Massive Muscle Loss Just From AGING? (ALL GAINS GONE BY 40!?)

Massive Muscle Loss Just From AGING? (ALL GAINS GONE BY 40!?)

One excuse I hear all the time that really gets under my skin is when people say wait until you’re my age in fact that was what people used to tell me all the time when I was in my early teens and they were just in their mid-30s They would tell me how much harder it is to stay in shape because the body slows down who comes up with this stuff right. Well, let me tell you guys something I’m 33 years old now and things are going just fine. I have a full-time job. Just like many of you I’m married. I have a stepdaughter. I have a lot of responsibilities. I still train five to six days a week Maybe not three hours like I used to when I was younger But I’m still in there getting it done in my body hasn’t slowed down if anything I’ve made some great gains this year since I switched my workouts to my cheat and recover style of training. So then why do people still claim that it’s harder to stay in shape as you get older? Is it true that after hitting thirty years old that you can no longer a build muscle at an optimal rate? Do you really start losing your gains every single year over 30 and most importantly is it fruitless to start lifting after 30 because your body’s testosterone levels may begin to drop a little bit as well? Guys Do you know what all these things are? These are excuses now. Is it harder to build muscle and burn fat when you’re 35 compared to 18? Yeah I mean it can be but not just because your hormones are through the roof when you’re in your teens. You also have much less responsibilities and therefore have more time to train when you’re younger, but does that mean that you have to give up? No! Absolutely not and here is a dose of the hard truth guys. The human body is smart believe it or not. The human body is very smart and it is a machine designed to not die. Okay above all else your body wants to survive It doesn’t know if you live in a nice rural area or in a desert somewhere it just wants to survive and your body will only burn through muscle if it doesn’t have a need for it or if it cannot hold to it any longer. It doesn’t really matter how old you are as long as your body deems it necessary to hold on to your muscle mass you will be able to keep the vast majority of it as you age, now in just saying that you should know that physically inactive people can lose 3 to 5 percent of their muscle mass every 10 years after 30 it’s been proven. So think about that for a second I didn’t say in general people lose 3 to 5 percent of their muscle mass every 10 years after 30 I said physically inactive people. That is the key term in that sentence So what’s the solution to not losing all your gains and turning into a shrunken hunchback who needs a walker by the time you’re 60? Well it all comes down to two things guys exercise and nutrition remember what I just told you your body will only burn through muscle if it doesn’t have a need for it. This simply means that if you’re doing if you’re a couch potato doing nothing, but driving to and from work where you sit at a desk or in an office in front of a desk and type all day and then come home to where you sit some more while eating food watching TV then your body will decide that it takes too much energy to keep those big biceps and will just start to break down and use that muscle tissue for energy now I know that that might sound terrible, but if you think about overall efficiency, can you really blame your body for doing that at the end of the day like I said, your body wants to survive. So if it needs if it’s wasting all this energy trying to maintain all this muscle mass that it’s not using and it’s gonna get rid of it. It just makes sense it’s logical there is no reason to keep all of that muscle if there’s no stimulus telling your body that it has to keep it. So if you don’t want to lose your gains give your body the stimulus it needs to maintain the muscle that you’ve already built and believe me it will hold on to it And I’m not talking about anything radical or extreme here guys I’m talking about moderate exercise two to three times a week. It could be a regular lifting session at the gym it could be a sport it could even be cycling or running keeping yourself active is exactly how you program your body to not stop burning off muscle as you grow older. But staying active is only half the equation guys, and I’m sure many of you know this you can’t out train a bad meal plan. And if your nutrition is garbage, your body will not be able to maintain its muscle mass no matter how active you are in fact, if you are low on your overall calories including both your macro and micro nutrients your body will instinctively break down muscle tissue because that’s where all that good nutrition is. So if you are skinny fat and I made a whole video about skinny fat and I’ll link to it down in the info section below. But if you’re skinny fat and you work out all the time this is exactly why, you train hard, but your nutrition and water intake is so bad that your body has no choice but to break down muscle tissue for energy. but again guys, I’m not talking about anything extreme here as long as you focus on having enough calories, especially protein and your meal plan is solid 90 percent of the time you will be able to hold on to your muscle mass. So Nation, no more excuses. Your body doesn’t slow down as you get older the problem is that you slow down as you get older, which is the only reason why you’re losing your gains. So that’s just my nice way of saying stop being a lazy turd and go do something and if you’re new to my channel or have never been to my website before, I have programs for absolute never worked out before beginners to hardcore advanced lifters. So take a look and for those of you looking for a brutal way to spark some new growth check out my cheat and recover program. It’s a style of training that you probably never tried before and you’re going to love the results now be sure to smash that like button if you’re natty for life and as always more good stuff coming soon See you guys

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  1. Is it true that after turning 30 years old you can no longer build muscle at an optimal rate? Do you really start losing muscle every single year you’re over 30? And most importantly…is it fruitless to start lifting after 30 because your body’s testosterone levels simply won’t allow it? Well…. LET'S FIND OUT! Thumbs up if you plan on staying young forever! haha

  2. Scott + YouTube bro's can you please give me some much needed advice?? I've ruined my right elbow/forearm doing pull-ups, I'm having radiating pain when I grip anything tightly, and tried to do back and chest yesterday and couldn't even do empty bar bench warm ups without getting bad pain in the arm.

    Gym worker told me no benching and heavy lifting for a week, I don't want to shrivel up and lose my gains (I'm guessing I'll be out longer than 2 weeks) my question is, have you ever had something like this, I'm also getting some awkward feeling in my thumb, should I just bang out legs 3 times a week along with core?? Please, help me, I don't want to turn skinny again from not training lol!! What would you recommend I do in this situation??

  3. I’m 25, been training for 1 year and truly hope I don’t have only 5 years left to train lol people are crazy

  4. Sir, we have discovered that your nutrition is ….GAHBAGE. Get it in order, and lift some BAHBELLS along with it.

  5. Fitness industry is full of coddling and friendly lies. This kind of direct truth is greatly needed. My own mother is above 60 and is falling apart. She refuses to train for strength even though her own skeletal muscle is rapidly diminishing. Every "expert" she visits gives her stupid meme exercises.

    She was seriously told to do squats on a bosu ball, and guess what she got injured from that.

  6. I have a question. I go to the gym 3 times a week and I do different exercises with 3 sets of 10 for each exercise (expect for the abs). Now the question is: do I have to increase the weight o to decrease it while doing the reps?

  7. I'm 32. I've been training on and off for the past 16 years. Really half-assed it for most of that, made some decent gains. Been hitting the gym really hard and more consistently for the past 5 years, and I'm bigger and stronger than I've ever been. Granted, once I started training smarter and harder roughly 5 years ago, I did have a pretty decent foundation of strength to build upon, so that helped. But the past 5 years of training (27-32), I've had my best training years in these 5 years than my late teens or early 20's. I also know a lot more now than I did then though, for sure.

  8. Well Scott all i can say is im 44 i started when im 40 dedicated myself to this discipline gaining knowledge on a daily and have made and continue to make tremendous gainz as a result, knowledge is the power in this game to gainzville i tell ya.

  9. I love the fact that I'm 39 this year and I'm lifting heavier than I ever have, (and more than guys in their 20s) and I cycle 🚴🏻 all the time instead of using the car

  10. Oh trust me your body knows if you live in a tundra or desert climate lol that was a dumb statement. But overall fantastic motivation and advice. Thank you.

  11. Injuries hurt more than age. If I had kept training(I let injuries stop me for a decade), especially hard, I believe I'd be better than ever at 39. In fact I plan to be in the future…

  12. It's harder after 40 for many reasons
    Your motabolism slows down
    Your test levels drop your body changes
    But it's not impossible to stay in good shap

  13. i last worked out in gym like a month ago but im still holding 99% of my muscle just cus i eat enough food , so nutrition is the primary stimulant for muscle growth

  14. You can lift as long as you want to whatever age you want. It all comes down to consistency and adaptability. As you age, you need to make sure your nutrition is solid and you maximize your hormone levels. While it is true, training at 50 is different than 20. The good news is Nature got it right in that as you age you don’t need to train as hard and long as in your 20’s. You do, however, have to provide a consistent stimulus and eat the right types of food and rest. In the end, it is excuses for not doing weight training as you age that are the self fulfilling prophecy of weakness and disease.

  15. Could you please stop using the phrase 'smash that like button'? It sounds forced and I always want to dislike videos where people beg for likes. You don't need it.

  16. I was a fat kid until 30…now after a couple of years going to the gym I am in much better shape than ever!

  17. It reminds me what goku said , " power responds to a need not a desire , you have to create that need!"

  18. What do you think of this workout,I do a full body three times a week.

    Chest press- 12 reps if i can (usually fail at 8 by the last two) 4 sets.

    Military press- ^

    Barbell row-Both in a similar fashion to the two previous exercises.

    Dead lift and squats- 4 sets of high volume til failure

    Super set of lat pull down and chest machine fly til failure on 4 sets

    Dips and bicep curls til failure on 4 sets.

    I usually aim for a max of 12 on all my exercises apart from deads and sqauts where i aim for higher.

    Do you think thats a solid routine? Any advice would be appreciated. Such an abundance of information on the internet so its hard to try and decipher what is best!

  19. It is a lot easier to be muscular at 30 years of age than 20 years of age… you basically had a possible advantage of 10+ years of weight lifting. Stop making excuses.

  20. This is a great video I tell my friends this all the time.  I just turned 45 and had never lifted weights until last year. Now I feel as though I  am in the best shape of my life. I have lost weight 45 lbs., 10 inches on my waist and have showing muscle definition.  It is definitely doable and sustainable.

  21. Im 55 and train 5x a week. I've learned how much I can train and that rest and nutrition are just as important as training. Here is a question to ask yourself….If you didn't know how old you are, how old do you feel? I still think Im in my 30s. Happy training

  22. I'm 42 and I'm still gaining muscle. I know we're all different but it gets under my skin when I see these stupid video titles "How to gain muscle after 40" and "You can't build muscle after 40". Ridiculous.

  23. Another good episode. I'm glad you covered this. I hear too many people saying that. I just laugh.

  24. Excuses maybe? I'm 2-3 years older than you and feel fine. I feel like Crap if I stop working out. I'm in better shape in my 30's then I was when I was younger. My Diet was crap when I was younger. So people do make excuses.

  25. Am 31 and my body is in the best shape ever.its not the age its the shit that people eat and using age to do even more fuck all

  26. Im a couch potatote, 40 yo, and afraid about start because Im so weak now. Maybe youtube knows it and therefore recommend me the video… :v

  27. I'm 71, can deadlift almost 2.5 times my body weight and am busting my gut to do muscle ups. I belong to two gyms and train five days a week. Although the 'obsession' with fitness is obvious it is the mental wellbeing that is derived from regular training that is the main driver. This is rarely acknowledged in discussions on training however most gym obsessed people know how important this aspect of training is, and is why they are consistent in their training regime.

  28. I'm 42 years old and i feel great . One year ago i was 224 lbs and now 165 lbs with a fit body. So….this is my transformation with homeworkout only. I am from Romania.

  29. it also depends what type of job a person has. An office job will always have it advantages with recovery and gains over a 8-10 hr intensive labour job which can make your body actually eat at your gains when you should be resting combine that with 40+ yrs of age and your pushing uphill

  30. I'm 57, lift at least 4 days a week. Have since I was in my very early 20's. DL is still over 400lbs. Test levels are in the 800's. I've never taken any "supplements". I play ice hockey still, and I look like I'm in my 30's. People are damn lazy and look for any excuse not to do anything. It's so much easier to be in shape than it is to be fat and unhealthy

  31. LOL worrying about turning 30. I'm 58. I've been going to the gym since I was 29. I've been told ad nauseum as you age you can't lift as much, you risk or have more injury, it takes longer to recover, you need to change your routines, maybe do more stretching etc. . Maybe I've been lucky but nothing has changed for me yet and I continue to progress. I am not on any medication for anything & have a successful brand promoting my fitness.

  32. Scott Scott Scott! I am 52, Worked out my entire life, The body does slow downto a certain extent! For me it was when I turned 40.
    There are many things I had to make adjustments for; however, I see my friends that never worked out and compare them to me and I know what I do helps out my appearance, my weight, my mindset, and my overall body in general.

    I think the mindset for the younger generation is when you are a teen you think old is 30 and up

    when you are in your 20s you think old is 30 and up

    when you are in your 30's you think old is 40 and up

    when you are in your 40's well by that time you know and look back how foolish you were thinking in terms of age. lol

  33. Fifteen years ago I emailed many older life long body builders asking them questions about themselves and what they saw other body builders go through . I was especially concerned with dementia and Alzheimers and the effect if any working out had on that.

    Frank Zane was one of the memorable replies I received. Well now I am going from memory here so I believe he said its all about being constant, your diet, knowing your body and how it reacts to foods, inflammation, and rest. I believe he said you have to make working out fun and likable your whole life and balancing your marriage or partner with your passion.
    He also stated that working out and exercise in general helped a person achieve a longer healthier life provided they ate healthy, rested, and lived a fulfilled life laughing etc.

    Its all about MINDSET!

    Hey that is actually an idea for a future show if you would like. I am sure you know many older body builders that would share the dos and donts of what failed and worked throughout their lives.!

  34. Scott, when I was 33 years old, I could do reps on the bench press at 405 lbs., could deadlift around 600lbs, could squat 565 lbs. Please ask yourself why pro athletes retire in their late 30's and most by age 40? Because your body does change as you approach age 40. You're to young to relate. Now I'm 69 years old, can bench 227.5, dealift about 310lbs, and can't do squats with bar on shoulders because of shoulder problems. Believe me, your body will change young man, you're just not there yet.

  35. I'll add myself to the over 50 pile. I certainly can't recover as fast as I could when I started training in my 40's – but I'm proud of what I've done and what I can lift. Injury management and prevention is definitely a focus.

  36. 40 years old next month, 14% fat, gym three times a week, muay thai another 3 so, 6 times a week training. Job full time as a consultant, girfriend, no kids. 😀

  37. Fuck this guy. Hahaha he has a step daughter. The only woman he could get already has kids… Used up. Bro come on.. you are supposed to be an inspiration to all the knuckleheads who follow you.

  38. Truth!!!! I just started lifting again at 37 and didn’t get serious till about 38 1/2 and in the past few months I’ve gotten down under 20% body fat (from over 30 in January) and am almost at my weight from when I was 24. All this with a full time job that’s physically demanding and two kids to boot. Keep preaching Scott your videos are both entertaining and full of knowledge

  39. I think there's a bit of truth to both. I turn 44 today and feel I'm in better shape than I was 20 years ago strictly through smarter eating and working out better. But I do feel it more and thus I work out less. You do pay for your poor choices when you're younger though. Listen to your body, eat right, and don't stress. The guys who are 1% body fat in their 40s are outliers, and the truth is more complex. Aging is inevitable, but we can control it to a degree. If you feel good, keep it up.

  40. 01:35 very ignorant thing to say that 18yr olds all have "less responsibilities". Alot of 18 yr old's are having to work full time instead of going to university because money is harder to come by and price rises. Or 18yr olds have to go to uni and work part time. Heck some 18yr olds are mothers or a father like you Scott. So why don't you connect your brain to your mouth, or maybe walk outside your gym from time to time and learn what's going on in the real world.

  41. THANK YOU for making this video Scott! I get told this all the time and it's really annoying. People telling me they were in great shape at my age (23) but just wait until I'm 40. I just respond with "we'll see". But I know that they're out of shape simply because they barely workout anymore and aren't following a meal plan! I always use you as an example (not saying you're old) but because you have only got bigger and better over the years! Cheers brother for another great video!

  42. I started to go to the gym when I was 44, full body program 3 x per week, and I definitely saw big gains. I'm now able to do 10 pull ups in a row and 6 reps of deadlifts at 120kg for example. At the dumbbell bench press when I started, I was barely able to press 2*8kg and now I'm doing 4 sets of 12 at 2*24kg. So it's definitely worth it, for physical AND mental health btw 👍😃

  43. As a 29 year old woman, I always hear that I have to start eating less cause apparently when I hit 30 My body will begin to store everything as fat

  44. 46 in July and still making gains most weeks. I use the HEX Bar which I find more suitable for me but comfortably knock out 12 reps on 135kg for 3 sets which 10 years ago I would have stuggled to do for sure. 12 reps on 38kg for dumbell presses is standard these days too. I have NEVER been stronger. PS – MASSIVE thanks to Scott Herman for the tips on dumbell press technique – Scott taught me how to get the weights up through his videos on my own – I couldnt get above 30KG before I learnt this technique. THANK YOU SCOTT!!

  45. Thanks, many people in my family keep telling me that I’m going to slow down and get fat, right now I’m fairly active but I’ve been asking myself what the point of working out so thanks for motivating me to keep going through my teens and as an adult bro

  46. Awesome topic. Glad to hear it my friend. Good thing I love this lifestyle, so I'll be holding on to my muscle bulk through my later years buddy! It only gets better the longer you do it.

  47. man I like being natty, but it does bother me ill never look as good as a dude on gear! I love that look but just not willing to accept the negative side effects that come with it! I train hard look good , but without the pump no matter how much mass I have I look shit outside the gym! struggle is real.

  48. The most important TWO changes in society in the last 10 years, are the women's movement, and if you don't what that means, just look in your local GYM, or go back to sleep, and the INCREASED age people are expected to live, and the INCREASE in the number of over 60s NOW living in all societies. As I'm a lot older than 33, the latter interests me , and I can very very very very very SAFELY SAY, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING STOPPING ANYONE from training hard and EATING PROPERLY to , as this dude and other you tubers say, MAINTAIN YOUR GAINS. I have visibly put on 10 lbs , in PURE, SOLID MUSCLE, in the last 8 months. Granted I'm an ex athlete, so love feeling the BURN, that's the feeling you get, when your at failure, totally at muscle fatigue, BUT BUT BUT BUT, I KEEP on pumping, LIKE A PSYCHO, untill I shout out in pain. I know y'all not crazy like me, BUT I'm proof, being DOUBLE MOST OF YOUR ASSES AGE, that dedication , very very hard work, no matter what age, keeps you feeling like Godzilla, King Kong, Arnold S, a T Rex and a thousand HIPPO'S, all at the same time, isn't life so beautiful.

  49. @ScottHermanFitness ….I'm 38 and I am 132 lbs … way underweight … wish my body would slow down so it takes in all this food I'm cramming in to bulk up. I just started lifting like 2 years ago and I've gotten gains … People who made those excuses are just lazy people who'd rather cling on to the whole "shameless fat body image".

  50. My father and Grandfather both said they didn't had any issue training and keeping their gains and leannes until they were 60

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