Mastering the Golden Five Exercises (1-1) | Buff Dudes: Journey for the Goblet of Gains

Mastering the Golden Five Exercises (1-1) | Buff Dudes: Journey for the Goblet of Gains

Here we go! The beginning. Every character starts with Level 1, but dreams of one day reaching for that Goblet of Gains. Is it possible? Hell yeah it is! But it’s going to take a lot of hard work and learning the basics. Yeah! In order to drink from the holy Goblet of Gains you’re going to have to grind these compound exercises again and again. And again. It’s not going to be easy and it’s never going to work unless you’ve got that proper form. So in this chapter we’re going to be covering the Golden Five. Bench press, deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, and overhead press. Five essential compound exercises every buff dude or girl should have in their arsenal. Think of these as the weapons you used to slay on your way to the ultimate buff payday. A goblet every gym goer covets. The one overflowing with gains. Sweet, sweet gains. Now we’ve only got so many continues, so let’s not make that same mistake. Because hey, we all want to be able to taste from that sweet Goblet of Gains. So here’s three tips to keep in mind when performing the bench press. You’re gonna want to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor with your hips and upper back firmly planted on the bench. Go ahead and retract your scapula and pretend you’re bending the bar as you’re bringing it down to your sternum. What’s a bench press going to work? It’s going to work those chestitcles, and the triceps as a secondary muscle group. So get out there, hit that bench, and you’re going to quickly realize why this is an indispensable tool in every buff dude or girl’s arsenal. Deadlifts: one of the top compound exercises. But it can be a little scary starting at Level 1. So make sure you keep these three things in mind, so you can gain the experience to level up! So what you’re seeing right now is what you don’t want to do. You’re gonna lose points in the long run and that’s not a good thing. So what you want to make sure to do is keep a nice rigid straight spine throughout this movement. Keep a neutral chin and act like you’re spreading the floor with your feet and that’s really going to help stabilize your hips and your knee in the long run. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why am I performing the deadlifts?” and that’s an excellent question. And the answer is, because it’s a badass exercise! It’s working multiple muscles and multiple joints, huge compound movement, mainly working the posterior chain which is the hamstrings, glutes, and back. So next time you step in the gym, make sure you hit the deadlift, and that’s why we included it in the Golden Five. Squats. As you can see, a lot of things can go wrong in this exercise, but it’s not as scary as it looks. Keep these three things in mind and you’ll perfect your form in no time. Make sure to keep in mind that the bar is going to be an upper trap area rather than the base of the neck. This is going to help with bar control as you perform this exercise. Corkscrew your feet into the ground to help stabilize the knee and the hip joint, and make sure you push to the mid foot rather than coming up on the toes. This is another major compound exercise working multiple muscles and multiple joints in the body. It’s primarily working the legs with the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, but it’s also working the core and even upper body, too. Over 200 muscles in fact. And that’s why this is a necessity to have in your arsenal in the Journey to the Goblet of Gains. Now I don’t know what that is, but it’s definitely not a pull-up. So here’s three tips to keep in mind when performing the perfect pull-up. You’re going to want to begin by retracting and depressing the scapula. Go ahead and bring your upper chest to the bar level. And as you do this, go ahead and bring your elbows into your back pocket area. Not only is this exercise an excellent indication of overall upper-body strength, but it’s also going to build that big juicy meat shield. Or as some people like to call, the back. The overhead press. And as you can see here there’s a few things that can go wrong in this. Make sure you keep these three things in mind and you’ll be safe. Keep a straight flexed legs throughout the duration of the exercise, vertical torso and vertical forearms at the beginning of the press, flexed core, and make sure you bob the head out of the way as the bar passes, and get that full extension, flex, before lowering it down to the bottom position. So this primarily works the delts, but it’s also working the traps and the core, as well. And hey, who doesn’t want some boulder shoulders, right? I mean if your gonna wear some cut off tank tops, you better be looking damn good. And that’s why we included this badass exercise. There you go noble gym warrior, the Golden Five. Know them, use them, and learn to love them. They’ll be your indispensable tools in this 9-week journey. Now go forth, hit the gym, and we’ll see you next time for episode two: Thy Buff Foods

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  1. I'm constantly checking if someone is sitting next to me to my right and left since the buff dudes seem to be talking to them and not me.

  2. Your channel is awesome you really make my gains and goals possible your video about old school exercises really helped me
    Since I watched it I've incorporated Odis ups, drag curls, over head press with a d.b. for the chest

  3. Hudson’s squat form is absolutely horrendous 😂 it looks more like good mornings than actually squats, no quad stretch at all.

  4. LMAO, this is EXACTLY the exercises that I chose for my own improvised program a few minutes ago. xD

    I have a Buff Dude mentality!

  5. Here I am struggling to do the overhead press with just the bar and these dudes swinging it around like it's freakin plastic

  6. Bent over rows vs pullups, what do the experts think? I axe because I'm following StrongLifts. I understand they work essentially the same groups but I can add pull-ups if recommended.

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