MANTAK CHIA – SEXUAL HEALING – Part 1/2 | London Real

MANTAK CHIA – SEXUAL HEALING – Part 1/2 | London Real

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  2. Chi is basically the Holy Spirit, they’re both energy that gets ignored. We need to look inward and activate that energy.

  3. Chi is basically the Holy Spirit, they’re both energy that gets ignored. We need to look inward and activate that energy.

  4. I had people for years complain about my comedian ways and why do I always smile during the oddest times these things came natural
    Once they was beat out of me I became ill very ill with autoimmune STUFF and always told I was depressed
    I did not understand why.
    Until I cleaned my gut my life is finally getting BETTER.
    I cut my TV off for the last 3 years I went inside and cleanse I tore apart fear first. I'm in the season of anger now.

  5. Watch the Full Episode of Mantak Chia on London Real for FREE??? REEEAAALLY?? I searched everywhere for part 2 but nothing, the brits will never put aside their tradition of institutional deception? Or the content is restricted ONLY for the wealthy londoneers 🙂 ????

  6. just the opposite! I'd like to sit still. The Vibrations get annoying and no one has a decent explanation of why my heart is heavy. I'm not in a relationship nor have I been for a long time so I'm not looking for someone to talk to me about some Dbag I know better. I can feel someone as soon as they look at me. Game over

  7. 11:30 this actually has mainstream cutting edge medical research implications we only just discovered…
    Scientists and neurobiologists have gotten actual limbs to start growing back on human beings, after merely, as astonishingly simple as it sounds, stimulating the cut off area to produce positive protons.
    These positively charged protons accumulate in the extremity of the wound, and thereby with their charge attract new cells to flow to that area and start growing again. This is how limb regeneration works for certain lizards as well.
    It's ALL about the charge of the protons, and how it can be arranged and ordered to cause other effects to happen.

  8. 15:30 they also discovered that walking, is NOT controlled in the brain, but actually controlled by the spine itself, the neural network in the spine is what controls your walking, thats why it is such an automatic function.
    Your brain commands the spine to then relay the orders to the legs.
    Thats why you dont manually think about every step you take, you merely "engage the clutch" and enter "gear 1", then its automatic, until you giver further overriding orders such as "turn left" etc. But you dont have to micromanage every detail of every muscle.
    This is something we all know from experience, as something obvious. But medical research did not.
    Same thing with our language. We all know from experience that you can say "i have no energy today" or "you're draining my energy, go away". But we never thought about what it is we actually say, it has a real effect, thats why we have those expressions.

  9. 25:00 its funny how all of this has modern scientific correlations.
    Fire, you have a star, our sun, sparking into existance.
    Earth, which then allows matter to condense into planets.
    Metal, which then results in heavy metals and minerals condensing deep within, especially in a molten core.
    Water, which leads to higher gravity and thus attracts more meteors from deep space which is where ALL of our water came from.
    I mean its quite awesome.

  10. The male to the female & female to male is natural, original & powerful tonic(wepan) among K.K.lovers(Friends)to overcome the maya & to get
    Kama&moksha through kundalini daily activation(ALI puja).
    A+M kama tantra.

  11. Please prove me wrong.. But as a man, your semen just goes into the bladder so you can piss it out later on. So you can orgasm without ejaculation..

  12. Who ever did the subtitles to this video needs to redo them lol. I understand what was being said but the subtitles are way off. Other than that this is a great video, Thanks for posting.

  13. I've been watching videos with him for the last 30 mins having no idea he is the same guy that wrote Multiple Orgasm Man till this video. I've gotten a copy of his Multiple Orgasm Man for so many male friends and partners because of the response the first person I gave it to (my ex husband). What an incredible sex life after reading this book both together and on his own (according to him). All men should read this book and take the time to learn the techniques. You won't regret it. Stop wasting time with stupid pills and devices to increase stamina, this is the real key to the ultimate sex life. I had no idea he had a female version, I am going to buy it right now!

  14. Mr Rose I am new to your show but I am delighted by it! Let's simply say it has me smiling on the inside more than ever! Master Chia is Awesome and I Thank you for bringing this knowledge to me. I like you am on that quest the Buzz to be All that man can be and to know why! Not to bash "the secret" are you aware that there is a gap between the start and the end of the the Grand Prossesion Gregg Braden has like Master Chia been monumental in this knowledge. You see what's better than putting out a book in the dead centre of the dead zone or more to the point the hardest and most difficult time in the whole 25,900 years to manifest? Wait for IT let me for the full picture explain so others may see and as such join us on this Most Valiant Quest! I feel sure you are fully aware we just stopped end of Delta and we're actually just to grid the gears of Alfa again. You know that feeling of the sun is coming up soon the inbetween state. Most may just be lucky enough that they are starting to hear birds chirping. Well there is a 20 year gap that the ancients called the no time. So what's worse than putting a book out about manifestation in the middle of no time? Starting with Splendor Charles Hannal and the Master Key. Sorry not looking anything up or checking spelling. Just want to inform you that I have been monumentally lucky, Blessed as I prefer to call it and you will see why. Then The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantan. What a start so we see the shell of a Maclaren then they give us some vague outline of the steering wheel. I'm not even sure that they gave us a starter motor lit alone the engine. The people they interviewed sure they were living that life style but did they really know How? Na! Now I am never going to claim to be anything other than me and I have many of the missing information why? Well there will be those who laugh and I can't blame them. But I think I may even have been the author of 1 of the 2 books abovementioned. I have always known even as a kid I am different I felt I must have been a Very Powerful Witch in an earlier life time. I came into a Catholic home and I was not permitted to listen Two the devil's music forgive me now I'm using speech do you remember the story of The boat that rocked ugly it was about a lock station on a boat that ultimately sunk. Well that's radio hauraki. In my home it was radio hells racket no I was the smallest boy at a Catholic school my mum handed my jerseys my parents owns at yellow Skoda and even owned Chihuahua's! basically in hindsight they were determined that young John would not come cool! Funny thing is I rebelled in fact became sex vampire story I can't wait to give to the world! I was working in a record shop and my flatmates and I all had long hair. so Warner Brothers decide to spoil three of us and take us to see the Lost Boys in their own private cinema here in New Zealand. little did I know my boss was importing coke in the import records at the time this nodout greatly aided this. So we couldn't be real like real vampires so we became the sex vampires and before I knew it I was clogging up numbers just to show off my mates I got so good at picking up women that I used to have back stops waiting outside nightclubs in case I struck out for didn't take long to when I flatmates let me dinner any restaurant to my choice I couldn't get our top Queen of striptease into bed funnily enough I have two kids to now and never got that meal! But what I learnt so what I'm yet to tell you and be a male stripper for ten years is exactly what to do in the bedroom it's not for me to say that I'm good at it but there isn't a guy or girl on the planet I can't make squirt.I mentioned this because sex with an energy and using it correctly is terribly important! Now I have no interest in men just find it fascinating that both happen in exactly the same way! I think I might be some sort of sex teacher as well as healer you see I prayed for a thing called the baptism of Fire solemnly for a good two to three years as a teenager! And oh my God I didn't get IT! nobody wants to talk about this subject with me I think because it is quite a rarity and there was a lot of training given by the spirit first and one can see why when the event actually takes place. You know if it had been so incredible and Life Changing I would have thought me mad to. It was the 1st of March at 1 I was kneeling in a shower the waterways to skating over me and rain was likely tapping a clear light roof I had already blessed myself in the way to spirited showing me and confirmed my baptismal vals myself. What is Amazingis how much training a head and it wasn't until the moment I heard the words the way I heard the words that I realised I hadn't spoken to for all those years in lifting me up to the level where I could have this gift there's no way you could be given to someone that wasn't allowed to have it for lack of a better word! so I was confined at about an abortion and told to name the child which I did Jacob and I was told to pray for Jacob every day for the rest of my life after that I said in God please can I have the baptism of Fire soon! and this beautiful voice said to me just like Clark Kent becoming Superman in the cartoon what do you think and then from calm to Full Power THIS IS!!!!!!!! At that moment my hands flew out to my sides and all strength in the world wasn't gonna pull them back in againmoments after my cheek started to actually Flap all the while I couldn't have felt more complete more connected that I could possibly imagine I described it is feeling like a 50 ft column of light that reach on for infinity. All the while my merkaba Fields I going for Lightspeed at this point my cheeks with flapping like I had my mouth open at 100 miles an hour with my head out the window on the motorway! Then like lightning there was an enormous crack as my head was throwing violently backwards! And then it was gone! What is Amazing is how All energy was used up and just that split second! Well now I know if it is the merkaba activation with complete 32 degree tool which is the passing of the narrow gate! That just got obliterated basically! At which I was given a name White Lightning! You know you know I always forgot about that name when after being invited to a prayer group sometime telling my story guy came up to me afterwards and asked me what name was given I was so on and so looking forward to talking to someone else that knows about this or has had this happened but because of the size of the name so to speak his eyes just roll back and we didn't really speak much more. Now I share the same birthday as Chuck Norris and thanks to that the 10th of March is now The international Day of Awesomeness! Now if you were an old soul that new a thing or two about the universe. Get THIS Iarrived here on Earth purple reached birth cord around my neck take me out of mum tell exactly 8:20 p.m. in new zealand which is the start of greenwich mean time but I prefer Green Witch Meantime! Because you can call it the 10th of March at 8:20 p.m. or you can call it what it was the 69th day of the year 69 in the 24 hour clock 20/20

  15. "Weeds grow faster than a flower" wow! I interpreted that as the weeds being the the natural process of the body decaying due to poor diet and lifestyle/normal diet and lifestyle. I interpreted the flower to working hard to eat healthy and exercise and consciously looking after the body. Hence the weeds will always easily grow but the flower needs to be nurtured and worked for and the weeds need to be suppressed. The depth of this analogy is exciting and i like it.

  16. When Chi chakras are opened the covering of them creates high blood presure. How true could this statement be?

  17. Energy how to get ? Who want to energy how to come it do exercises or yogasanas five practice life long. 13 year to 25 years need full exercises means anything body exercises do in regularly then after one hour gap one liter water must drink it. Go to home after bath you take pray a God alone food 2:1:1 mentain your body weight proprsitionally hight.allways standard one hour rest need then you have get energy in your body entered if you do in regularly it will be accumulated in your body . After 25 -65 years don't do over exercises it is very bad on your body do less exercises only prefer and walking also need . This is regularly do exercises food ,water,rest in time then you have more strength storage in your body.

  18. Energy is not so easy to get it it is based on four itoms need then you body also rediness main bit means 60 years age group person do hard exercises he has loss his strength . It is not suggested to him 13-25 years after marriages they can do minimum exercises need it then four conditions applicable then body is storage energy in his or her body.

  19. I went to this site couldnt choce thumb s down button. That was so much waisted of time. Its wasn't real here sorry. Please put Bruce Lipton here please. Waisted my impotant time made me really sad, mad, commom please get real, no more salvaging my important time please, I'm moving on to Bruce Lipton video sorry but good bye forawaile sir.

  20. I have learned a lot of great lesson from him tonight . Even professors can not explain what he did he explain . The world is so lucky to have him . He make me understand a lot about how they human body produces what is required to live longer . Goodness me

  21. Most of this I agree with. But not ejaculating means blocking Energy. The more Energy you use the more supplied. If you don't think so just lay on the couch for a month an don't exercise an see how much Energy you have.

  22. How the hell he could've been teaching in Berlin before the war?! Which war he's talking about? He was born in 1944 if he is 73 years old now!

  23. If someone could develop like a pill that would prevent wet orgazm in males? Providing instead multiple dry orgazm? Could charge LOTS of money for such a pill or potion! Gone would be the frustratingly short (AND MESSY) sessions and in it's place luxuriously Loooong clean sessions!

  24. Awesome. More people need to practice this everyday. I have been practicing internal orgasm and my Qi is flowing way more fluid and powerful

  25. I’ve learned his same ideas. But I did it through Bruce Lee and Nikolai Tesla. I’ve got the focus of John Wick. Dr. We need to meet.

  26. I’ve learned his same ideas. But I did it through Bruce Lee and Nikolai Tesla. I’ve got the focus of John Wick. Dr. We need to meet.

  27. "If you work with energy you're never wrong" The thing about that is, everything is energy, so you are always working with energy.

  28. The word dau he is saying, refers to the damo bodhi dharma who was the king in india and came to china to as he wanted to preach Buddhism. And taught martial arts which you may call karate kungfu, whatever the origin of this martial arts is kalari payatu.

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