Massage Technique: Myofascial chest stretch

Massage Technique: Myofascial chest stretch

Hi everyone. I’m Ian Harvey, massage
therapist, this is my friend Ashley. Today, I’m just going to show you a very brief
myofascial stretch for the chest. So, I do this one after I’ve already worked with
the hand with the arm. I’ve done some compression with the chest. I’ve already
done some warming up of the shoulders. I will grasp the inner elbow, bring their
hand to the outside of my arm. So this is her right arm i’m using my left arm
to grasp the inner elbow. Her hand comes to the outside, I take a step back, and her arm is now in
a state of flexion, and it’s comfortable, it’s not in an awkward position. From
here, I can work directly with the triceps. I can come around and work with
the deltoids. And the chest myofascial spreading move i want you to
see looks like this. I place a hand just along and under the clavicle here. I’m
pressing the tissue downward, creating some downward traction. And then I bring
the arm slightly farther into flexion. Come out of it, back into flexion. I am
traveling under the drape here, this is something that I only do if i have a
good therapeutic relationship with the client and I’ve already discussed
boundaries. But I always make sure. Ashley, let me know if I’m ever too far
into your personal space, okay? Thank you. I move toward the sternum, just bringing
this arm out into further flexion, then back toward neutral, then into flexion
again. You’ll feel this skin moving beneath your hand here, and this will
just feel like a very deep stretch to the chest. And once you remove your hands,
it’ll feel like this area is much more free and open then when you started. And
that’s it! Let me know what you think in the comments, let me know if you have any
suggestions or chest opening tips of your own. Consider subscribing, and i’ll see
you next time!

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  1. Thanks this will fit nicely with something similar I've been doing. I put that right arm against my ribs and pin it to my side to free both hands for deltoid petrissage, pec pincer compression near the insertion, or "duck grip" petrissage of the lat from near the insertion to all the way into the low back or any combination of that.

  2. I love that you work the hand and arm before moving to the chest – it feels so great to have those areas warmed up before pect work. And your gentle stretch while pulling and rocking the arm looks amazing, great way to include movement too. I'm always on the lookout for good chest techniques, since I feel like a lot of therapists dive into that area and it winds up being a more painful area because of that. Thanks!

  3. I love your videos Ian! I am an RMT student on Vancouver Island. It's 20 month program so it's fairly extensive, but sometimes I feel my education falls short and I have been using your wisdom and advice to fill in the gaps….But I was wondering if you could do a video on how to protect your hands as a massage therapist? After my student clinic shift(4 appointments at 45 min each actually massage time), my right dominant hand is killing me. Am I just sucking with technique? I am worried

  4. Oh no no no!! I pressed play, set back in my chair and put my feet on the desk. By the time I was comfy, you were ending the video. At first I thought this was a joke, but the video ended. smh. eheheh

  5. Hey Ian, I love your massage videos that you make and it helps me to become a better massage therapist and I have been doings for 11 months now, and I loved your pectoralis video that you did on a male client, when are you going to make one for a female client?

  6. Loved the quick clip style of this video! I do a similar technique with my clients but I get them to hold the drape where they are comfortable with it with their opposite hand, so in this case the clients left hand would hold the sheet against the right breast.

  7. Aloha MS! Love this and posted it on FB for my massage clients and massage therapist friends who may have forgotten this powerful stretch. In today's head forward world as people spend hours with heads down in front of computers and texting, let's all remember to open up our pecs!!!!! Thanks so much for all you do and BE…malama pono… 🙂

  8. Thank you for the video. Do you have any suggestions on massage relief for the sternum. I have been dealing with pain almost the entire length and under each breast. (I had a mammogram no issues there). I have so many trigger pts of severe pain that hurt when I sneeze, laugh, and turn in bed. My poor husband sometimes cant even hug me. Going on 2 yrs, with xrays, MRI's, and several different types of body therapy with no relief. Thank You.

  9. This is a great technique to use. Thanks.  Id also tuck the drape in under the armpit to provide a bigger sense of privacy too

  10. I think I had something remotely similar to this done to me, but it didn't feel very good and I didn't like it.

    she did it very quickly and it wasn't as exact or careful as this. It was during a facial.

    could you please do some videos from a consumer focus? Like how to tell if something wrong is happening

  11. I think if you want to do pec, it's better start from lower to upper(as draping issues ).There is one way that I do is forearm supination and pronation with myofascia on the pec, either actively or passively

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