Mandy Bass: The Woman Who Forgave The Intruder Who Brutally Beat Her | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Mandy Bass: The Woman Who Forgave The Intruder Who Brutally Beat Her | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. Two beautiful souls. This is such a lesson just Don’t Do It!!! Don’t try that first pill, that first drag that first anything that will alter you, just don’t.

  2. My dear big sister I am sorry you have to goes this mess and our Lord our God save you to fight this devil into your home and wow it is very crazy for a man young and older person you never know anyone ever get into this kinds of situation and be watchful every where you goes or be at your home and praying before you leave home and praying again before you come home and our lord will sent the warrior to protect you from evil world ok we will never know it can be anyone so we have to be very careful with yourself else where ok

  3. My big brother and sister it is alot of pain for our young generation is going through truly did happen and when get to the wrong level of life in to thing it not god at all and that what happens they don't know what really hit them because they be ln the wrong place or doing thing in the wrong people and it come out that way and we have to open our ey s to seen thing is not god at all around then being around the wrong people just like my baby brother he didn't want to listen to his mother as she tell him you can't do that and for his so call friend use him and he didn't know they would set him up like that as he got lock up just imgine how he feel being lock for something he didn't do and you can goes crazy In jail for along time he was trying to get out of jail to escape out of prison if I didn't come there with a stupid skirt and I can see through it and I didn't have the money to buy me a sweat pants he would be alive today and we all in the family didn't know be had the bad heart and they was going to let him come home and all of sudden they say he went to play basketball and someone made for him to hit his head on a hard odeject and he has the serzuire and die right in the spot ok my daughter say someone knew about it and they didn't want him to goes home because they can't goes home themselves ok that how men or in jail they will take your life if they can't be free ok be careful our big brothers our God is watching you and you just don't know what you are going to ahead to In your life the Lord is in control he is the boss and he also is in charge of your life any single one of them ok peace of mind ok as long you ask God to forgiven your sin will be forgiven by god in heaven ok

  4. Wow! this is a beautiful story! Her strong faith enabled her to use the power of love and kindness to forgive her assailant n give him another chance in life.
    Mandy you're a true angel! You've saved him from a doomed life.

  5. That was a miracle from God that caused her to forgive and see that he wasn’t himself and under influence of a drug!! People needed to see that and take it in account before they lock someone up see the thing and person and talk or watch someone else talk to the person if you’re not able to before judgment that’s all.

  6. I have watched a number Megyn's interviews and she's good at probing and she says the right things but there is no empathy, like no heart.

  7. It sounded like Mandy was switching dialects during her interview! I wonder where she came from before she moved to the United States!

  8. Wow this woman has a heart of gold and this man is truly sorry for what he did. This is an amazing story. The power of forgiveness goes a long way and I think he deserves it. Drugs make you a crazy person don’t do them!! Take his experience and put it into perspective.

  9. This story could have gone so many ways. The headlines could have been "Teenager breaks in to house assaults woman and gets shot". Everyone would be saying "good!, he got what he deserved"

    We would probably barely hear anything about drugs been involved ,we definitely wouldn't know about the kid's accomplishments, or that this was unusual behavior, or that he was a good kid..

    we would have never known the full story , we wouldn't have seen the story from any other side. This child's legacy and name would have been tarnished while his parents grieve the loss of their child while carrying the burden of having a son who brutally attacked a woman.

    That could have been the story.. If not for one thing… Mandy.

    Forgiveness is powerful , thoughts are powerful, form your own.. do not let the media form thoughts for you. This is an AMAZING story.

  10. Mandy Bass: You are a fool. You're lucky to be alive. You are alone? You I've in FL where you can stand your ground? Get yourself a gun, learn how to use it. G-D forbid if there is a "next time", use it. Make sure the intruder doesn't get out alive.

  11. He's the typical 'hood con man. He's a drug addict. He'll always be a drug addict. You can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig. This is the typical liberal "feel-good" story that should have never been told.

  12. I just burst into tears… thank you madam Mandy for such a wonderful heart. Praise the Lord For your life and Kevin thank you so very much for the willing heart of taking responsibilities over your deeds. May The Lord Almighty Bless both of you. A living testimony madam Mandy.

  13. If all people heard was the story of the attack, they’d be saying that guy is scum and should rot prison. This is a perfect example of why we should never rush to judgement. So next time you hear in the news about some guy who brutally rapes and murders an innocent person, just remember you don’t know his story. He could be stand-up citizen.

  14. She may still have forgiven him, for herself, but I think his TRUE remorse is why the sentencing was as it was. If he had been, as many are, the type that could have cared less, the outcome would have been different. Plus, the fact he was clearly on something and different than his past model behavior. Drugs are demons.

  15. This is INDEED the power of GOD'S LOVE! When she started telling the story about his crying and his dad started crying that's when I started crying. Jesus commands us to forgive because we sinned against Him. This guy is tremendously BLESSED and fortunate. Wow. God bless Miss Mandy's heart!!!! I pray she is PROTECTED & blessed for her willingness to forgive. I all pray Kevin STAYS away from drugs or other negative influences & wont forget his blessing, and how God saved him from utter destruction. ~~Jesus is Lord~~

  16. All I can say as a black woman to this lady is god bless you. How you can forgive shows what kind of person you are is beautiful. But if this was me black or white I would forgive but my attacker would go to jail I hope young man that ur truly sincere

  17. You can tell he’s a good kid that got messed up from drugs. DONT DO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!! The devil is a liar and a manipulator and all he needs is a crack for him to get in

  18. Vamos. Verano azul co co gua. Mafalda miau. Gua co co gua pío. Uy kietos alg te call me espage. Grc grc grc volveré beiby llegaron sus escelencias grc grc grc.

  19. Why is she smiling so hard talking about it… I mean… happy to be alive but she smiling like she’s talking flower arrangements for her wedding… kind of weird.

  20. LSD is a toxic fungus. A mycotoxin/ a fungal poison. The LSD trip is as a result of excessively high stress hormone release in response to ingesting a fungal poison. The high stress hormone release in the brain then makes a person as if they have schizophrenia (Schizophrenia is most times due to genetically inherited mutations (like MTHFR or CBS699 or SUOX mutations) that make the liver unable to properly make enzymes that break down things that are normally ingested without problems. The CBS699 and SUOX mutations makes the liver very deficient in enzymes needed to break down substances high in sulfur and phosphorus. And all fungi, including mushrooms and mold are made entirely of phosphorus, so if you have a genetic mutation that makes it difficult for your liver to break down fungi, the ingestion of a toxic fungi or a toxic fungal related chemical like LSD can have an even more serious affect than it already does.

    It is never a good idea to take drugs, but especially with any genetic mutation that affects the liver's ability to clear toxins, the effect of taking drugs even one time can be even more disastrous.
    This is why everyone should get their genes mapped so they can know if they are inadvertently putting themselves at risk for mental or physical problems by eating foods high in sulfur or phosphorus which their liver might not correctly make the enzymes needed to break those substances down. And if that is the case, even one ingestion of these types of toxins can damage someone mentally or physically for life. In addition to not going to jail for a long time, the young man in this story is lucky that he was not also permanently mentally impaired by the toxic substance ingestion.

  21. whoa, Lord Jesus, what a powerful story. Unbelievable. Gonna forgive everyone who has wronged me. and forgive myself if I've hurt anyone. This is huge. The power of drugs can be detrimental, but the powerl of GOD is unmatched. Cops should be fired (protocol?).

  22. It was still his own total free will to take dangerous drug cocktail. This is personal responsibility. The woman made her spiritual, mental and emotional healing ( making whole/recognizing wholeness there is) her own responsibility, this also prevents physical illnesses. It works she looks great.

  23. This was a racially motivated hate crime and this woman is a fool. I doubt he even did LSD. Himself, and his community, laugh at how dumb white guilt tripped liberals are.

  24. " the worse thing that can happen to you, is the best thing that can happen to you"
    I agree with that, and that's the spirit of love and forgiveness.

  25. Imagine he drove a car … I ate a edible cookie and mind you I’ve been a pot head for a while and tried edibles before but this cookie had to have something else … I was so paranoid I was gonna call the ambulance I was in my car too thank god I didn’t want to drive I was too scared so I had my sister come rescue me but wow never had that type of high before …don’t ever underestimate drugs ….each time you’re using you have no idea what kind of high you’re gonna get ..

  26. You can tell he isn't the thug that others are who do this and laugh about it then do it again… he's truly sorry. Bless his heart…and Nancy's too.

  27. This would be the very first time a so-called black person has attacked a caucasian person and caucasian person, and the caucasian person forgives this man. It's usually a person (so-called) black person who always forgives the Caucasians for the hate crimes against us daily. But this want's even a hate crime.

  28. I, CANNOT believe tha foolish, vacuous, & asinine comments from ppl below…!! W-t-F is wrong with her??? WHYYY did she forgive ths kid?? He shld be in-jail — for LIFE!!!!! SHE needs to be checked for, brain-DAMAGE!! (orrr…, she's holding-him-hostage, for sexual-favors. yehhh. tht's it.).

  29. Woooo he is so lucky he didn't go to prison for what he did to this woman. She has a very forgiving heart. She is truly an angel.

  30. First of all, beautiful story about forgiveness and redemption. Secondly, what was that sudden ending about? We’re all sitting here thinking wait what?

  31. Okay, I have a real problem with this. Why was there MORE time spent on how much this young man had accomplished in his short life instead of focusing EVEN MORE time on what he had done to this amazing women, and what she went through afterwards?? I don’t care what he had accomplished after knowing what he did to harm another person! Period! Your accomplishments do not mean anything if you’re not using them to BLESS the lives of others instead of beating the crap out of someone and almost taking their life! I don’t feel he was as sorry as what he claims. Hypothetically, if that were me, I would be still so perfusely sorry that I would be too emotionally upset with regret that there wouldn’t be enough tissues to wipe my tears. So, yes, I do admire this very sweet and sensitive lady for her forgiveness, but I do not feel he should have gotten off so easily. It was a CHOICE to drink that drug, so there should be more strict consequences for his actions. His own father cried more than what this young man did.

  32. Wow…they hand out oscars for acting…what about ms.mandy she deserves so many accolades i cant count…but there is no award worthy enough for her beautiful soul…you are the G.O.A.T MS.MANDY GOD BLESS YOU🙏💯


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