Mechanics of Calisthenics – Which Muscles You Use in Front Lever, Planche, Human Flag

Mechanics of Calisthenics – Which Muscles You Use in Front Lever, Planche, Human Flag

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  1. Excellent…. can you made a video , showing the basic calisthenic exercises …and using your red effects to show which area of muscles/ groups that exercise is working on, most and best
    ….thank you.

    Categories :

    Upper body exercises ~ Decline push ups, normal push ups, incline push ups, Dips, Australian push ups, negetive pushups, closegrip pushups, Chin ups, Pike push ups, walking pushups, shoulder press ups, Handstand push ups

    Lower body : Squats, Lunges, jumping squats, jumping lunges, low duck walk, Calf raises,

    Core/Abs : knee raises, leg raises, side knee raises, situps , crunches, side plank, twist side up, side toe touches.

    Cardio : burpess, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, half knees, explosive sprints,

  2. 8:57 ''you need to contract your lower back, butt muscle and glutes'' you meant to say hamstrings instead of the glutes? because the glutes are the butt muscle.

  3. I really like your videos. You are a big inspiration for me and I also really liked the type of vlogs/trips videos that you did. I saw the "how i travel on badget" 3 times

  4. I have one very big problem with planche. I'm scared that my elbows will break. I have elbow hyperextension/overextension which means my elbows don't lock at 180 degrees. What do I do with it?

  5. What's your opinion on ido portal and his training methods? I noticed you did some variations of squats that he teaches in your stretching video.

  6. You are awesome,i like how you explain thing and everything you do.But i have one question,You have a lot of strength and you can do some complex movements,but you don't seem so shredded,why is that? maybe because of soft lighting?

  7. Thank you! It's great and informative video as always! I would also add that hollow body position is important in all cases where the back is under load (front AND back lever, planche etc.). That is because abs contraction flattens the back. On the contrary in the "banana" holds back muscles have mechanical advantage (they are in a shorter position), but bones and joints of the lower back are under excessive load, which is unhealthy and can cause lower back pain.

  8. Nice vid as always^^ Nevertheless I disagree on the correct way to do the straddle planche: when you explain that the lower back is an involved muscle, normally to squeeze your abs+glutes will raise your leg without involving your lower back muscles and gives to your planche a better form (this way your butt will be at a lower position and you should be able to hold it longer).

  9. Can you do a video whit warm up and cool down for every workout session. Push, pull, abs and legs. To many persons ignore that, me included.

  10. were did he get his wooden paralletes, did he made them himself? if anyone has a link for them i would appreciate it

  11. Very interesting video. You didnt mention the elbow joint being stressed in planche though. Ive never felt my chest when doing a planche, its more biceps and front delts than chest, which is used more in back lever than planche 🙂

  12. Wow thx for this video ! I'm french and i don't understand all (but a large part) so if a french can subtile that, it will be amazing.

    This video is so clear and helped me a lot for training ! 🙂

  13. You use your chest muscles pretty actively in a front lever position (to extend your shoulder just like the latissimus etc.) so when people feel their chest it's not necessarily because they're pulling their hands inwards.

  14. I’m so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit is no joke. I keep pulling my shoulder muscle lol not funny I know but.. I’m just saying.. it’s hard and getting hurt sometimes proves your hard work. I just don’t know when to stop even when my body can’t do a single push up, I keep trying to go and workout like an asshole lol. Oh well. Thanks for the video!! It helped

  15. I like how you break down the usage of band in applying the movement which really is helpful. To other experts who are against the band, I personally find band is really helping correct the form and make faster progress. Don’t get me wrong, individual is different , so may strong enough to not apply the band , but most do need assistance via bands

  16. 5:22 If you are laying your back on the support why is the stress higher in this position if compared to the feet position and its stress level? it should be viceversa

  17. Very nice video, also the biceps are used for plansche quite heavily. Glutes used secondary for front lever

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