Men Get Their Ideal Bodies In 60 Days

Men Get Their Ideal Bodies In 60 Days

– We’re gonna work out for eight weeks to get our ideal beach bodies. This is not it yet. (upbeat music) – So when I was younger, I
used to play a lot of sports. Played in college soccer,
really got out of shape during my twenties. – In high school, I played football. You know, I was in really good shape, I had a six pack and
then college happened. – Last year, had a really big
transformation with Steve, lost 32 pounds, lost about 10% body fat. I felt really confident, but I still felt like I had some jiggle in the middle. – I wanna get more defined,
and I definitely wanna be able to like just be shirtless
some time during the summer and feel completely confident. (rock music) – Hi, I’m Steve Zim, I’m the owner of A Tighter U fitness studio here in Culver City, California. We’re gonna get these two guys measured, we’re gonna take their body fat test, their weight, and we’re gonna see where their start point is. 14, 41, 32, 11. His body fat to start with is So he’s at an excellent body
fat shape to begin with. We also don’t have a lot of muscle. We will fix that. His shoulders, we have to bring them out. You’ll start to see how
we start to develop them. There’s gonna be a complete ball here. His chest, most guys’ chests finish here. His chest finishes a little lower. What we’re gonna do is build the chest up from the collar bone down so we’ll start to see a separation line come to the top. So his abs, the upper and
middle, gift with purchase. They’ll be there. The lower and the sides,
that’s what we focus on. His legs, we’re gonna
put some size in his legs and we’re gonna make sure
everything balances out. I like symmetry and we try
to see how balanced you are. Are they symmetrical? If they’re not symmetrical,
that’s the most important thing. You should be about one
and a half pounds off because our organs aren’t centered. A lot of times when people have a bad back it’s because they’re way off. You are off by about five pounds. Five pounds is no problem,
we’ll be able to even it off. And when we’re finished
we’re gonna step back on and I bet you he’s within
one and a half pounds. You are now 130 on the
right and 130 on the left, you are completely even. 17, 47, 43, 24, 15, Now the body fat. – [Zach] 29 point five. – So Zach’s workout is gonna be different from Tristan’s workout. He’s got a lot of muscle versus Tristan that we need to build muscle. We need to cut him up so this way we can see what’s under here. His chest does come up to
about here, a lot higher. We have to take it to the top. We have to cut through here
so when we go sideways, this is gonna start to come in. There’s a 10 and a half inch difference between his around and his waist. We wanna change that ratio
to get it at least to 15. When it comes to the abs, we
have this extra skin here. So as we come down,
we’re gonna have to see where the skin ends up. The younger we do this,
the skin goes back. The older we have to do this, the skin sometimes doesn’t go back. This is a process and we’ll
see what happens as it goes. The legs are in really good
shape in terms of body fat, he carries the least amount of fat there. We will have to proportionalize the legs to the upper body so
everything looks symmetrical. (upbeat rock music) There’s three parts to my program. There’s the weights,
there’s the nutrition, and there’s the cardio. Weights are number one to me, because you need to build the muscle. Muscle is the engine for burning calories. Then comes the food. – [Zach] Tuna, salmon, yellow tail. – We wanna feed the
muscle, starve the fat. That’s the idea. We wanna make sure we have
protein, fat, and carbs. I use two supplements only, I don’t use protein
shakes or energy boosters, I use Branched-Chain
Amino Acids and Melatonin. What this does is it keeps
you from getting as sore after the workout, keeps your
muscles from breaking down, and actually recovering a lot better. Melatonin. It gets us in a deep sleep. The deeper we sleep, the longer we sleep, the more our body recovers. (upbeat music) – Week one, the biggest challenge was definitely getting up. – [Zach] Dude, you’re late. – Having to get up at 5:30, or six, and be at the gym at seven? It’s 7:01. – [Zach] Yeah, you’re late. – It’s 7:01. Going back into the gym was
actually really hard for me. – Go down. Head in there. – When I was in high school,
I got to be pretty strong, so going back to the gym
and like barely being able to bench press a weight
that I wouldn’t have even started with a
warmup was really damaging to my mental, going into it. Steve just saying, “It’s
not about the weight, “it’s about the form. “We’ll get to the weight eventually.” – My abs are killing me. The cardio is kicking my
ass, doing an hour cardio every single day. I am getting stronger and better. I’m noticing different changes already, especially in my stomach,
you know, my top area. – Diet is so important. Abs are made in the kitchen. The hardest restriction was ice cream. I was like, a tub of ice
cream a week kind of guy. – Midway through week two. (sighs) I’m tired. The two days was difficult. Going from the gym,
driving to work, working, and coming back to the gym
and doing the same thing, eating, rinse, and repeat. – The hardest part of
week two was Saturday going to brunch. Not being able to eat
what I wanted to eat. Not being able to drink
alcohol when my friends drink alcohol. I go to brunch all the time. – Having done this before,
I knew going into it that the diet would be
the most difficult part. I don’t really know what I made. Cauliflower fried rice with ground turkey. – Went to brunch and my friends were like, “Hey, you wanna drink?” And I was like, “No, I’m good. “No, I’m good.” And then 12 bottles later, (chuckles) was extremely drunk and was like, oh man, I kinda blew like these
whole last two weeks. I brunched a couple more
times in between these eight weeks, but that
was really the last one where I like drank heavy. (upbeat rock music) (groans) – It’s 5:30. (alarm ringing) Just started week three. Gotta wake up! Gotta get back to the gym. – I was like man, is this worth it? You know, maybe if I take off
today if won’t be a big deal. I’ll come back tomorrow,
and then I just kept saying, you know like, these
people are invested in me. I need to invest in myself also. It’s routine now. So, I’m getting up at the
same time on the weekends that I was getting up during the week. (rock music) – We’re about half way through. I feel great. My results are pretty good. My cardio’s a bit down. I’ve been trying to get
it up to an hour 15. I’ve been doing my 45 to an hour each day, but it’s been tough. – End of the first month was
definitely the shoulders. Shoulders started getting bigger. Steve was saying Trapzilla
when I walked into the gym. So, that was really fun. What was really cool was
people who didn’t know I was doing this workout were like, “Tristan are you getting bigger? “Have you been working out?” – Man, you look swole
as I’ll get out, man. This is insane. You cut. I’m watching you from afar,
not even recognizing you, man. This is crazy! – And being able to tell somebody, “Oh, yeah I’ve been in the
gym with this trainer,” and they didn’t know. They just saw the results. That was like, this is really happening because now it’s not
just my mind telling me that these things are changing. People who were seeing
my outward appearance were like oh, something
positive is happening. (rock music) – By the end of the first
month, beginning of the second month, people were
coming up to me, be like, “Hey, man. “You know, your shoulders
are getting bigger. “You look a little more toned. “You face looks thinner.” I was getting it from
both, guys and girls, so it was a really nice
compliment from both sides. – After the time we got situated
and now this is routine, I know I gotta go to the gym every day. I know I can’t eat this, can’t eat that, so I’m having my restrictions
tight, not doing anything. I’m startin’ to feel
really great about myself. So, I’ve had this shirt
for about three years now. Absolute favorite shirt. I put it on after the
gym to go to work today, and I moved my arm,
and look what happened. That’s all from the last three months. This shirt is done, virtually done now, but I guess it’s a success of
the body workout from Steve, so we’re getting baddies
for the season, you know. – Having Tristan, it
would just form this like, I don’t wanna say I’m cheesy and all, but like there’s brotherhood. There’s comradery that we had. You know, we ragged on
each other in a good way. Pushed each other in a great way. (rock music) JV team right here. Lookin’ good. Gettin’ that 15 pound ball. Couldn’t handle the 20. – It’s only 10. – [Zach] Oh, it’s only 10! That’s like a bench JV move right there. – The workouts that I
enjoyed the most were either the biceps or triceps. I remember I used to see
those guys in the gym and be like, oh they’re corny. They’re in the mirror
just lookin’ at themselves the whole time, and
then I became that guy. And it was just like,
every rep, I was like oh. That’s me. That’s me. And it was almost like
falling in love with yourself all over again. (upbeat pop music) – As the challenge was
ending, the last two weeks, certain things really were difficult. I really wanted to just say screw it and go out with my friends
and eat whatever the hell I wanted. Didn’t want to have any restrictions. Other things that were
harder was just seeing how everything was coming along. I really, I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, but I really wanted to see, like, an ab. And I’m so close to it. I really am so close to seeing an ab. – Week one we had these pushups, and I couldn’t do one of them. Week seven, you know, I was
knocking out 80 of them. Now, I see it. I see the goal. I can do this. – So the most difficult
thing for me throughout this whole workout process
was hyperextensions. I really struggled with that. Maybe it’s because my
lower back isn’t as strong as it should be from all the
weight that I’ve been carrying. To do 10 of those, four sets of 10, that was the hardest thing. Steve didn’t want me to do 20 of those. 10 was the max. At the end, I was able to do
all sets of my hyperextensions without a problem. – When I started, the
pullover was really hard. I was just like doing 25, and it was slow. It was really slow. And then finishing, I was doing like a 45. And I was hittin’ ’em,
hittin’ ’em, hittin’ ’em. (upbeat rock music) – These guys did incredible. As you will soon see. What we try to do was do
this really realistically. I want this to be long term. I want for you to own this
body, not just rent this body. Dude! – We got a shirt off. – Yeah, oh! (claps) Look at this guy. Everything’s proportioned. The abs have come all the way down. The chest is coming
all the way up to here. And then the shoulders separated out. Now we see the bicep and nice and long. He had no traps before. There was nothing up here. Look at all the way down. But your body fat went from down to seven point one You gained six point five
nine pounds of muscle. – Mr. Zach. Look at that. We’ve got chest, shoulders,
the stomach’s coming in. It’s not exactly the abs, but look, we got a dent in here. Look at this. Those are pecs, brotha. This is a completely different guy. He hasn’t gotten the full pack there, but we’re startin’ to get
the cut down the middle. My friend here gained 12 point
seven five pounds of muscle. Body fat went down 39 point five pounds. This is exactly what
they did, how we did it, and it breaks down when they ate, what they ate, why they ate what they ate. – Movin’ forward I’m
definitely still in the gym. I don’t wanna maintain. I wanna still be adding on. The takeaway that I would
have is just dedication. If you go to the gym
a couple times a week, and you’re looking for results, you’re not gonna see it
because you’re not even working out enough to maintain. You gotta push past your comfort level of how many times you wanna do this. – This round taught me how
to make fitness a lifestyle, not just something that is a necessity, but actual lifestyle choice
and change that I wanna make. Not something that you do
for six or eight weeks, but something that you
do throughout the course of your entire life. (light music) – Hey! Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. – [Both] Subscribe here. – That was my part.

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