so let’s get the the choppa! Okay, so the first
thing I noticed is that there are a
lot of specific shapes, which I’m going to probably
use end up using cardboard. I’m going to spray paint
the clothes for the base, and then the helmet
will probably be some foam element,
some cardboard, so
let’s see what I got. I went shopping, got a
bunch of different things, different options, I
have this tan shirt. I have some tan leggings,
and leggings are always good because they are
very form fitting. These are super cheap, I
got these for four bucks. I got some gloves. Now all of the tan parts I
think are going to be his skin, and then he does have
some fingerless gloves, which are going to
be these brown ones. He has this fishnet
material all over his body. I found some. This is brown, but I’m going
to spray paint it black. I have a little fancy purse here which I am going to
spray paint brown because he does
have a brown bag. This looks exactly
like the right shape. The first thing I have to do is, I have to spray paint all of
these underclothes elements. I have a few different colors
of browns and mossy greens. I’m going to be creating the
reptilian alien skin he has. This black was 99 cents. That’s why I have a fence. He has this neck piece which
looks like a rubbery material. I have this black burlap sack. It has a rugged texture
to it, looks pretty cool. I’m basically just cutting a
scarf out of this material. He has brown fingerless gloves, so all you got to do is cut
the fingers off these ones. For the loincloth
I’m going to be using this bathrobe shirt thing I
got for four bucks at Goodwill. I’m just going to
cut up the shapes, then I’m going to
attach it to a belt I got at the 99 cent store. I’m cutting this
rough so it looks a little more
rugged on the edges. This is very like an elementary
school Thanksgiving play. Alright, so this
is the front piece. I’m going to do the back
piece, aka the butt. Woo! For the belt buckle I am
using a piece of cardboard, maybe some aluminum foil tape. This is pretty shiny,
so I’m going to hit this with some black spray paint, and the details are going to
be put on with black tape. Belt is done, time to
move on to the sandles, which I found at
Goodwill for three bucks. They have this pebbly design
which I’m going to cover up with cardboard and some
aluminium foil tape. The gloves that I
painted are dry, and I’m going to
add the fingernails which are going to be the
handles of black plasticware. Just cutting those
off and gluing them
right to the fingers. There we go, yeah. (cackling) For the body armor I’m
going to be using cardboard and some plastic containers. I’m going to start
with the shoulders. A lot of this armor I’m going
to make out of cardboard because the shapes
are so specific that it’s easier
to just cut them out of raw pieces of cardboard. Batman. I have the left shoulder
finished up, and it’s unique. The shoulder is a
little more simple. Now I’m going to
do the chest piece which starts in the front and then goes all the
way around to the back so everything is going
to attach to that. I actually have
these knight pieces. These are from
the 99 cent store. For the chest piece I’m going
to make each section out of cardboard and then glue those
right to the chest piece. I’m going to add in the
details using washers, tape, maybe some clothespins,
toothpicks, whatever happens to look good. There’s a box on his
shoulder, the gun sticks out. I’m going to use this packaging
thing from a hard drive. There’s a cylinder or
something on his back, so I’m going to do it in pieces. I’m going to do the gun, and I
have a bunch of random stuff. I got all of this at
the 99 cent store. I’ve got a toy tank I might
use, and then a jump rope, a garden hose nozzle
set, and a bike mirror. There we go. Yeah, there we go. Just piecing this together. There, that’s what I want. That’s it for the gun. It looks kind of like a
bird or something right now, but he’s going to
get painted up. I have all this extra stuff. I’m just going to glue
it to the backpack to give it some more detail, because I have it and might
as well use it, right? The pack is all ready to
go, the gun is finished up. It’s time to move
on to the gauntlets, and I’m going to be
using megaphones. I got these at
the 99 cent store. This is my box of guns, and I know I have some toy
walkie-talkies in here. That would be perfect. For the blades I
have a craft foam. This is a little bit thicker,
and I’m just going to cut the blades out of this material
and spray paint it silver. All this stuff is
ready for paint, so now I’m going to move
on to the crotch piece. Actually I don’t know
what this piece is called. The jock strap? Predator protector? (laughs) I don’t know. – Okay, let’s see it. – Alright. Woo! Moving on to the thighs. Those are going to
be cardboard panels, sort of a scale
shape on each side. Moving on to the shin pieces, I’m going to do these
a little differently with some plastic containers. I actually have a football bowl. That’s going to be pretty
cool for the back of the leg, and then some cardboard details. Okay, all my body
pieces are done, but I’m going to hold
off on painting these. I’m going to do the helmet first and then paint everything
at the same time. I have this bike helmet, I think I got it for two
or three bucks at Goodwill. Oh, it’s so comfy too. As well as this serving
platter that might be a good treatment for the head. The top of the head has a
really specific shape to it. Alright, it’s done! To fill in the front piece I’m going to be using
some of this foam. This is a knee pad that I
got from the 99 cent store. Now I have my skeletal
structure on this base, and I’m going to be
wrapping it with craft foam. These are the thin sheets, and they are 89 cents apiece. Super Shredder! Alright, the helmet is all done. This stuff is all
going to get covered so we don’t have
to worry about it, but everything is
ready for paint. First I want to cover
everything with a grey primer. This was about four bucks. I’m going to be covering it
all with a metallic silver. A little more expensive, I
think this was like six bucks. Now I’m doing a layer of silver. Now for the black layer, I’m going to do
a layer of black, then I’m going to take just
a plastic bag, dab it in, texturize it, and it really
looks like brushed steel. It’s pretty rad. Alright, this guy is
ready to go, almost. We gotta do the hair. This will not be Predator
without the iconic dreads, so to make those I’m going
to be using some bungee rope and some electrical tape, it’s
very stretchy and malleable, and then some gold duct tape. To make these dreads thicker I’m quadrupling
the rope together, and then I’m going
to wrap them entirely with electrical tape, and then the gold details
are the gold duct tape. Alright, here is
a finished dread, and it looks like I’m
going to need a whole bunch of these things so
I gotta get to work. Okay, all the dreads are done, my hands are a little
sore, it was a lot of them, but I think we’re
ready to put it on. Before I do that, I want
to add the laser scope. I’m going to use a
little flashlight I got from the 99 cent store, cover up the flashlight
with a red notebook divider, and using black tape I’m going
to cut out three little holes and when I put it all on
the end of the flashlight it’s going to create those
three little lasers that he has. Pew pew pew! This is velcro pieces. I’m going to be putting
this on the flashlight so that I can take it on and
off to replace the batteries. For a starting place, I know he has dreads all
along this top plate, so I’m going to start there
using hot glue and some tape, and I’m going to fill in the
whole back of the helmet. Alright, I think this guy
is looking pretty sweet. The only thing left
I forgot is the eyes. To do that, I’m going
to use a mesh material that I got off of
a jersey shirt. There are certain elements
I had to hold off on until I got to this point,
like there’s some belt detail on the chest piece
that I had to wait until this piece was all
made and spray painted, and I just got these
at the 99 cent store. Okay, everything is done, and now it’s time to
assemble the whole costume. Okay, I’ve got the base
shirt and pants on. They’re very tight, and
I feel very vulnerable, exposed right now, but I gotta
put this mesh material on and zip tie it to
the actual shirt. Oh zip ties, the
greatest thing ever. You know, I had an art teacher that used to wear
socks with sandals. I used to make fun of her. Wow, this thing got heavy! Yeah, that is it
man, that’s Predator. That is it for the
Predator costume. I am so stoked to show this
to the rest of the squad. – Alright, are we ready to check
out Ben’s Predator costume? – I am very excited to see this. I think he’s coming right now. Woah, alright!
– Wow! – This is so awesome. This is the most elaborate
costume we’ve had so far. – It’s very intimidating,
I was surprised. – It is! I appreciate that this is
a toy car here on the arm. – Woah, woah! Oh wait, it’s foam, it’s foam. It’s actually super comfortable. I feel like I could actually do a lot of stuff in this costume. – Like go work out? – Yeah. – I don’t know, who has
a more fierce manicure? (laughing) – Yeah, that is epic. So how much did
this end up costing? – Roughly about 35 to 40 bucks. I had a lot of the materials, so it kind of offset
the price a little bit, and then the cardboard
of course I got for free. Free cardboard, which is great. Thanks for watching. Make sure to
subscribe to Mashable for more episodes
of Costume Squad. We’ve got Dustin coming up next. – That’s right. – Make sure to let us
know in the comments what costumes you want to
see the Costume Squad tackle. Alright guys, let’s
get to the choppa!

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