Makeup Contouring Challenge

Makeup Contouring Challenge

-Today we master the art of the contour. -Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ -Good Mythical Morning! -Mythical beasts, welcome to another
season, season 10 of Good Mythical Morning -Woo! We are so glad to be back and
we’re so glad that you are here with us -making us a part of your daily routine.
-Yes. -Contouring, uh, I am very familiar,
(aside): not very familiar, with contouring. -It is a (stammering) …an approach-
-You’re so familiar with it that you’re really trying to think of what it is. -It is an approach to makey-uping yourself
-‘Makey-uping’. -that creates dimensionality to your face.
(Rhett) Yes it does. -It’s all the rage these days.
-But before you blend all that contouring stuff together, you kind of look like a
swamp monster or like a grafitti art wall. -And it isn’t just on the face. Any part of your body that’s got muscles can be contoured and become epic.
That’s what’s gonna happen today. We’re gonna make our bodies
and our faces epic. -Come with us on a journey of contouring as we try to figure it out on
each other’s bodies. It’s time for… -Okay, we’re gonna get started with facial
contouring. I will be the artist. -Link’s face will be my canvas.
-(Overlapping) The face. -The principle of contouring is that you
want to add darkness to the things that you want to de-emphasize, and lightness to -the things that you want to emphasize.
-Yes. -So, Mr. Neal, what would you
like to emphasize today? -I’d love for you to narrow my nose.
I’d like for it to be pointier. -Yes, I’ve heard that’s a common request.
-Maybe bring the cheeks in. -What else do you want? -I’d really love for you
to reduce the forehead. -Okay. So, I am going to be following
an online contouring guide, -which will guarantee beautiful results.
-Oh. Really? -So the first step I’m gonna
do is apply the concealer that’s slightly lighter than your skin, in
a pattern that I’m cheating off of. -Oh yeah, the ridge is coming up.
-Right on the nose and then we’re gonna make a nice mushroom
shape right on the forehead. Oh that’s really nice. That is super nice. Wow. Look at that. And now we’re gonna right under the eye
and then into that nostril, into that -nostril.
-Thank you. -This isn’t typical but today I’m
feeling lucky and I’m just gonna connect these because that
seems like the right thing to do. -Feels like you’re creating a racetrack
around my eyes and nose. -A lot of people don’t do this but
every time I pass the nose -I like to go in the ‘nos’
-In the what? -In the ‘nos’.
That’s what we call it in the biz. -(Laughs)
-You don’t wanna miss those. And then I’m gonna come up here.
Right across here. -I do like to go into the mouth, though.
-Oh no (laughs) come on “I do like to go into the mouth”?
You failed beauty school, man (laughs) -You really want to get…ah I don’t know. Okay, you look really really good. -Wow! As you can see,
it’s really shaping up. -Okay. So now I’m gonna take a
slightly darker contouring color and apply to the places you want to shadow. -So you’re reducing my forehead now.
I can feel that happening. -Yeah, really, it’s gonna get so small. And I’m gonna come back down and say,
(singing) Hey, little brown snake -(singing) Hey, little brown snake
-Little brown snake? -And I’m not talking about dookie. And you gotta have…
(singing) Hey, little brown snake -People are gonna be asking,
“What did Rhett get into over the break?” -You really want to get the bottom of the
chin ’cause nobody likes that naughty chin (crew laughing) -And now I want to really get that nose.
Just sharp it up, sharp it up, sharp it up And then sharpen it up, sharpen it up,
sharpen it up. Then I’m going (singing) right across the
front, right across the top. (normal) Close your eyes.
And there’s a (singing) little baby brown snake.
Can’t just have one, gotta have two -(normal) Yep, perfect. -Can we call this the
Brown Snake tutorial? -And then a little teeny brown snake you
want across, right there on the ridge. Make that ridge.
And we’re done with step two. -How do you feel?
-I’m questioning a lot. -Now I’m going to take this brush and I’m
going to just spread the lighter color out so it almost touches the darker color. You want to get it right
up there next to it. Bring it in everywhere. (crew member laughing) -Yeah, that’s really nice. (crew laughing) -Okay. Now I’m moving on. Now I’m going to use this brushy-brush
to do a little blendy-blend. Sometimes you just wanna grab
the hair and just pull it back. Just wanna do a little blendy-blendy-blendy. Circular
motions just like you’re brushing your teeth. (whispering) Yeah, looking so good. (crew laughing) -If there’s an especially big Adam’s
apple like there is in this case, you just want to really emphasize that. Forgot that earlier. You just want to draw a big
brown snake circle around it. -Yeah it’s really bringing it out.
-Making it pointier? -Perfect. Okay. And just a little
circular motion around here. -You’re pushing so hard on my head.
(Laughter) -Okay, look at me. (Crew laughing) -You look amazing.
Do we have a mirror for the man? (Crew laughing)
-You know… It’s not that bad.
(Crew laughing) -From this point, then you would
apply your normal makeup and you will look fantastic. Even though a
lot of times, I just tell people to stop right here and go to the club. Right now. -You know what, let’s stop right here. -Hello Mr. Rhett. First I’m going to ask
you to remove your shirt. You know, you’re -going out to the lake or the beach.
-How’d you know? I am. -So the buffness has to pop more than it
is now. No offense but I can make you cut in less than ten minutes. So what kind of
chest do you want? -I want a buff one, man. -Like a C?
-Double D. -Okay.
-Double D, I want a Double D chest. -And what about in here, what do you want?
-I want it to look like there’s muscles -there.
-I’mma start up here with some darkness -and give you the chest crevices.
-Okay. -(Link) So it’s gonna start here.
-What in the world is happening? -(Link) And then, yeah that helps.
-I trust you. -Well I mean, it could be here
-(Rhett overlapping) I trust you. -but I’m giving you more.
-Are you going to the lake as well? -I’ll go to a different lake than you.
-But didn’t you hear about uh, Butch? -Butch? What happened to Butch?
-He’s got a new jet ski. -Aw yeah. And then, look this crevice goes
all the way down to the belly button. -(laughs) I’m sensitive in there, man. -Now give me a flex.
(Rhett grunts) -(Link) All right. So I can
imagine one of these. -What? (crew laughs) -(Link) Then again on the other side here. -Are you doing lightning bolts? -Yeah man. That’s cool. -(Link) And then here. -Okay, making it look like a big stitch. -And here we go, right here.
This is gonna work. (Rhett) I’m like a superhero. -Now I’m gonna switch to the highlights.
-Oh please do. -Oh gosh. It tickles me so much. -And then, let me take this over here. (Rhett) Yeah, bring it up here.
Yeah, be efficient here. -(Link) There’s too much hair.
We should’ve shaved that first. -And then here.
-(laughs) It’s really tickly down there. (Rhett laughs) Yeah. -I really think I’m doing you a favor.
-Can you do this every morning? -Let’s see the results first.
-Okay. -It looks like you’re going
to war on the lake shore. -Looks really nice. -And you really wanna lose the nipple.
(laughter) -Nipples are distracting, right?
Men shouldn’t even have ’em really. -They’re vestigial. That’s gone. -(Rhett) They’re not needed. Get rid
of them. -(Link) Are there any more?
-Get rid of those nipples. -I’ve de-nippled him.
He’s not going to cross me anymore. -What about in here? -The nipples are the home of the sex drive -What?
(crew laughing) -All right. So… (Rhett) You know what, you could
just stop right here. -I’m not going to stop
because I need obletes. (Rhett) If you’re legally blind,
you could really be fooled by this. This is like a He-Man
character at this point. -(laughs) He-Man got some obletes! -The difference between He-Man’s voice
and Adam’s voice was very incredible. -Oh gosh. I caught a little bit of the
lightness ’cause I went into the -lightness by accident.
-(Rhett) Now you’re mixing -Whoa! As you can see, this is…
this is working, man! I haven’t even blended yet! -I’m never working out again, man -Let me blend it. -You don’t even need to but if you feel
like you need to, go for it. -(Link) Oh yeah.
-(Rhett) That’s real good. (Link) I’m blending this, man.
Paparazzi gonna be coming out on the jet skis, man. -Yo, it’s so ticklish. -(Link) That’s good stuff right there.
-Yeah. Wow. -I have really done you a favor. -Wow. -How’s that? -Is this a little bit-
-Right here? -The reason- I don’t know why you
put in a line that goes out right there. But you did the opposite line that
you needed to do down there. That shouldn’t do that.
That should be like this. You should come back in and
get that because I’m gonna take this look out onto the town, man. (Link) Like, like that? (Rhett) You know, that V that
guys who work out have. Yeah there you go. (Rhett) Oh yeah. As long as you don’t see the actual
shaking happening, it’s pretty good. -Maybe put your arm up. -See you at the lake.
Now you gotta do one there too. (laughter) You gotta put a line in there, man.
You gotta give me a bicep. Put it in right – yup.
Oh, look at that. That’s good, just like that. See me at the lake. (Link) Wow, those abdomens, man. -Well I think we found our new looks, man.
-Have fun on the jet ski. Thanks for liking, commenting
& subscribing You know what time it is -I’m Lexi.
-And I’m Dashay. -And we’re at Virginia Beach
and we’re on vacation. (Both) And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. -New season of GMM means new season of GMC
That’s Good Mythical Crew. Check out this coming Saturday’s episode where you can
see our crew experiment with some contouring techniques on non-other than
Hannah Hart. -GMC, every Saturday morning. But right
now, click through to Good Mythical More where Rhett is going to wipe my slate
clean and do the clown contouring makeup to it. -But not before Rhett
delivers the wrong pizza. -Waitin’ for my pizza. Said it would
be here in like 20 minutes. -Mushrooms and pig anus.
-Uh, that’s not- -Did you order mushrooms and pig anus? -No, I don’t like mushrooms.
-Oh, I heard you were- Oh…okay. Well, that can be arranged.

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    And I just wanted more Rhett tickling.
    Or pretty much anything with his shirt off….

  2. why cant link make things symmetrical??? like for the chest, one was angled and one was circular, and for the "V" it was very messed up

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  4. Rhett actually did a really good job with Links face! Link could use some practice though…also I can't imagine what some of the girls were thinking in the studio…

  5. My darling Rhett – you don't need contoured abs or chest muscles. Why? Because you are PERFECT just the way you are <3

  6. I love link his so cool n gotta say before I watch the rest the way rhett said lets talk about that was pretty hot/sexy way of saying it I think his digging this ep lol

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