Meet the Consultant Teaching Trans Women How to Be ‘Feminine’

Meet the Consultant Teaching Trans Women How to Be ‘Feminine’

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  1. Woah she did a good job! I was like in NO WAY is the lawyer going to look like a lady but he looked like a regular, very professional woman u see walking around the financial district in NY

  2. What a woman should be, is what a woman should be. It is what you want to represent it as. I didn't like how the interviewer was projecting her idea of somehow people are being forced to present a certain aesthetic- thats clearly not the case. Just because I like to put makeup on or wear a dress it doesn't make me less of a feminist. She is a stylist who is helping people achieve their idea of what feminine means while offering an honest opinion to help them achieve that.

  3. 😒. These people are so dumb. A fucking woman shouldn’t have anything to say about being a woman. Well then why are people going to HER to help them gain skills and tendencies in being more feminine. Trans men often see the typical “woman” as the goal otherwise they wouldn’t believe they were born into the wrong body. If feminine wasn’t the opposite of what they naturally are then what’s the point of any of it. Typical feminists telling everyone that being fkn natural world feminine is wrong. Ass backwards.

  4. Lesson 1! Just because your a trans woman/ don’t wear night makeup in day time , don’t wear high heels all day long everyday –
    Lesson 2 Don’t get advice from lesbian or Feminist –
    Lesson 3 don’t wait till your an old man to do this
    Lesson 3 – when your trans don’t lead men on to make them think your a real woman , no surprises !
    Lesson 4
    Straight men don’t owe you a date – if they are not interested in dating trans person , don’t have a melt down
    Lesson 5
    Don’t expect women in the beauty salon to WAX your balls

  5. Trans person – chubby woman wanting to be a man .. your a little sissy dressing like little boy – I predict melt down when she’s in company of men and they talk about women , sex , jokes “ locker room talk “ she will run out crying

  6. Off the bat, I feel like it's extremely problematic to interview cis women about whether another cis woman teaches trans women what it "means" to be feminine. I understand the intentions, but for us trans women, being feminine tends to act as a life preserver to passing and to be safe, not as some sort of flippant form of trying to get some "secret."

  7. Yeah you think maybe having a cisgender woman dealing with a transwoman issue is a bad idea??? Jfc lol why wasn't the original presenter present through the entire piece? That's be like a white woman going to a black women's hair salon and wondering why her product wasn't there? Like come on…

  8. Cuz like the problem is that the interviewer is taking in the issue of trans women's femininity from a perspective of cis woman privilege. And that clearly doesn't make sense, historically, in terms of oppression and violence.

  9. Cute? Freak show. Cross dress in private please. If you seek to gross out people don't be surprised if they are hostile to you. Freedom of expression cuts both ways

  10. We shouldn't shame her profession because then you'd be shaming the transgender women who do wanna conform. Just because you're transgender, does not mean you HAVE to conform to gender norms. I'm a feminist, and as long as we are not enforcing what a woman should be onto others, it's fine. But don't be shaming women who do wanna conform. This individual is helping them be comfortable in their own skin and achieve self-acceptance or even exploring gender. Those who identify as women do NOT have to be feminine, but some do choose to be and there is nothing wrong with that. Just because you don't like the idea of for of femininity being pushed doesn't mean that it should be wrong for everyone. Let people be, let people have a choice. They are not harming anyone, sheesh. With the feminist perspective presented in the video, it seems that conforming to femininity as a woman seems like backward thinking but honestly to be feminine should be empowering for anyone who chooses to conform. As a CIS woman, I can be whoever the fuck I wanna be, and society can fuck with it or not. I don't care because I accept myself. Someone who has struggled with their gender identity does need to explore a bit to find self-acceptance, and that's why it's important to be accepting of this kind of profession. Okay, rant over lol. I just didn't like the Interviewers perspective, felt like she was being dismissive.

  11. I don’t know why is it so offensive for people to accept this, trans woman are born men and naturally they have no femininity, so what’s wrong with someone to teach them how to be feminine? Why is that so difficult to acknowledge?

  12. I adore what Monica is doing and definitely think there should be more people like her helping the trans community to adapt. Stop trying to shame trans women for wanting to be seen as stereo-typically feminine. If that's how they want to express themselves then they definitely have that right and they might need someone to help them with that.

  13. This is so beautiful. What a lovely service Monica is providing. I'm so happy for her and her clients. Thanks for covering this story, Broadly.

    The interviewer was quite negative/judgmental, imo. A little frustrating but I noticed this was from 2016. I hope she's learned a lot between now and then.

  14. These people are jokes!!!!!! God created you this way for a reason… For people to say I am not good enough the way I was created is why our society is so fucked up.

  15. The interviewer is acting like this lovely woman is forcing trans women to go to her services like bruh that's her job the customers come to her and she just does her job to help

  16. Seriously…its so rude to have a woman teach a "woman" how to do her makeup and accentuate her femininity.
    Are these people insane?!

  17. Yes when a women looks & acts feminine its BASICALLY for men IN MOST CASES. Just as Men try to act macho & strong & all the typical man type of behavior…..he USUALLY is doing it somehow someway because of a women or with a Woman in mind at some point. Guys wouldnt be where they are if it werent for women & vice versa.

  18. I think as trans people, some of us might have an initial reaction that this is like when trans women would go to their gender therapist to get permission to transition, especially in decades past, and the therapist would police her gender expression and assess her femininity.

    In that case it was really as a form of violence, a way of keeping her from hormones that might save her life, because she was not feminine enough. But in this case, women approach Monica freely because they want this kind of service, and it's really quite rare to see a gender expression coach, it's not the norm or expectation in transition.

    And of course trans women often go through that awkward fashion phase and that's fine, but it might be less fine if the woman is a professional in a career where these awkward choices could be seen as problematically non-professional.

    A lot of cis woman feminists also may not see how these women are not necessarily trying to conform to beauty standards to get some extra perceived benefit, but simply to be seen as women and not face transphobic violence. So it's not terribly useful to go to cis women to try to get opinions on what trans women should do or not do with their bodies! In most cases they haven't given a lot of thought to the fact that they pass through the world assumed to be women while others do not. But perhaps this documentary will help enlighten them to the needs and experiences of trans women more.

  19. Aww Kristen is so beautiful. I love everybody for who they are, because no matter what, people who are themselves are beautiful.

  20. maybe people should just stop policing how others want to perform their gender. you can critique feminity and masculinity because it can become toxic but trans folk should have every opportunity to be masculinity, feminine, in-between, i mean isn't that what we are fighting for? self – expression?

  21. I’m a woman and a feminist so I love everything about this woman and the people she works with. She’s such an amazing human being. We shouldn’t put women down for wanting to be that “dress wearing, cookie baking feminine person”. Having said that, can she teach me her tricks

  22. Well…maybe because she is a real woman??What's wrong with teaching them?I'm sure that the trans women who signed up actually WANTED to have someone teach them.Modern feminists are such sensitive losers.Where are the days where feminists actually knew what they where striving for?

  23. This is one of my favorite videos on the internet. I think I felt the same as most at the beginning of the vid… Unsure if Monica had a right to teach femininity to those transitioning, but her clients seek her out. They want her specific views and advice. She's also incredibly friendly, approachable, and professional. It's touching. I'm glad Monica is on their side ❤

  24. I grew-up in the middle of the 2nd wave feminist movement, where mainly biological women burnt bras and rejected the feminine. Now I see trans women wanting to embrace the feminine. This video portrayed that perfectly between the trans women and the interviewer. I wonder when this shift started to happen…it's interesting.

  25. This woman isn’t passionate about helping transgender people, she is simply trying to make a profit off of the transgender community. She knows it.

  26. I don't get the point of all those negative opinions at the start of the video.. she offers a great service for these rich trans people. Figuring out makeup can take years growing up and she's making it easier for them to transition without having such an awkward phase of figuring out their personal style and the make up techniques that make them feel beautiful.

  27. What she is “teaching” might be what the individual considers their ideal of femininity. Monika has a good eye, she does a good job.

  28. Feminine is a set of behaviors.

    I know a lot of women. I don't know very many people that perform femininity.

    The people that I see performing femininity are almost always men. And that's fine. But femininity does not make you female.

  29. Gay men and Trans-women look nasty. No matter how good looking a Trans-woman is their is no way in hell I'll have sex with one. Look at that balding old skinny ugly white man transitioning to become a woman. Can you imagine having sex with that, with a wig on and makeup?

  30. Excuse me but a cis women IS exactly the person that should teach trans women to be women. Why are feminists so unreasonable!?

  31. Women (often feminists) who claim they are "feminine" have to understand that although they believe they are feminine, that does not mean men interpret their expression as feminine. Most will interpret it as, in some way, masculine. Political correctness is irrelevant to this interpretation. It just "is." 0:55 …Sorry, you're "not" feminine.

  32. Chrissie’s smile when Monica said “We’re going to get your ears pierced today” melted my heart I’m so happy for her. I think Monica is truly helping. She doesn’t force trans women to be women they don’t want to be. She will help women be whoever they truly are.

  33. There is no definition of femininity? Wow, this young generation is bonkers. What's even worse is this woman is profiting off of mentally ill people.

  34. I was wondering why these people interviewing and stuff were so rude and close-minded. Then I realized….this is Vice.

    The same news source that says flavored vape juices are racist.

  35. Achieve ideal self need a basis and to say that there's no such thing as femininity and that woman don't learn how to be women from women your argument is stupid

  36. The woman don't know what femininity is it is the essence of what they're becoming I'm going to explain how it is but only if people come to the page and want to have the discussion what femininity is why it is important to being a female why does its and how it separates us a male counterpart femininity is your attraction it's your lore I'm like what they say your pheromones but artificial pheromone it can be built on

  37. And the major part of humanity is confidence you cannot exude femininity without confidence if you're not sure yourself if you're not strong and self if you not understanding what your weaknesses and what your games are in it if you not understanding of what looks good on you and what doesn't what flatters you would doesn't you're not going to be able to exclude femininity it helps you identify a unique you in your style your personality that set you apart but also helps you blend in with other females it's kind of like okay I like your style it's men it's like a God damn she's beautiful the way she walks it's a confidence Builder as well

  38. Jesus Christ. All I see is people with mentally illnesses, getting pushed further and further into their disorders. May God help open your eyes and point you in the right direction.

  39. You know your doing something wrong when you have tk wait for your mom to die, to do it lol. Your basically going against your roots and your foundation and letting the world's influence take over your life. Shame on you. At least you let your mother rest in peace, not knowing her son and daughter are fucking insane. Hats off to you for that.

  40. “There’s no definition of what feminine is” sorry if you don’t WANT there to be a definition but there is 🙂

  41. It’s obviously for trans women who were not raised as a girl and were not raised to be girly.

    No one showed them the ropes like who cis girls were shown, that’s were she comes in.

  42. Why are they complaining about a service that no one is forced to use, these women go there by there choice and seem to feel good about it sooooo what's the issue

  43. There seems to be a problem with the word feminine. After a lifetime of men’s suits, short haircuts, flat shoes, dressing as a woman is a challenge. The little bits we deal with are unknown to men—hairstyling, pedicures, makeup. The role models available seem to be the more colorful “queens”. This is a gift to trans men who want to be womanly. Be nice.

  44. These people kill me with the shit. Stop calling us cis. We are women don't get it fucked up. You guys are too sensitive and what's wrong with a woman teaching you how to be feminine? if you have a dick you're a guy and if you want to be a woman it's only right that you learn that from us. What's the problem here? And that dumb ass at the end saying that she doesn't know what feminine even means well I can tell you that it certainly doesn't look like you. It means girly feminine, ,prissy you like pink,and shit🤦🏾‍♀️ what else do you wanna hear?🤷🏾‍♀️👏🏾💯🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  45. I don’t think being ultra feminine is necessarily “trying to please men”. It can be, or attracting men could be a fun byproduct of it. But plenty of girls & women I know love to put on their sexiest clothes & shoes, do their hair & makeup to the nines & look gorgeous when they’re only going to be around family, or other women & gay men. It makes them feel beautiful , and it makes them feel good when their friends notice the effort they put forth. I know as a man, when I’d put on my nicest clothes, Polish my boots, straighten & style my hair, and cover up my dark eye circles 😉, moisturize etc I’d feel great. Even when women would compliment me or flirt though I wasn’t interested (happily married & gay) it boosted my self esteem & I’d thank them. Nothing wrong with some self love. “If you cant love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?!” ~RuPaul

  46. Although I had mixed feelings looking at the title, once I watched the video, & saw how her clientèle felt helped by her services, I became more open to the idea. Nobody is being FORCED to do this: it is purely voluntary. For the first client, who wanted to 'appear' to be a woman, the classic, professional look works well since she is an attorney. However, her facial features scream MALE. In order to really look like a woman, some facial surgery will be necessary: rhinoplasty, narrowing the chin & jaw, Softening the brow bone, shaving down the Adam's apple, & getting some voice coaching, will go a long way. YES, these interventions are costly, some carry serious risks, & not everyone can access them, BUT, HER clientèle consists predominantly of people who lived as affluent, successful white men. That attorney likely CAN afford it.

    I am by no means implying that ALL transwomen/men should desire to 'pass', in the eyes of the general public, for the sex they're transitioning into, BUT for those who DO want to, & who want a look that is consistent with their career & lifestyle, but aren't sure how to navigate the baffling world of female fashion, make-up, & hairstyles, this consulting service might make all the difference.

  47. It's so sucky how empowering and comforting the consultant is but how defensive, negative and offended the interviewer is.
    This is what the clients want or they wouldn't have gone to the consultant. They want to explore and feel their feminine side and the interviewer getting offended in the background is sooooo annoying!!

  48. Trans are not women. They are MEN dressed like women. You can easily notice they difference. The behave in an exagerated way or are too vulgar. They are not feminin. They are just ridiculous.

  49. teach whatever u want MEN ARE NEVER REAL WOMEN! STOP THIS TRAVESTY as a REAL FEMALE it insults women when hairy brutes claim womanhood. u r GAY MEN who like sodomy

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